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  1. if you look at his other auctions he has something stupid to say about everything
  2. i had an abscess in my throat...NO FUN
  3. i just died laughing for some reason... thank you
  4. douche baggery to say the least! i dont understand the way people think! id rather end up loosing the game than play a period of keep away!
  5. is300s are badass, but the back seats dont fold down so you gotta use the little ski hole in th middle!!! if anything they look like a nsx from the front
  6. Going to "downgrade" for the summer while my project E30 M3 is being built. Thinking about a Volkswagen R32 or a Mini GP. E30s are great i sold mine 2 years ago and regret it! As far as mine goes, work hasn't even started. I didn't even take a single picture of it, as its quite rough around most edges :P . Its just sitting in the corner of the shop. As soon as I figure what motor to go with, things will start moving quickly. Its between either a Euro S52 or an S54. Leaning towards the S54 as I still have parts for it from my old M3. Just need to find a source for a clean full motor. Not to mention 333hp sounds alot better than 240. If you want to look at some builds, check out S14 Lots of good stuff to browse through. s52 Euros are rare and not worth the money! I put a S52 in my 95 ///M...
  7. im a complete nissan guy but the Z06 is a better car!!! and doesnt have a 20k dollar tranny
  8. HAHA...Put that in the agreement when signing up for the site... Mod squad will not be liable for any medical advise given to a member!
  9. Just Getting back into hockey I feel Like there are probably some things i should know before i go out...I know the Rules of hockey and the way the games played. Not being on the ice for almost 3 years...Im sure there are some things I have forgotten... List some stick time and Pick-up Do's and Dont's!
  10. spray painted some sticks and sewed up some pants! does sewing an "A"on your jersey count???
  11. I drive a Black 97 (E36) m3, ssr wheels, 57K miles
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