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    Easton Mako M8 and M7
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    Warrior Covert Qr3, Ccm ribcor 48K, Bauer Nexus n2900
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    Warrior bonafide x,
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    Bauer ReAkt 75 with Hejduk mhx visor, Reebok 6K (fitlite 60ish)
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    Bauer Supreme 2s pants
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM Tacks 9550 & Easton Synergy HSX
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    CCM Tacks 9060
  • Shin Pads
    Modified Jofa 6K fitlite
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    Reebok 6k carry bag

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    Powerlifting, Nutrition, Icehockey, Bodybuilding, Cars, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, "GIRLS"!
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  1. I still use the grey ones! 😂 iv’e tried the yellow ones but for me the grey ones worked better.. Found a swedish retailer a few years ago who still had a few grey pairs (size E) in stock.. So i bought them all.. I have like 8 pairs left, so i think i never have to buy skate insoles again 😄
  2. Yeah, but still no way near the stiffness of the Easton CXN holder.. Which means i still have to search eBay weekly to grow my stock of sz 7 CXN holders and steel..
  3. First? There is 6 more helmets that has recived 5 stars before this fugly thing!!??
  4. Here in Europe there is a special edition of the Tacks AS-V pro called ASV-Pro NHL spec.. Would say it’s even more protective than AS-V pro. If you prefer Bauer over CCM i would go for Bauer Pro Series shoulder pads.
  5. Depends on pitch and hollow.. Try a more shallow hollow and you wont notice such a big difference. With same hollow on both profiles i sometime felt that my heel got caught in the ice with elipse, I went from 38mm hollow on Quad 1 to 41mm hollow on Elipse 1
  6. Ok, so Elipse 2 would be ok then.. as i said, I did not notice any big difference between the 2.. Before, i had Zuperior, and it was also similar.. I spoke to my coaching collegue earlier today, and he ran Quad 2 before, and now he is on elipse. He said that he felt more stable and had better glide on quad, while beeing able to pivot and turn tighter with the elipse. Straight ahead speed was better with quad than elipse. he agreed with me on the hollow. Need to have less hollow depth with elipse.
  7. What skate size do you have? I’m on elipse 1 on 7.5 makos.. had quad 1 before. Feel more pitched forward with elipse, other than that, i dont feel much difference.. also i went from 38mm to 41mm hollow when switching from quad to elipse. Felt i had to much bite on elipse with 38mm hollow.
  8. -Does the new skate fit the same as the old one? Or is the fit of the new skate perhaps better? Skate depth, stiffness etc.. -Can you flex forward more in the new skate? -Is the new skate (boot) pitched different than the old one, or do you have a different insole? there are many factors to be considered!
  9. Yeah, i guess i have to order them and see if they fit or not.. The store that has the Vapor 3x, sz 7, fit3 offer free shipping on orders over 2000sek (~200$), and 1 free return, so i will not loose any money on shipping fees if they dont fit..
  10. I actually think the EE vapors are longer. I also have a pair of Nexus N7000 in 7.5D. none of the skates (vapors EE or Nexus) compresses my feet and fit nicely width wise but the Nexus skates fit much shorter than the vapors.. i should have changed the topic title to lenght difference between Mako W width and Vapor fit3..
  11. Hi guys! I have these Bauer Vapor x3.7 skates in 7.5EE.. Fit is kinda ok, but since the skates was broken in i cant feel the toecap any more, and i have begun to notice slight lacebite signs on my ankle. Iv’e found a shop in Sweden that has Vapor 3x skates on closeout. But the shop does not have any sz 7.5 left in stock. How much difference in lenght is there between Vapor 7.5EE vs Vapor 7 fit3? it feels like a EE Vapor is almost a half size bigger than the D width Vapor. Before i bought the Vapor x3.7s i was in makos 7.5W. How will newer Vapors fit lenghtwise compared to them makos?
  12. Yes, it’s an option, IF the int Vapor shins are to wide
  13. Nope, the sports store that we have in our city did only have tacks shins in stock, so we could not try on any jetspeed shins.
  14. My 9 year old son need new shins. He has outgrown his 12” Vapor x2.9 in one season, and need 13” shins now.. He has been in Bauer Vapor shins since he started playing and would like to stay there. Problem is the Bauer shins in 13” are now int sizing, and my son is quite thin.. We tried on the Super tacks ASV jr a few months ago in size 13, but my son did not like the fit at all Are the int sized Bauer shins much wider than the jr shins or are they similar? We have no store around stocking bauer shins, only CCM, so we are stuck to ordering online. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi there! Since posting the thread about finding skates for my wide, thick feet i have tried on like 7 different pairs of skates only to find out that mid end vapors in EE width fit me the best.. so iv’e bougth a pair of Vapor x3.7 EE from a swedish online store, but didn’t get any baking instructions with the box. Does anybody on here know time and temperature for theese skates? We have a Bauer skate oven at the team rink, so i’m not going to bake the skates at home.
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