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  1. Great advice in the thread. It's weird I find that if my right skate is laced up super tight it helps with the pronation. However, post skate pain with that foot is extreme. I will try either Majer or Just Hockey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Anyone know of a good skate shop in the greater Toronto Area that can do either blade alignment or shims?
  3. Thanks for all of the input/advice guys. I found a you tube video where they are showing how a skate shop uses shims and wedges to fix pronation. I guess there are two schools of thought as Davetronz said, fix the foot inside with custom foot beds, orthotics, etc. or alter the skate to accommodate the foot. Not saying that I am a weak skater as I've just learned to compensate but I know that my right foot does hamper me at times.
  4. I have extremely flat feet with basically no arch. I've noticed that when I am in my skates on the ice my right foot pronates badly. The left is O.K. Because of this pronation it is really hard for me to use my outside edge on my right skate. Right now I am using the sidas insoles that come with the Graf 705's. My question is, besides going to SuperFeet which I've had before and does make a difference for pronation, is it necessary to get the blades aligned so that your centre of gravity is over the skate blade. In otherwords for a pronator the blade could be moved 1/4" to the inside. I am wondering if any hockey players who pronate have had this done? Did it work? Is there a reputable hockey store in the GTA(greater Toronto Area) that knows what they are doing and can do this? Help and advice would be appreciated. Here is a website that I found that explains the process. http://ladyinredcreations.com/Ankles_Down.htm
  5. Yeah sometimes guys show up with just the helmet, gloves and skates. These are the same guys who think they are hot shots and when they fly past you or beat you to the puck they think they are God. Buddy, I'm wearing full gear of course you are going to have a few steps on me.
  6. I go to a local rink where they have 18+ pick up. My beef is when the 16 and 17 year old AAA players show up and take a spot for those who are 18+. The rink only lets in a max of 30 guys. This has pissed me off as I am a taxpayer and it's a community rink run by the city. I've told the manger they need to start asking for I.D. and only allow the 16 and 17 year olds to play after the 18+ have been admitted.
  7. Or do what Chadd did a few yrs back now, bring two bottles to a session. One with regular water that you hide and your usual bottle with straight Vodka in it. Some dumbarse will come off, have a squeeze and learn their lesson one way or another. Lemon juice in the water is my preferred method of dealing with those people. It's no big deal if you're expecting it but a rude shock otherwise. Even better for those guys that use a bottle instead of a shower. I keep my mouthguard in the bottle before and after playing. Most regulars know I do this, but every once in a while somebody takes a squirt with he bench letting them know about it afterwards. I've realized that if you bring a sports drink (e.g. gatorade, powerade, etc) people are less likely to help themselves
  8. This has probably been mentioned already. However, I hate when guys use my water bottle without asking! It has happened to me twice over the last 4 weeks at pick up. These are guys I don't even know which makes it even worse.
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