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Found 1 result

  1. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php?/files/file/149-2013-easton-hockey-catalogue/ We covered the majority of this in the Vegas Show thread, so this is primarily a copy/paste job from that thread, however, added the R800 to the helmet section as we were told to hold off on details until Dec 1. Sticks - The Mako 2 replaces the Mako; starting off with shaft; it's lighter than its predecessor, and it's slightly concaved with texture. Also, using uni-directional fibers which make it stronger and lighter, and smoother. Blade has been lightened as well, and the ribs are actually shifted a bit upward increasing the area where puck meets blade. As mentioned, the Scott Bjudstad/Kreps E28 is the new pattern for 2013 - 12mm 1/2" lie 5 open toe curve. Available in stores in February, but however, may be January. The M5 is the latest revision of the ST concept; it is now the same weight as the 2011 Mako; also built to the CHL/European stronger-built spec. Another story Easton is trying to tell, especially with the Hall and E28 patterns is lie - open curves and beveled toe rockers have a secondary lie on the toe which transitions into the main lie as the best way to shoot with those patterns is to pull the puck back by turning it downward then loading the shaft. Skates - there has been some details of the Mako skate released so far; as previously stated, it's the ready-for-primetime version of the MLX concept. We sat down with Neil Wensley and Dave Cruikshank to discuss it. Fit profile is the same. The base of the skate is still one piece however the plastic is molded (together with the carbon in manufacturing) around the toebox and the toecap. You see two "windows" of the carbon on top of the toecap. The whole toecap is widened as well and much more ergonomic. The tongue is attached, and extends into the toecap to the point where it curves down, eliminating negative space in there and giving comfort. The asymmetrical pattern of the boot is still present, as well as rolled edges on top for comfort. The tongue is felt with a lace-bite guard. The tendon guard is flexible of course, and can be removed (however, it's got stronger loctite on it) We both tried on the boot - I was in an 11D (I probably could drop down to 10.5 with baking), and Chadd was in a 9.5 (but needed an EE.) For me, the skate felt comfortable, however, the skate is built with a higher arch and so I had pressure there. It would most likely flatten out with a bake. The CXN holder is also new - the steel follows the radius the MLX skate had, which was smooth and a 9'. The rear tower is raised slightly and coupled with the boot pitch, allows for an extremely aggressive stance. Mako is a standalone skate for 2013. RS skate remains unchanged, however, a running change for the material on the inside top eyelets for prevent abrasion. The RS family also gains 4 siblings in the 85S, 75S, 65S and 55S. Helmets - The new helmet for 2013 is the R800, which is based on the Riddell 360 football helmet, which was designed with concussion reduction in mind. When we saw the helmet in October, it was still being tweaked. It shares the same hexagonal liner that is in the 360 for energy dispersal, along with an air pump to blow up the bladders for a better fit. The liner that covers that is removable, moisture-resistant and anti-microbial - just pull it off and throw it in the wash. The profile of the helmet is the same as the S9/S17, however, the shell material is different than a standard hockey helmet. The R800 has much more padding thickness than a standard helmet as well - the sample size was a M and I couldn't put it on, but then again, it was still being refined at the time and was told it would be a bit thinner (but still will be thicker than standard.) The adjustment mechanism will be on top of the helmet, but once again, the sample didn't have that at the time. There will be a call-out to Riddell on the back of the helmet, in form of a bumper, just like on its football counterpart. The helmet will retail for $299.99 and will be available in the summer. The E700 and down stay unchanged. Gloves - New Mako gloves - the glove picture that was floating out there is an early revision of the concept, and while the concept is the same, aesthetically it's a bit different. The concept is called Fast Fingers - instead of having the breaks in the fingers on top of the glove, the breaks are actually wider and UNDER the finger. What this does is eliminate gaps in protection and actually follows the natural motion of the finger. Best way to look at it is to stick your hand out and look at the palm lines on your index finger. When you bend your finger, it compresses. Same concept. So, there's no backrolls on the face of the glove; it has one backroll on top and the four "fingers" seem to slide in and out of it, like a pocket. Like the RS before, some colorways look weird and some don't. Protective - Shoulder pads are extremely interesting - it is a vest-style shoulder pad with a front entry; as in the chest place (which is ergonomic covering sternum and heart) comes apart and you put the pads on like a jacket. Once that is secure, the two straps that would normally be the conventional strapping method on shoulder pads, are attached to the spine pad and pulls the entire bottom of the shoulder pad together. The concept carries throughout the line, however NHL-spec shoulder caps on the Mako. Elbows are a three-piece pad, with the elbow being two pieces. The cap of the elbow is pushed slightly back as well. The shin pad has a newly-designed knee as well - the break is lower so when it bends, you don't get that feeling as if the pad is sliding off, as it feels more secure on top. Also, the shin face is floating which helps with dispersion. The pants are extremely mobile; it has a 2-way belt system which sits on the hips - instead of having a belt that comes across your stomach, it actually stops at the ends. You pull each strap like a parachute chute and it holds it in place. Fully vented and different grade nylons in certain areas. RS line has new shoulder caps on them. I apologize for the scan; I upgraded my Mac and the software I used before doesn't really play all that well with it. Have to figure out the best settings for it.
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