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  1. worst skates ever yes, but those jerseys are actually green, have no idea how they came out like that, it was a photographer from GP when I was at the spring camp, they had a bunch posted on the website. In picture two i got devastated because i got a crappy pass in my skates while going full speed, picture 1 i got the puck and got an assist. I'm wondering whats up with the red dude skating away and the guy on my team looking like he's taking a crap
  2. and what would that have to do with not playing AAA or even AA?
  3. Im curious about this but why was Perron playing midget B if he was such the player early on? I remember cheering my heart out against him in the mem cup, and then i only knew part of his story just the whole jumping up from JR.A.
  4. hahaha, a funny mom joke for once.
  5. in canada team alberta and any national competitions are wood so i've been playing with wood a bit.
  6. Yeah, during the red eye there was a guy with a brutal handelbar mustache, adn he was a jerk and ended up clothes lining my assistant baseball coach who is insanely competitive and 22 or so, the guy was such a dick too, and one random drunk guy in the stands yelled out; Frank Zappa called, he wants his mustache back. It was fucking hilarious what are zubaz?
  7. Yeah, doesn't sheffield swear that his batting "style" speeds up his swing? and he has unreal batspeed.
  8. No, i agree, i usually play 2nd base and i can't play there at all in softball, it's just too different. I guess i'm better at it now because the softball girls team practices on a field right next to ours and we used to always hang around there cause thats where the hotties were at, and eventually i kind of figured it out. The swinging i kind of notced too, i just try it to hit more square then with power and it flys, yet when it feels like id have WTP on the ball in real baseball i pop out.
  9. lol, i played in a red eye this summer in Cold Lake, like a 24 hour tourney, there was a concert and a band but i dont remember much of it. our team name was the master batters, always clutch and never fails. It was pretty sweet because there were hammered girls there that were in their 20's and i am only 15. I have filled in on softball teams but I actually play competitive baseball during the summers so I never have been part of a team before.
  10. my god you look so much like my assistant coach last year it's frightening.
  11. GF?? What are you in the show? We play are games at 11:15 at night, there are no GF's about. We are lucky if we can get two beers in us before rinky kicks us out of the room. Haha, one time i had to work the rink late for beer leaguers, they offered me a beer too let them stay longer.
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