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  1. on a somewhat related topic to the ccm ft4 pro, is there a retail stick shortage? none of the big online retailers have much, if any selection of Jetspeed ft4 pro sticks in stock
  2. I’m use to using a jetspeed
  3. Any thoughts on the mid kick vs low kick? I see it’s an option when ordering
  4. So staying with what I’m use to a good idea? 9ft radius and 5/8ths hollow
  5. I'm looking at Tydan blades and just did the Tydan blade online assessment. They recommended a 30/60 cag one profile with a 3/4 hollow based on my weight (250). How accurate are their profiles? I saw that one person recommended starting at 25/40 profile I'm coming from a ls2 edge blades standard 5/8ths or 1/2 depending on availability (don't live in a area with great skate sharpening) .I have been skating for years and play men's league. Thoughts and feedback, thanks ?
  6. Having trouble transitioning. I feel like I’m on stilts. I feel off balance. Those that made the change how long did it take to feel comfortable? Would profiling the pulse blade to a 9ft radius help? I live in a area where quality skate sharpening does not exist FYI ls2 edge blades are no longer available except on eBay and SS
  7. flex feels like a bauer stick in terms of flex. not as stiff as the new ft4 pro
  8. I ordered a " in stock" Nathan Mackinnon stick, blue line mid flex (85flex). I have used it in one men's league game so far. The stick has good balance and pop. I would say it is close to being on par with a bauer 2n pro. The blade is not as dampened. No it is not a ft4 or a geo (which I have used), but the stick works well and feels good. The Mackinnon curve is taking a little getting use to coming from a p28. The curve IMO is very similar to a CCM P90tm. It is a little flatter and the lie is lower (which I like as I prefer a 5 lie)
  9. does anyone know anything about these sticks? www. prostockhockeysticks.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YLQahGCvA0 searched and could not come up anything
  10. it took several stick and puck sessions to get balance back and the ability to stop. I lost a lot of lateral mobility, but at age 58 I didn't have alot of that left anyway. I could play men's league without pain and still compete, which made me happy
  11. I had arthritis in both knees and went through several braces and cortisone shots before final getting TKR in both knees. Any light compression knit/elastic brace from the local pharmacy will work, just don't get them too tight or they interfere with you skating. FYI you can play again after TKR. I did it in 4months, but it involved dedication to doing the therapy I was given and time in the gym building back leg strength I used these: uflex athletics knee compression sleeve (amazon)
  12. I am looking for some new gloves. I have narrowed my search down to two pro stock gloves. One has pearl mustang palms and the other is digital palm. I am looking for a thinner type palm. I read the information on Pro Stock Hockey about the hockey glove palms. The information was helpful, but I am looking for additional feedback from others who have used either type of palms. Thanks
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