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    graf 705s sprung frames,ice and inline
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    z bubble
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    tour for inline,tackla for ice
  • Shoulder Pads
    jofa for ice only
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    custom rival

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    hauppauge,.ny.(long island)
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    coaching inline, playing inline and playing ice.

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  1. YO those are bad ass.You guys are killing it. Great stuff.
  2. By any chance do the pants run on the small size.? . I bought the CA5 pants in adult large. They seem to be a bit snug compared to my other adult large inline pants.
  3. Some of the feed back where my son is playing is, the puck does bounce quiet a bit.great slide response but just too much bounce.In all fairness plastic on plastice is going to bounce.I play on sport court and the rocket and IDS pucks do bounce to much for my liking. If im not mistaking ice pucks are made of coal and rubber, is there any way of mixing that with an inline puck.Or incorparating that material together some how? that should calm it down a bit.
  4. Good to hear about Plaza Sports on Long Island putting in their order, these guys are hard core hockey guys.
  5. Hopfully you have a Long Island hook. It would be nice to see Alkali in our stores. If not.. shoot me a pm.
  6. I like the ice boot conversion. I feel the ice boots are better made than the inline boots .BUT looking at the top of the line Inline boots,They may have turned a corner.
  7. wait and see how they feel after afew skates,If you dont get lace bite ,I guess they worked out fine.
  8. very cool u-tube video. excited to see some new equipment hitting the scene. I would love to see a sprung frame set up.mag alloy for sure.
  9. what about the frame? will that be a HI-low set up or straight 80mm?
  10. ok as for the skates, are there going to be different models. low end skate,high end skate?
  11. Yes , I heard the news from a friend that works in the industry that Armada hockey was coming out with some great stuff. I dont want to spill the beans but I'm excited to see what the products are going to look like and maybe get some good feed back. Good luck Armada.
  12. Guys have to say , I like the Addictions, but the new rink rat hornet splits are right up there.
  13. how about using a two part epoxy on the sole of the boot to level out. with a little sanding you should be able to have a flat bottum for the chassis mounting.
  14. I had no problems mounting the Graf Ultra G3 boot with Sprungs.everything worked out great.
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