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  • Skates
    Bauer Vapor 3X Pro, SuperFeet footbeds, Powerfoot inserts
  • Stick
    CCM Trigger 5, Sherwood RE2, Warrior Alpha LX 20 (all Sakic curve), LizardSkins grips
  • Gloves
    Warrior Alpha LX 20, True Catalyst XP
  • Helmet
    Bauer ReAkt 150, Warrior Alpha One Pro, Bauer Profile II cages
  • Pants
    Bauer Vapor x900, Warrior Covert QRE Pro
  • Shoulder Pads
    STX Stallion 300
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer Vapor x900, Bauer Supreme s190
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Alpha QX
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior Q20 Wheeled, Sherwood Core

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    Hockey, Burritos and Black Metal
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  1. Im happy w the Tron socks. Sometimes they have them on sale for 10$.
  2. Ah thanks for the input. I have an LX20. Not a TOL but one down from it. I really love the shot. I’m leaning towards the 77 anyway. I’ve hear only positive about the mid redline. Glad to hear from you it out performs the previous gen alpha.
  3. Definitely picking one of these up, most likely a redline. Torn between the 70 vs 77 flex. Shaft shape I am not picky about. I just want something that will perform similar to an Alpha , any suggestions?
  4. What about even stitching a shell to the pants😀
  5. I think it’s the striping as it goes inside the pant legs
  6. has anyone tried the "PR098" curve? is it that much different than a p92?
  7. I have high expectations for this helmet. Hope to get to try it on soon
  8. 30$ for an OG is an exceptional deal then. I have an OG i2 that I will be buried with. I don’t mind the newer ones honestly. I just find that line of cage to be the best value/ function out there so naturally it has been discontinued.
  9. I have the LX20, one step down from the pro. I believe that’s the going rate stick for the ECHL. Nothing but lasers with it. I really enjoy using it. Glad you found one in your specs. Enjoy!
  10. same boat. the OG profile II was very similar in design to the CCM cage but the large in that was akin to perhaps an "extra Medium" of a 580. I also found w/ the CCM, that if I moved the J clips up higher, the fit was better - but was only a minor remedy. The Large CCM was just big lobster trap. The newer Profile II isn't "shaped as cool" as the first iteration, but I still prefer that as my favorite cage. Either one will do.
  11. Good to know. I wasn’t able to go this week, possibly next week. Almost doesn’t matter I snagged a deal (🤞) on some 13” FT1 gloves , supposedly arriving tomorrow, God and USPS swilling.
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