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  1. BYT

    TPS Response R8

    Reviewer Background: 5' 7”, 190lbs Shaft: R8 Tapered Pro-Radius – Whip (70) Flex Blade Used: Warrior Dolomite Weight/Balance: It’s one of the lighter shafts out there. I was more concerned about balance. I cut about 8” off the shaft so I needed to put in a wood plug to balance it out. After doing so, it felt much better. 8.5/10 Shaft Shape/Flex: The pro-radius is the closest thing to a meta Flyweight I’ve found which my smallish hands love. Advertised as a 70 flex, but felt closer to a 75 flex at the start. The shaft has grip on it (called the grip zone) which is only on the middle 1/3 of the shaft for your bottom hand. It took some getting used to as it’s quite a bit stickier than the grip on my Dolomite. The grip zone is standard on all shafts. 9.5/10 Stickhandling/Passing: Stickhandling was a dream due to the pro-radius. It gave me a great feel for the puck. Passing was on par with what I’m used to. The shaft did transmit a bit more vibration when receiving passes but not enough that I couldn’t get used to it. 9/10 Shooting: I mainly take wrist/snap shots and this shaft was amazing. My shots loaded quicker than usual and picked up some velocity as well. Slapshots didn’t suffer either, but didn’t have the improvement of my wrist and snap shots. 9.5/10 Durability: This is the only issue with the shaft. After 3 months of use (2x/week), it lost a lot of its pop. It feels lie it’s down to about a 70 flex (before cutting). There’s a bit more lag to my wrist/snapshots that once felt so good. As far as the shaft itself, it’s taken quite a few slashes and is still going strong otherwise. 6/10 Conclusion: It was the best shaft I had ever used for the first 3 months. Unfortunately, the loss of flex now makes this a backup stick. However, I’m impressed enough to try the standard-radius shaft. Maybe the flex issues are due to the pro-radius as opposed to the shaft itself. 8/10 (not an average)
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