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Found 1 result

  1. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/186-2015-bauer-hockey-catalogue/ Skates - Much has been made of the OD1N project that Bauer unveiled last year; to refresh memories who may have forgotten - it was a concept in which their product managers were challenged to think outside the box with an "unlimited" budget. The skate that resulted from the project was a super-light boot with a next-generation carbon fiber holder. The point of it was not to release that particular skate, but to slowly take concepts from it and introduce it to future projects. The 1X is the first skate to offer the OD1N technology - that is what the 1 in the 1X stands for. It's a callout to OD1N. The aluminized Curv and the rib pattern is directly from the OD1N skate. Gone also is plastic in the ankle sheet; it is now Curv. All of these components have resulted in a 50g weight reduction from APX2. Continuing with the boot, 37.5 has been added to the liner as well as a redesigned Formfit tongue - it is 52oz on top, then slims down to 40oz felt. The metatarsal guard (lace bite protector) is now Curv instead of standard plastic. The injected facing has also been tweaked on 1X. It has a bit more wrap to it - more than APX2, but not as much as Supreme. And the lace lock eyelets that is on the MX3 is now on 1X, but only on the 3rd and 4th eyelet from the top. The other story with the 1X is that it includes the Speed Plate insole. The objective with Speed Plate was trying to achieve balance - from the start, to the middle and then to the end of the stride. Bauer invested in sensor technology to investigate what happens in a skate. This was a project that was being worked on for 5 years. The first key was to identify the COP (Center Of Pressure) which is the most concentrated pressure point on the bottom of the foot while in the skate, and finding a way to reduce it. The Speed Plate features their Recovery Alloy Technology, which are polyurethane materials that are able to be heated, then molded. It requires 70º F to activate (the heat you generate while skating won't be enough to do it) and it is put in the skate oven, then molded into the skate. There is monochromatic ink on the insole which disappears once it is at optimal temp for molding - and it can be molded over and over again, and in any type of skate. The reason why it is molded in the skate is because it achieves 3 things - the bottom edge and top sole marry together, resulting in a reduction of negative space; a heel pocket and cup gets formed, and the arch is also molded as well. The Speed Plate will come stock on the 1X skate, as well as the new LS4 steel. Bauer took a look at the microstructure of skate steel, and studied the grains for uniformity and consistency. The result from those findings were a 10% harder steel from LS3 - registering between 58-60 on the Rockwell hardness scale (for reference, LS3 is 53.) It is LS3 height, with a 10' radius and an emery finish. The profile is a bit more user-friendly than LS3 as well. The 1X will price out at $899.99 and will be available in late Spring 2015. The X900 replaces the X100 from 2014, coming in at 800 grams at a size 8. LS3 steel and the FormFit 3 tongue (previously on APX2) is on this skate. $729.99 The X800 features Curv composite and LS2 steel, with the Pro TPU sole that is on the Supreme 180. $549.99. The X700 features a Tech Mesh outer as well as Bauer's new LS1 steel option, which is a grade of steel between the LS2 and the S Stainless. $399.99. Supreme and Nexus skates are unchanged, however, there is a Prodigy youth skate, which comes with a 13' radius for stability for beginning skaters, and pull and lock eyelets. Sticks - The Vapor line gets the upgrade this year, and the 1X leads the line. The blade core has been tweaked with Aero-Sense II, and while maintaining the same shaft diameter, the new addition is an aggressive taper design they have called QRT - which stands for Quick Release Technology, resulting in an ultra-low kickpoint. The 1X stick will hit retailers in mid-February 2015. The X900 stick is a fused stick, however still has Aero-Sense II blade core and QRT in the senior/int models. Full 12k carbon from shaft to blade. The X800 loses Aero-Sense II, however, still QRT and full 3k carbon from shaft to blade. Supreme and Nexus models are unchanged. Also, note the addition of the P28 Giroux pattern. It debuts on the new Vapor line. Supreme and Nexus will get it next time around. Helmets - Unchanged other than the addition of a Re-Akt 100 in youth. Protective and Gloves - Supreme gets the makeover this year, starting with gloves. Continuing with the anatomical fit that Supreme is known for, 37.5 is added to the liner as well a new protection package - FleXorb (flexible, segmented PoronXRD) is sandwiched between mid-density foam and a PE insert on top. The Quattro+ AX Suede palm which debuted on the APX2 is also added to the MX3 glove. A flex cuff and a 3-pc flex lock thumb round out the MX3. The 190 follows the MX3, but with the PoronXRD protection package (what was on NXG) and no 37.5 liner. Vapor and Nexus gloves unchanged. The MX3 protective starting out with shoulder pads feature FleXorb and Vent Armor in the sternum, but essentially throughout the entire pad you're seeing a ton of Vent Armor - through the chest and spine. The elbow pad features FleXorb inside the elbow donut, and once again, a ton of Vent Armor - in the cap and bicep and forearm guard. The cap does have a soft covering on it. The shin pad has molded Vent armor on the calf wing, and the interior knee is FleXorb as well. On the 190, the FleXorb becomes standard PoronXRD, just like the NXG line that preceded it. There is a new MX3 girdle as well, and the lines are still being blurred - the MX3 looks more like an actual pant, especially once it's paired with the shell, which goes as far as to have a molded belt. Continuing with the PoronXRD which was in the spine pad of the NXG, the MX3 now has more protection - with the addition of Vent Armor. The kidney padding has a bit more flare than on the NXG - it goes full up to the edge; whereas on the NXG it would stop at the kidney and then have a smaller piece of foam to round off the top. Vapor and Nexus lines are unchanged.
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