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Found 2 results

  1. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/193-2015-easton-hockey-catalogue/ Sticks - Last season, Easton rebooted the Synergy line. This year, Stealth is finally back. Starting with the CX, which is using the original Stealth process to marry the shaft and blade - the shaft goes further down into the blade, with zero overlap of materials. (I examined a CX that the taper/blade was dissected and it's extremely clean.) The blade also offers their Exo-Rim technology, which is essentially a bumper that runs along the edge of the blade, adding strength while resisting blade splitting. Also features a stiffened toe, which has been standard on the past two generations of Easton sticks. One feature that is a first for Easton is 12k spread tow carbon fiber on their top-end stick. They are also using a new resin. Available in 4 different colors, when the stick debuts, there will be a 60-day warranty on it. You're getting slightly down-spec'd carbon fiber on the CXT, then on the CX ST, you're getting their EC80 carbon fiber and micro-bladder construction process. No change on the Synergy side. Skates - no changes. Expect a new skate next year. Gloves - 3 families now, with Stealth, Pro and Synergy, with 3 types of fits. The Stealth glove is their Natural fit and features their Connex palm; single layer of their Tactik microsuede palm, that is enhanced by their Venta laminate, which is a polyurethane layer that's fused to the palm in areas that get the most abrasion. It's also perforated for ventilation. The CX glove also has their Bio-Dri Zero liner, that gives a cooling feeling as well as wick moisture away. 3-piece fingers and Ergo thumb as well. The Pro series also has been redone, with 2 gloves - Pro 10 and Pro 7. Volume fit, with a 2-layer palm and grip overlay. Protective - 3 families here too - Stealth, Pro and Synergy. Starting with Stealth, the theme here is low profile and lightweight. Starting with the CX shoulder pads, you're getting exposed Hyperlite foam in the chest, and molded HDPE in the sternum area. The caps have their Dual Shox foam, which has a higher density foam on the outer layer to disperse impact, but lower density foam on the inner layer to cushion. The torso, sternum and spine are all ventilated. On the elbow pads, it's a 2-piece design with an EVA covered cap, but the bicep and forearm has molded Hyperlite foam. The shin pad tends to fall in between the Pro and Synergy by having a mid-volume fit. Vented knee cap, wide calf strap with a wrap-around lock strap, and Hyperlite foam calf wing. On the Pro series, you're seeing a lot of segmentation and HD foam - typically what you see in a lot of pro-style pads. The caps are NHL-spec, with dual density foam in the torso, sternum and spine. Perforated jacket as well for ventilation, and a rib wrap for additional protection. The elbow pads are a 3-piece design, with an EVA foam covered cap, and a y-shaped strap to lock it down. The shin pad features quite a bit protection in the knee - very thick in the liner. No vents on the pads anywhere, but the calf-wing is perforated. Very wide calf strap. On the pants side, with the Stealth, which is forward-canted, the kidney and hip pads are molded Hyperlite foam and the spine pad is designed to stay on the body while moving. Has a 2-way belt. The shell is a nylon/mesh mix that allows for ventilation. On the Pro side, your typical pro cut, but carries over a few of the features from the Stealth pant, albeit HD foam. The shell is similar, but uses 600D nylon for better wear characteristics. The pant is also adjustable for length - you can drop it 1" or 2".
  2. Fit After getting fed up with the EPP foam inserts in my Bauer 7500 moving around and having glue stuck in my hair every night, I decided to buy a new lid. Protection The main selling point of this helmet. The Messier Project was started to reduce head injuries in the sport. Rather than the typical foam guts, The M11 has what Cascade calls it's "Seven Technology" which places groups of cylindrical cells to "absorb impact through lateral displacement". It also claims to outperform EPP foam by 26% better than EPP foams on 1st impact, 107% better than EPP foams on 2nd impact and 140% better than EPP foams on 3rd impact. Shell is a one piece design with fit adjustment in the rear. I've had my bell rung a few times and this bucket has been great. 10/10 Weight Seems to be about average as far as weight goes. Not super light. I use a cage, so that adds a deal of weight there. I can't speak for the weight of the Cascade cage as I just moved my Bauer cage over. 8/10 Durability Been using it for 3 months now a few times a week. No issues at all thus far. 10/10 Intangibles This helmet is on the more expensive side. I for one have never had an issue paying for safety. We all have to go to work the next day (Unfortunately) Custom colors are also available if that blows your skirt up. Conclusion This is a well made very protective helmet. Pony up and replace your cruddy old helmet that all the foam is falling out of. 9.5/10
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