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Found 1 result

  1. Tyler Roy

    CCM RBZ Stage 2

    Tyler Roy: 22 years old 5'10" 180 lbs Inline Player( AIHL Elite, Narch/Torhs) Stick Specs: 75 flex grip Hossa Cut about 3 inches First Impression Having received this stick prior to the release I was already quite excited strictly for that fact, I was also quite a big fan of the original. After unboxing it first thing that jumped out to me was the overall balance, this is much more important to me rather than the actual gram weight(430 grams is still very light). Next was the updated look, I was never a fan of the all white blade as I found it blended to much with my tape and the court. The black strip the goes along the top of the blade and up the shaft stands out more so you don't have to look down to see where the puck is on your blade. All I did was cut it to my bottom lip and tape it up. Blade - Being a RBZ user I was already aware of the puck feel or any other difference that the first timer may have, no learning curve for me. I did notice a bit of an improvement in the overall feel and ease of use with the new blade. Passes were simple to receive and give along with stickhandling and dangling. Blade is quite stiff with no flex to be felt when shooting, I did notice I wasn't shooting past the net as much as my older Nexus I have been using before. Everything was positive and an upgrade to the original RBZ blade except for the chipping that started after the 2nd or 3rd use. I tape my stick all the way over the toe and didn't get it stuck in the boards or anything like that. Purely cosmetic and didn't bother me but somebody paying full price might have an issue. This is a quite small chip but can be noticed if you didn't know it was there. Other negative was I didn't feel the blade had the same jump the original had, the Stage 2 is still very responsive but I felt it was lacking that explosiveness that I felt with the RBZ. The more I use the stick I have some shots that jump and some that are more average. Blade(7/10


Shaft/Flex/Balance - I noticed the Stage 2 felt a little more round than the RBZ did. That was one of my biggest knocks with the first gen, the Stage 2 has a "T" geometry or rounded corners with slightly concaved sidewalls. No complaints with the way the shaft feels. CCM has used the same consistent flex profile in the Stage 2 and this is one of the best things IMO with the RBZ/Stage 2. The flex point will adjust to your hand position but always below your bottom hand. I find loading the stick to be quite easy and shots come off without much effort. The 75 flex feels true to rating but maybe on the side of being stiffer if anything. I do like that CCM makes the 75 slightly shorter so when you cut the stick, if you even have to, you still keep that flex. I already mentioned balance being one of the first things I noticed. The shooting motion feels more fluid because of some of the weight being moved from the blade area to the shaft. I also find the stick/blade to get marked up rather quick so if you are one to try and keep your stick looking new until it breaks good luck. Shaft(9/10) Shooting- I already touched on this subject but feel it needs its own section. I do notice a difference in shooting response and overall "pop" from the RBZ to the Stage 2. For most people that used the RBZ the thing that stood out the most was the explosiveness that the puck had, I had this same experience. Biggest complaint with the RBZ was the puck feel or the lack there of, I was very excited when the Stage 2 was said to add puck feel but still have that same powerful shot. Don't get me wrong, the shot is still very good compared to other high end sticks. Its just tough to say if its better than those sticks. I have heard the same thing from other Stage 2 users but have also heard the opposite too. Having used this stick for about 2-3 months with quite a few shoots put through it I think I have seen the best the Stage 2 has to offer. Shooting (7/10) Durability- Again, I have had this stick for about 3 months and it is still going pretty much as good as it has. Despite the chip in the blade that happened rather early I have had no problems. I have had a few shots right to the shaft and the normal hacks and slashes. I'm very happy with the durability. Durability(9/10) Intangibles- Not a huge fan of the white stick. I think CCM did this one right and should appeal to a wider crowd. I do wish they did a gloss taper and blade as that doesn't show as much puck marks as the matte does. Overall- Upgrade over the RBZ? Ehh...Puck feel and everything else I would have to say yes, its just the shooting part that has me on the fence. Would I recommend this? Yes. Would I buy a second one? No. SCORE: 32/40 OR 80%
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