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  1. Just call a call from LHS. No step steel in stock OR at the supplier. So I literally got to skate on the blades 4 times, REALLY LIKE THEM, and then have them break and be told there is no replacement. the local shop can only replace them with LS5 or lower so color me disappointed. Bummer
  2. Im going to get them to check this (holder issues). I went in but they had no replacement step steel black. Im curious if there is by chance something in the holder that is causing a pressure point! They have a set of Marsblades on display at the counter and I may need to try them out instead Except for 400$ installed, Ive already wasted enough money this month.
  3. Well that didnt last long. Got about 4 skates in on them and then a random pass off the blade completely destroyed it. My luck this year has been ass! Dont think they have any more in stick either :s.
  4. I do have one curiosity though. The guys told me NOT to hone the edges, and he gave me a piece of leather to rub on the edge which I wasnt sure about. Anyone have anything they recommend for burrs and such ?
  5. Rec player. On ice 2-3 times a week in the competitive divisions. Nothing fancy, but love to play and try out new sticks and gear. Owned 3 or 4 sets of pro stock skates the last few years and settle don 1n's 2 years ago. Like the boot. Have gone through 3 sets of LS4 steel. Cracked on me every time. Keep a spare pair of LS3's for backup. Bought and sold every stick/curve I could find, and Ive never had a game changing experience with new sticks. The other day I broke my LS4 steel on a hard pass off the feet. Great, another 100$ :s My local hockey shop Al Andersons had a young guy who said they had a few pairs of Step Steel black that were no longer being produced and he suggested I go with them or just use my LS3 steel and keep the one spare LS4 blade I had. I worked some overtime recently so I had a few bucks burning a hole in my bank account. I told him to toss in the Step Steel Black into my 1n's and I would try them out. Im on my 5th game with them so far, and I couldnt be happier. Im not sure if it is the extra blade, the radius, the "bite" if thats a thing, or whatever. But I feel more blade contact, and it gives me more confidence in my turns and I feel I have more power throughout my whole stride. The ice at my local ASHL facility SUCKS, as they are very busy and do not flood enough or let the ice sit after floods to let it settle. But with these skates I have more confidence to dig into hard turns. Once in a while I enjoy comign to the forums to read whats going on with gear so I figured I would toss out a quick post to anyone who hasnt tried this stuff out yet. Compared to the Bauer Steel, i notice a positive difference!! Oh, and after 5 skates, they still have a great edge on them. I am curious to know when I will need to sharpen!
  6. My current helmet is an S19. It was one of those beasts that had the internal pads shift around, fall out, move out of position constantly. I never loved it, but bought it on sale as it fit and was nice and light. Id like a new helmet, budget isnt an issue, but I want it to LAST, and not have all the stickers and such shift around. Went to my local sportchek and looked around, and there are a LOT of helmets that have that same "sticker padding" design. What do you recommend?! Id like to go to the next LHS with a something in mind. This is for NON contact rec hockey (ASHL) so I dont need anything too crazy for concussions and such. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Damn Kovalev had a deadly shot. You can see it's an effortless transfer of power from him, and obviously the puck screams off his blade...
  8. Cool. Is the puck essentially rolling off the toe (as expected with a proper follow through) ?
  9. Hey kids, my LHS had a cool deal on an Synergy HTX . 100 flex and an E28 curve. Ive used my E3 for years, and have no complaints with it, but a couple friends of mine have E28's and they swear they cant go back to anything else. However I was told you need to "shoot from the toe". Anyhow, I have a decent shot and know the basic mechanics, but I am curious if there is any guide or suggestions to learning this technique. I took it out for one rec skate, and I found it was a unique curve. On one hand my toe drags were great. I had trouble accepting some passes on the backhand but that is expected. Anyhow, shooting was a chore though, and I just am not sure what mechanically I need to focus on. Anybody have any articles/vids/ or quick tips?! Thanks. FYI, I play ASHL hockey here in Canada. I play in every division (mostly C and B, but can compete at the A level somewhat)
  10. Hi guys, just looking for some opinions. Honestly, with the price of sharpening I want whichever is going to last the longest. Im not sure how well the locals around these parts know their BlackEdge sharpening techniques, so that could be a factor as well. I have the Fusions on there now and they are rather thin. I assume the holder can take them all now. Fusion? Step? Black Edge?!? Thanks for any help
  11. Well. I hate to be the awkward thread bumper, but did anyone here get in on the pre-order?!? Ive been viewing the forum the last two weeks to see if anyone would chime in after getting one. I found this link when doing a google search. Could they have made the stick any uglier?!? http://imgur.com/a/2jpja But, I want to know how it feels, if it is light enough, any direct comparisons to other sticks?!? Etc. IF anyone has shot around or played with one, I and I am sure a few others would be curious to hear some opinions...
  12. Im certainly interested, as I am the poster boy for breaking sticks. I play a lot, and after going through a ton of high end sticks, I would buy one of these if it performs ok and the weight is where it needs to be... I dont want to sound like a fussy guy, but after playing with Stealths/APX's, CCMRBZ Stage 2, Widows, etc. I find my Sherwood T90 heavy as a stone. I have 3 Synergy ST's that I used to LOVE and they have been great to me, but a 420 gram stick vs a 500 gram stick DOES make a difference once you get used to it. My release is a lot better and I find it easier to poke the puck away from guys with one hand on the stick sinc eI have more control. Either way, will be keeping my eyes on the forums here to the first adopters. Im a little nervous spending 270$ on something that might be a heavy shiny toy :p
  13. cool thanks. Mine came straight from Bauer , so its legit. Im definately going to try that :D
  14. Care to elaborate :) I have an APX shaft... What all did you do?! Also, will it take ANY tapered shaft?!? Thanks !
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