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    CCM V08
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    Shells with mission girdle

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  1. i think he took you saying you'd have to go to hg or hm for the other socks as "threatening" dont know how one would take it that way, but just my guess
  2. From the image it looks like its still usable, but man they did not give a shit about doing damage. Taking copper rivets off can be a pain, and you usually have to use some kind of hammer and chisel set up. However, whenever I did it I was always careful, especially on inlines, to not to any damage. Some paint may come off here and there, but it looks like they really went to town, and probably hit it too hard, cracking it in the process. Id put some super glue in the cracked area and hope for the best.
  3. Saw the skates this weekend at Total Roller in Novi MI. Very impressed with what you guys have! all the skates look great, especially CA9 and CA7
  4. well its a hard thing to price really. Like DS said above, when someone brings in skates that are beat to shit, the repair job becomes that much more difficult (expensive) The bottom line is that when these repairs come in, the customer is not only paying for parts, they are paying for my time.
  5. depends on the situation for how labor intensive. If its a straight swap (like for like) its pretty easy. If i have to install a new holder then it can be a pain in the ass, as it involves drilling, etc. Typically, i'd charge $75-$100 including the holders.
  6. Yeah not feeling work today. I am too hungover for this shit
  7. I would leave the tears. Shows they are game used
  8. Yeah one tourney and a league game. They are great wheels. Grip well, have good speed. Im a fan. All of my teammates that have them seem to say the same things. I think the biggest thing that I could say is that I dont notice them. Which means I dont think about wheels while im playing, just worry about playing, if that makes sense.
  9. i never had issues, but got the week free anyway
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