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  1. Bought these a couple of weeks ago after my old Montreals got so stinky I couldn't bring them into the house anymore out of fear of retribution from the wife & daughter. I got them on sale from overstock at a pretty good price. I've played twice in them- level of play is about "C" or maybe a little better. Fit- 10/10 First time I've had a pair of gloves that fit like a glove! They hug the hands, the palm fits close and is very comfortable. I've never been able to feel the stick like I can with these. Weight- 10/10 Almost weightless. Protection- 8.5/10 The back of the glove is great, no problems. Same with the outer & inner surfaces- nice little pads on the sides of the fingers. Likewise with good wrist protection. My concern is for the palm- since this is a relatively tight-fitting glove I think the palm protection might get me in trouble next time I accidentally go to palm the puck on a slap shot (mostly D for me). There will be no space between my glove and my hand, so the puck will be hitting pretty hard with little padding. Durability- no idea yet. They'll probably be ok, but I'll reserve judgement. Intangibles- 10/10 (?) I think these will be great, my favorite pair of gloves in a long time. I'm a bit of a whore for new gear, so I don't hesitate to buy new pieces as needed, but I could see keeping these for a long time. I also think the stink quotient will be pretty low- the airflow is pretty good and the materials don't absorb sweat like older gloves do. So far no stink. Overall- 9.5/10 These seem pretty great to me overall. Time will tell for sure. My guess is that I'll keep them for a long time and enjoy them very much.
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