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Found 3 results

  1. Used once, Easton Stealth CX Hockey Gloves 13" Black - $60.00 Pics: https://goo.gl/photos/oxeTXuTrN91nAU3w7
  2. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/193-2015-easton-hockey-catalogue/ Sticks - Last season, Easton rebooted the Synergy line. This year, Stealth is finally back. Starting with the CX, which is using the original Stealth process to marry the shaft and blade - the shaft goes further down into the blade, with zero overlap of materials. (I examined a CX that the taper/blade was dissected and it's extremely clean.) The blade also offers their Exo-Rim technology, which is essentially a bumper that runs along the edge of the blade, adding strength while resisting blade splitting. Also features a stiffened toe, which has been standard on the past two generations of Easton sticks. One feature that is a first for Easton is 12k spread tow carbon fiber on their top-end stick. They are also using a new resin. Available in 4 different colors, when the stick debuts, there will be a 60-day warranty on it. You're getting slightly down-spec'd carbon fiber on the CXT, then on the CX ST, you're getting their EC80 carbon fiber and micro-bladder construction process. No change on the Synergy side. Skates - no changes. Expect a new skate next year. Gloves - 3 families now, with Stealth, Pro and Synergy, with 3 types of fits. The Stealth glove is their Natural fit and features their Connex palm; single layer of their Tactik microsuede palm, that is enhanced by their Venta laminate, which is a polyurethane layer that's fused to the palm in areas that get the most abrasion. It's also perforated for ventilation. The CX glove also has their Bio-Dri Zero liner, that gives a cooling feeling as well as wick moisture away. 3-piece fingers and Ergo thumb as well. The Pro series also has been redone, with 2 gloves - Pro 10 and Pro 7. Volume fit, with a 2-layer palm and grip overlay. Protective - 3 families here too - Stealth, Pro and Synergy. Starting with Stealth, the theme here is low profile and lightweight. Starting with the CX shoulder pads, you're getting exposed Hyperlite foam in the chest, and molded HDPE in the sternum area. The caps have their Dual Shox foam, which has a higher density foam on the outer layer to disperse impact, but lower density foam on the inner layer to cushion. The torso, sternum and spine are all ventilated. On the elbow pads, it's a 2-piece design with an EVA covered cap, but the bicep and forearm has molded Hyperlite foam. The shin pad tends to fall in between the Pro and Synergy by having a mid-volume fit. Vented knee cap, wide calf strap with a wrap-around lock strap, and Hyperlite foam calf wing. On the Pro series, you're seeing a lot of segmentation and HD foam - typically what you see in a lot of pro-style pads. The caps are NHL-spec, with dual density foam in the torso, sternum and spine. Perforated jacket as well for ventilation, and a rib wrap for additional protection. The elbow pads are a 3-piece design, with an EVA foam covered cap, and a y-shaped strap to lock it down. The shin pad features quite a bit protection in the knee - very thick in the liner. No vents on the pads anywhere, but the calf-wing is perforated. Very wide calf strap. On the pants side, with the Stealth, which is forward-canted, the kidney and hip pads are molded Hyperlite foam and the spine pad is designed to stay on the body while moving. Has a 2-way belt. The shell is a nylon/mesh mix that allows for ventilation. On the Pro side, your typical pro cut, but carries over a few of the features from the Stealth pant, albeit HD foam. The shell is similar, but uses 600D nylon for better wear characteristics. The pant is also adjustable for length - you can drop it 1" or 2".
