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  • Skates
    Easton Mako M8 and M7
  • Stick
    Warrior Covert Qr3, Ccm ribcor 48K, Bauer Nexus n2900
  • Gloves
    Warrior bonafide x,
  • Helmet
    Bauer ReAkt 75 with Hejduk mhx visor, Reebok 6K (fitlite 60ish)
  • Pants
    Bauer Supreme 2s pants
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM Tacks 9550 & Easton Synergy HSX
  • Elbow Pads
    CCM Tacks 9060
  • Shin Pads
    Modified Jofa 6K fitlite
  • Hockey Bag
    Reebok 6k carry bag

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    Powerlifting, Nutrition, Icehockey, Bodybuilding, Cars, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, "GIRLS"!
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  1. Why not buy a CCM pro jock combo instead? The cup itself covers a lot more and is much sturdier than regular cups in jock shorts.. Most protective jock/cup on the market.. I would never use any other jock.
  2. Going with vapors would have been even worse because of bauers ridiculous side stiffness. They are simply to stiff. your best bet is to have the CCM skates reprofiled to the same profile as your old RBK skates. if you are used to having softer skates and skate good on them, there is no benefit of going with stiffer skates.
  3. Cant tell for sure, BUT the F60’s will probably be a lot better than the G35x… The G35x’s were one of the Canadian graf skate models that had severe quality problems, while the F60 is a Swiss made Graf 704 with modern materials..
  4. The shoulder cap is attached to chest/back part. The upper part of the shoulder cap is lined with medium density foam, while the lower part of the shoulder cap is unlined. Instead the upper part of the bicep pad act as liner for the outside/lower part of the shoulder.. this make the pads really low profile and even though the biceps pad is attached to the shoulder cap, it’s never restrict the range of motion. its allmost the same pad as Jetspeed ft350 shoulders. But with tacks styling Tacks 9550 se bottom of page for pictures of how the biceps pad is fastened to the shoulder cap
  5. A simple cheap option that also offer great lightweight protection where it’s needed, is the CCM Tacks 9550 shoulder pads. great sternum protection, really low profile shoulder caps and a plastic spine protection.. It’s offered as an entry level pad, but in my opinion, it’s more than that. Specially if you have a little more body behind it.
  6. Correct! the swiss graf skates has allways had a superior quality compared to any other skate manufacturer. The only problem is, -the skates are made in swizerland and priced after that. among the pro level players in Europe, swiss made graf skates is still very popular, especially in Central Europe where Graf skates can be found in just about every sports store that sell hockey equipment.
  7. Back in the -90’s when i played in the swedish junior leagues (14-18yrs), i used to play with super xxstiff wood sticks from Bauer. Back then i was the same length as now (5’11”), but weighed like 160lbs. now i weigh around 245lbs, and use 85flex sticks cut down to the same length as with the wood sticks in the -90’s. can’t understand how i was able to play and shoot with such stiff sticks back then. I tried shooting with one of my old sticks last winter, and it allmost ruined my left elbow
  8. It sounds to me like your muscles just has begun to mature. They now store the lactic acid more easily. You have probably also much stronger and more explosive legs now.
  9. My only concern was, when using a ”regular” jofa shin pad liner, the pad sits against the shin, while the fitlite straps put the shin guard further away from the shin. but since the fit is much better with a regular liner, i think i’m gonna cut the fitlite straps off on the other shin guard too. If the protection suck, i just let a pro shop take the knee caps and calf wrap of the 6K’s and stitch them on the 7k-pros instead
  10. The knee cap has cracked on one of the 7k shins, and my 6K shins are actually Jofa branded, with ”made in Malung, Sweden” on them.. First gen RBK pads sold in Sweden were still made here.
  11. Jofa didn’t own KoHo, but they owned Titan! But both brands were under the same umbrella and distributed by the same company, kinda like Canstar with Bauer, cooper, Micron etc.. KoHo were a Finnish brand, while jofa/titan were Swedish. Both were bought by Reebok
  12. A friend of mine work as an equipment manager for a club in swedish ”Hockeyettan” (3rd league from the top). The club has now choosed Warrior as the teams euipment supplier, and are now cleaning out old spare equipment.. My friend are well aware i like old Jofa/RBK shins and gave me a pair of unused first gen Jofa/rbk 6K fitlite shins, but the fitlite strap-pads are cut off from the left shin guard. The liner for the knee is still there, but no fitlite pads.. I fitted the liner from my old 7k pro shins and found the fit was ever better with the regular jofa liner than with the fitlite pads. The shin guard fit much closer to the shin with the regular liner.. But the question is, will i sacrifice protection using a old school jofa foam liner instead of the fitlite pads since the pad comes much closer to the shin? anyone herr swapped the fitlite pads for a regular liner?
  13. Why you want the old ones when the new ones are retail and can be found everywhere? ok, now i see they are not retail in NA but retail in Europe.. Why is that? i mean, hockey is much bigger in NA, but still we get the ”new” gear much sooner??
  14. Check out Sportverkstan.com it’s à Swedish hockey repair shop who offer sharpenings by order. They are considered as nr 1 in Sweden, and hired by most SHL teams for customization of gear. also, check out their facebook page, and send them a message if you have any questions.
  15. Oupps! Missed on that one.. You can remove the thread since it’s allready have been discussed
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