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  1. That's what I figured. Thanks for confirming.
  2. I have a similar pronation problem as some of you here have been discussing. I moved my holders inward and that solved the problem. When I did it I used these T-Nuts and some 3/8ths bolts instead of rivets. This worked well on my grafs because the sole is pretty thick and the teeth on the t-nuts went into the sole just right. I am wondering if I could use the same method on a pair of VH skates. Are the soles thick enough? What is the inside of the sole made out of?
  3. I don't think I've ever gotten my skates sharpened to remedy dulling or whatever due to passage of time. When I get my skates sharpened it's because of nicks and damage to the edge.
  4. If the skate laces are digging in, the solution is not to try to have the boot wrap over the top of your foot. You need sidewalls that are high enough to accommodate how deep your foot is. You need them high enough to ensure that the laces can connect side to side without your foot bulging up into them. You can have custom skates made that have higher sides. Regarding the issue where the boot wrap on the ankles causes pain, you can have the eyelets moved back, and then the extra material trimmed off. That should not be a problem either. And finally, the pain on the side of your ankles. I think your best bet is to get some gel patches to cover the bad spots so they heal, and aren't so sensitive. Maybe get a tongue that is wider and goes around the sides of your ankles a little bit to create some space between the side of your leg and the top of the boot. Sidas insoles are amazing! You can't complain about arch issues until you have exhausted all possible solutions, and that is especially true when you have not tried the best ones.
  5. It's good quality steel, but that doesn't mean it won't break when you block shots with it. I have had multiple steels break over the years, and ever time it has been the result of a hard shot hitting it.
  6. It sounds like all the issues you are having can be solved with a pair of custom skates done right. You said something about a relationship between width and depth. There is no relationship between those variables. You have a heal width, a forefoot width, and the ability to add width to the inner or outer side of the arch area. Those things are independent of depth. You can control depth as well by altering the size of the uppers, or by using varying tongue thicknesses. If you want more depth, maybe a thinner tongue would free up some space below the laces for your foot to go. I don't really know what you mean by, " I find the top eyelits digging into the front of my ankle bone." Maybe you could elaborate on that a little.
  7. I don't know the industry standard, but I do know that if you place an order for a product you are contracting with the merchant to exchange the performance of promises. You promise to pay them, and they promise to deliver a product. If the merchant delivers something materially different than the product you ordered then you don't have to pay. The X60 liner is one of the features of my previous pair that I really valued, and this pair has shown up with something different. My contract with Bauer is voidable by me. I don't think I'm going to exercise that option because I can't wait another six weeks for the replacement, and it's not worth the hassle.
  8. Could someone please enlighten me on what happens at Bauer once they receive a custom skate order? I have ordered 3 custom pairs in 3 years and they never seem to get it right. The last 2 orders specifically stated "add comfort edge" in the comments section, and neither pair came with comfort edge. Also, my last pair had the x60 liner, which was as requested, and now this pair came with a leather material. I never said anything about changing the liner. I appreciate the quality of the skates, and I'm not planning to turn this into an issue, but I'm interested to know how these mistakes happen. Thanks
  9. I'm not aiming for feeling better. It's performance I'm after. My current pair feels amazing, but the lower part of the boot is not strong enough to handle high degrees of lateral pressure.
  10. My current skates are T1 Classics in level 1 stiffness. It was a bit of an experiment. In some respects it's great, but in others not so good. Basically I like the level one on the ankles, but I would like stiffer down lower. Does anyone know if Bauer is willing to do a mix? Are they capable of putting more stiffening material down low and less up top? Thanks
  11. I think another valuable step in the fitting process is trying on stock skates, and identifying the problem areas. If there is too much or not enough room somewhere then you know know you need to make a correction. There are ways to alter the interior dimensions in every direction, and it is important that you have the proper fit all over. You probably already know your heal and toes width, but you may not have the midpoint width figured out. Pay attention to width on the inside and outside in the arch area. They can be pushed out on either side by Bauer. Another thing to consider is the height of the sidewall (terminology?). If you flip the tongue out there should be consistent space between the top of your foot and the top of the boot sides for the length of your foot. Then the tongue should be the right thickness to uniformly fill the space below the laces without too much pressure on the top of your foot. The tongue should not be bulging up the laces anywhere, but it should be firmly against them. Good luck with the process. James
  12. I do have a couple of sets already, but I'm thinking I might force myself to make the switch some day. I tried lightspeed once before, but immediately disliked the different feel.
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