  3. My Stats ​6 feet tall. Between 210 and 190 pounds during the use of the skates. Intermediate skater, not incredibly powerful. Like a stiff skate to make up for inadequacies in my skating. Past skate models. In order of use: Easton RS size 9 Easton Stealth S17 size 9 (1 year) Supreme One95’s size 9.5D (1.5 years) Vapor X30 size 10 (lasted about 4 months) Fit The Easton Stealth line was my ideal fit after getting serious heel lift in my Supreme’s. This was a result of both having a skate that was a half size too big, and weight loss. The RS continued down the line of previous Stealth skates--in my opinion--on the heel width. I have never had any problems with my heels lifting at all. The forefoot was also wide enough to accommodate my forefoot. The shape of my foot is similar to that of a duck--skinny nearly the ankle and heel, and widens at the forefoot. Easton is the closest thing to an ideal fit I've been able to find, and the RS continued the tradition. Where the fit of the RS differs from the Easton S17 is inside the skate. Just looking at the skate, you can tell that it has a bulkier, boxier look than the S17. The skate has increased padding inside the skate, making the overall fit a bit soft around the foot. This does not affect the performance at all, just makes it feel a bit different that the all carbon S17. 9/10 Average depth, wide forefoot, average ankle. Would have preferred thinner ankle Performance It took a little time for my to adjust to the RS from the S17. I had been in the old Stealth's long enough to break them in significantly--so stepping out on the ice in the fresh out of the box RS, I was taken off guard a bit. They were very stiff, just as the S17s were the first time I wore them. Within a few laps around the zone, I was perfectly fine. There were only a few noticeable changes between the two models. You can see on the outside of the skate a sort of “fan” like design. I believe this is to allow for more forward flex. That is the only real difference between the two Stealth models that affected the performance for me. I lace the RS skates all the way to the top, while I skipped the top eyelet on the S17s--to achieve more forward flex. I’ve had this issue with all skates, so I wouldn’t really call it a knock on the RS’s, but during all of my skates the tongue manages to torque and move to the outside of the skate. I spend a lot of time on my inside edges, obviously, but it is a bit more concerning with this skate because of the effects it’s having on the liner of the boot. More on that in the durability section. 8/10 Plenty stiff, exactly what I expected coming from the S17 boots. Holder Same holder as the S17s, I have been on the stock Easton steel since day one of the S17s as well--something many recommended to replace with solid steel as opposed to the parabolic steel on there by default. No real changes. 8/10 I’m used to the RBII’s at this point. Also what I expected when changing models. Weight These are slightly heavier than my S17s--judging by holding them in my hands. On the ice I did not notice any sort of difference. It’s most likely a result of the extra padding on the RS skates. 8/10 Average weight. Nothing to write home about. Protection I have only blocked one shot in these skates, on the inside of the arch. Everyone knows those hurt (why did I turn my foot that way!?) and it was no different in these skates. Average protection, you will still feel stingers in these. 7/10 Average again. Knocked down a point because of the extra padding not providing any protection. Durability I purchased these skates by means of eBay. As a result, I did not receive any warranty receipt. I have two distinct issues with the durability involving this skate. First, the system that holds the steel to the holder (with the bolts) had a stripped bolt on the outside of the front right skate. If torqued the bolt would start free spinning.I decided that it would hold (as it was still holding as long as I didn’t twist it anymore) long enough for me to get some replacements. I skated on them twice, after a bake, and the bolt came out. I was able to steal a bolt from my S17s to fix the issue (still need to get a replacement one for those skates). I have not had an issue with the holder since then. The other issue is on the inside of the skate. The tongues on this skate, as I mentioned earlier, turn outwards when I skate. This is causing the liner of both boots on the inside quarter to tear and fray. This was the same issue that user JSK81 reported on his skates that Easton warrantied for. It’s not affecting performance at this time, but is a bit concerning. I believe this is a result of the tongues turning in combination of the hard plastic edges on the tongue itself. 7/10 Durability issues noted. Not affecting performance yet, but could in the future. Aesthetics In my opinion, the aesthetics is the biggest knock on this skate. The gray is a sort of dingy-green-brown-grey that really looks horrible in person. The black and yellow accents are fantastic, and a great look to go for (read: RS Stick) but for some reason they went a different direction with the skate. If you have a look at the 85S skates that just recently came out, you’ll be able to see what could have been. The Razor Bladez holders have always been a weak point of the Easton skates, in the looks department. They’ve improved the holder situation with the release of the Mako skate and the new CXN holder. 4/10 Nothing good looking about this skate save for the tendon guard. Conclusion Overwhelming Average in most aspects. This is not a far departure from the Stealth S17s. A bit more padding for comfort while skating (and not protection), a lower cut boot, beefed up tongue for lace bit, and a changeup of aesthetics is about the gist of the changes. I have appreciated using them, though I am not stocking up on pairs for the future. I even considered going back to my S17’s because the performance was so similar and I much preferred the look of my old skates. Not a real game changer in the skate market, but if the Stealth line is your preferred fit, then they will work just fine. And they should be seeing a price drop soon. 7.2/10
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