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  1. Thanks for all the great advice folks. I'm definitely going to give this a shot. At this point it's a matter of getting gear and getting myself physically ready to play. What I mean about skating is should the first time I skate in 15 years really be in full gear for a open hockey session, or should I buy my skates and just go to some public skating and mess around to get the hang of being on the ice?
  2. So how difficult is this going to be for someone that hasn't ice skated in 15 years or so? On that note, would I be ok just showing up to an open ice thing to skate around with goalie skates, or should I get another pair to "learn on" or something?
  3. Well my last name is Kirschbaum, people just call me Kirsch. Yeah this is certainly going to be a long term project. I have a lot of conditioning to do before I get out on the ice.
  4. I suppose another question to ask is, how do I even get started, having never played goalie?
  5. Previously, I played roller hockey. I haven't played for a year or two and want to start playing hockey again. I've always wanted to play ice hockey, and I've always wanted to give goalie a shot. So putting it all together, I want to play goalie in a beer league or some sort of adult league. (I'm going to be 25 soon) How feasible is this? I've never played ice hockey, and can't skate for shit. I have an idea what I need for equipment and all that, but how big of an asshole am I going to be just showing up and saying, I want to play goalie? Obviously, I would try and get out a couple of times a week to skate before entering a league. Thoughts? Ideas? Tips? Words of discouragement? I want to get back out there and play some hockey, so might as well try something new.
  6. Helmet: I want to say a Bauer 3000 but I could be very wrong Elbows: Don't wear any right now Pants: Black Biscuit Pro (I'm an inline guy) Shins: Bauer 6000 Gloves: Mission M-1 Skates: Tour Beemer and Mission D3 Stick: TPS R2XN10 with a Jofa 5500 blade In the process of getting some new stuff. Just picked up the Beemers and I would like to get another shaft and/or an OPS. Also going to get some new pants, elbows, and a girdle in the near future.
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