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  1. Could also be just limited time using it. Without knowing more about you and seeing you play I couldn't really tell you what about the P92 isn't clicking. You may just need to play more and more with the P28 and find what shooting mechanics will work best for you. If you're changing often from the P88 to the P28 I can see why you would be missing pucks high. The P28 is very open compared to the P88 and that will make the puck naturally rise. What might put the puck up top in the net with the P88 could send the puck over the net with the P28. I think going with any of the pro P28 variants would be very much like what you are already experiencing. If anything, they are more extreme in terms of their shape.
  2. If you bounce between the P88 and P28, have you considered the P92?
  3. Missions came out this year, Bauer should be next year.
  4. Exactly what Chippa said. I have seen too many times customers be gram searching and overlook many other important features when choosing their sticks. Simply having the lightest stick in your price point isn't the best way to shop. I have had sticks gram weight lighter than others but feel heavier due to poor balance.
  5. True 4.5 is an unreal stick at that price point.
  6. I have a 12" wood extension for sale. I know you said composite but figure I would offer just in case.
  7. These are still set to be delivered in San Jose today. True built and shipped the skates within 6 days of order confirmation with them so I was surprised to see how quickly they turned them around. You should have these within the next day or two. Let me know what you think or if there is anything else I can do.
  8. OP and rest of the MSH group overseeing this thread. In efforts to not make this too much of a retailer post(I work for Pure), I will be in office tomorrow and in direct contact with our San Jose store so as soon as those skates are delivered we can get them repackaged and shipped back out to the customer. Shipping to store the order was placed at is True policy and I apologize if you were told otherwise by anybody at our company. My goal is to deliver on that service that you expect and make the best of the less than ideal situation that we have here. Again, not trying to make this a retailer post or spam in anyway. Just wanted to follow-up with the customer. I look forward to the review and I am sure you will love the skates. Best, Tyler
  9. Alex's brother who died when Alex was young.
  10. Pretty easy, just use a spacer. In a pinch you can use the thin visor spacers to give you just enough room for the full 80 setup.
  11. The Bauer 180 skate is 299 on sale at most major sites. To get a Mission skate with Curve composite you would have to wait for the new NLS line and get either the 1 or the 2. NLS2 will be 600+ and NLS1 will be $800+ more than likely. To buy one of those skates to then have to replace the wheels with a full new set($110 for 8 Labeda Addictions) you'd be spending way more than converting an ice boot with an existing holder that he owns.
  12. Reminds me of the Mission Inhaler helmet. I can say that system worked well for me and hopefully this works just as good, or better, for you.
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