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  1. STX RX3 elbow pads. In my opinion extremely low profile. The sleeve turns some people off but I personally love it. Keeps them in place.
  2. I have been looking everywhere for a definitive answer but cant find one. What is the difference between the HP30, 31 and 32?
  3. Great......I'm sure there will be plenty on eBay for $600+.
  4. Yes, what I'm looking to cover up is an embroidered name. I tried a red paint pen but it just turned it more of a pink color. I did just find a paint marker made for fabric so I'll give that a shot.
  5. Title says it all. What to best way you found to cover/hide player names on Pro Gloves?
  6. Has anyone tried the RX3 pants yet? In the market for new pants and these caught my eye.
  7. Do the Surgeon RX3 gloves still run small like the previous 500s?
  8. I'm looking at getting a new pair of custom coverts and I noticed the Covert Pro Plus which has the new NHL foam. Has anyone tried these? Are they heavier or bulkier then the standard Covert Pros with the Phantom Foam Protection? Will I notice a huge difference?
  9. Do the 70ks still "upsize" the holder as compared to the Super Tacks/FT1s? I wear 7.5Ds. In Super Tacks/FT1s the runner size is 263 while my 50ks have 272.
  10. I have been looking for them myself. That was the only site I found that carries them so far but unfortunately for me they do not ship to the states....
  11. Any recommended shops in New Jersey for doing a holder swap? Its a simple same size SpeedBlade to Edge swap but I rather not have some kid home on summer break doing it.
  12. Has anyone tried to remove the heat transferred (I think its that) name off the cuff of a glove? Any suggestions?
  13. I have both and they are both great. I've had both of the Mammoth IPA and IPA 2.0s and they are bomb proof. I think they will literally last forever. The compartments and skate holders on the Pacific Rink bag are fantastic, none of the little tiny thing's ever get lost in the bag. The only down side to the Pacific Rink bag is that the buttons on the strap handle always come undone when I lift up the bag. Its a small little issue but an issue none the less. With that being said I would lean toward the IPA 2.0. Its the second iteration of the bag so they had a change to work all of those little issues out.
  14. I can get a pair of APX 2 skates for a steal but reading about fit differences between the x100 and the APX2 concern me a little. I have x100s that fit me perfect but I read that APX2s fit a little tighter in the toe box. Would I run into fit issues if I bought APX2s in the same size?
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