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  1. Looks like a cross between the old Itech helmet and a Reebok/Fitlite.
  2. All pictures out there are basically "illegal" pictures, but the skates have a launch date in July.
  3. Technically, Tacks are widest, followed by Jetspeed and then RibCor. From what I've seen, CCM's generally fit about a half size bigger than Bauer. That means if you're in a 9.5 Bauer, you could wear a 9 CCM. Its not the case 100% of the time, but it does happen more often than not.
  4. Ankles


    If you're looking for a fast release, I would first suggest changing sticks. If you're stuck on Bauer, switch to a Vapor which are built for quick releases, otherwise look at the Ribcor or Covert lines.
  5. Custom sticks are usually reserved for current models only. Your scenario is quite the difficult one, being that you're 2 stick models behind the times. You may be better off scouring ebay for whatever is left. Your other option is trying a current Easton stick, since they haven't really come out with any new technology in awhile.
  6. Look into the Bauer Nexus line. Its the replacement of the Flexlite line.
  7. While its not required, it is considered good form. If you always go to the same sharpener, or at least the same place and they do a job you are satisfied with, then throwing them something will not only make them remember you next time, they will make sure to keep pumping out quality work for you. However, some people are jerks, and if your sharpener is one, regardless of the job they do, then forget it.
  8. I'm sure this has been covered already, but I must reiterate. The #1 thing I hate that customers do is bring in a friend who "knows about hockey" to give them better advice about the equipment that I sell in my store, as if my knowing all the technical aspects isn't enough. But I must agree with Ngo_35....Hot MILFs.
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