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Found 19 results

  1. Hello all. Looking for some advice. I've always been a supreme user and I've gotten used to the range of motion you get with their flexible tendon gaurds. I've tried other skates and have never been able to adjust as I feel they never allow me the same range of motion. For players looking to switch from Supreme, what options are out there? If I'm looking to get into a pair of True skates, is there anything that can be done to accommodate this feature? I've looked online and can't seem to find any info on this topic. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey Guys its my first time on this forum so if I'm posting on the wrong page please forgive me. So for the last while I keep using the same pair of NikeBauer One95's that I got on consignment that I got from a hockey shop I worked at in Edmonton. After using them for a long time, they started feeling really soft and I always needed to re-tie them multiple times during a skate, so I figured that it was time for a new pair. Since at the time I was very stubborn to staying as a Bauer guy and like getting top of the line equipment (I know its overkill for what I do and way too expensive), I wanted to get the Supreme 1s's since supreme pretty much keeps their boots the same in lines of fit. Anyway I bought a pair last May while living in BC knowing they were really stiff skates. When at the store, the sales associate had me try the old Jet speeds since they were on clearance. To be honest, I really liked them, but knew that I'd be thinking of the Supremes all the time if I got the CCM's. After a few months, I couldn't get fully comfortable in the skates. Usually the way I tie my skates is looser around the bottom of my feet because they ache regardless of how soft the skates are and then I try to tie the ankles up as tight as possible. In these I just can't get the ankle to where I want them and feel like I'm going to slide when I wear them. I almost felt like I'd get tired sooner when wearing the 1S' then when I was just wearing my one95's. I decided to start wearing my old one95's again and I felt like I liked them more than the 1S'. It's been a couple months since then and now my one95's are even softer and worse. I'm considering what to do when it comes to my skates. Currently, I'm living in Southeast Idaho with plans to move to Edmonton in April. My friend in Edmonton has my 1S' from when I visited and has been trying to sell them for me on kijiji, but we haven't been able to get a decent price since I paid 1100 for them after tax. I've heard that CCM has really picked up their game in skates so I've been thinking about trying on a pair of Tacks, but I don't exactly want to be tied up in two expensive pairs of skates. Any recommendations on what I should do? Is there a way to make the supremes fit better or a way to soften them quicker? I've baked them twice already but after the second bake it almost felt worse. One thing I've heard about the supremes thats a problem is the insanely stiff eye-lets. Is getting the tacks worth it since its supposed to not be as stiff and they have normal eye-lets on them? Should I give the 1S' another chance? Is there a way to solve the discomfort? Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. There doesn't seem to be a lot of feedback and reviews about the Bauer 1S skate. Curious what others think of them and what your experience has been so far.
  4. How is the padding in the Bauer Supreme 1S pants (or hybrid girdle, if you consider it that), in the gluteus maximus area? I forgot to mention in the video, that I had the same issue with the Warrior Dynasty girdle (lack of padding in the gluteus maximus area), which was one of the reasons I got into the Super Tacks girdle. Of course (in true, clueless form), I forgot to check this area for proper padding, in my excitement when I saw how freely I would be moving in these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yThFjbVtNv4&feature=youtu.be
  5. Haven't played in a while with life getting in the way, finally have the time to try to get into skating more often. Most of this is lightly or never used. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Any questions or offers just post or pm Nike Bauer Pro Defender Shoulder Pads Medium $50 Never used Reebok 7K caps and biceps $20 Never used, for frankenpad projects Bauer Vapor 10 biceps $15 Never used, for frankenpad peojects Bauer NG 37.5 Premium Comp Jock Short Large $20 Used twice, washed, compression isn't for me.
  6. Hey MSH! I have recently gotten the opportunity to get an original Bauer TotalOne or Bauer TotalOne NXG. I can not decide on which stick though. I like both mid and low kicks. I am currently using a Bauer 1X that cracked in the blade, so I want to change things up. I've shot around with an NXG and loved it. I also loved the MX3, but the blade was horrible. The blade was terrible in both feel and durability. I broke it within two months. One thing to add in is that the T1 has a P88 curve and the T1 NXG has a P92 curve. I had a Nexus 8000 which was 7 flex down from what I normally use and was a P14 Toews curve. I shot knuckle pucks a little too much with it. I'm not sure if it was the flex or curve causing that. I'm assuming both but mainly the curve. The P14 has quite an aggressive toe. I was just wondering if P92 is too big for me, I normally use a P88 or other brand equivalent. So based on your thoughts, which twig is better? Puck feel, release, etc. Also keep in mind the T1 is $100 and the T1 NXG is $150. Thanks. -Jack
  7. I am curious if there is a difference in boot stiffness between the Bauer Supreme MX3, 190 and 180 skates. I know they all use the Curv Composite quarter package, but is the layup and manufacturing process of the boot different so that the higher end skates are stiffer? Reason I ask is that I am looking to get new skates, and the Supreme line fits me best, and I'd like to go with a Curv composite upper because I hear it molds well to your foot after baking. However, due to recent injuries (left broken ankle, right broken kneecap), I'm finding I can't get deep into my stride like I used to, and I think I might benefit from a "less stiff" boot.
  8. I am curious if there is a difference in boot stiffness between the Bauer Supreme MX3, 190 and 180 skates. I know they all use the Curv Composite quarter package, but is the layup and manufacturing process of the boot different so that the higher end skates are stiffer? Reason I ask is that I am looking to get new skates, and the Supreme line fits me best, and I'd like to go with a Curv composite upper because I hear it molds well to your foot after baking. However, due to recent injuries (left broken ankle, right broken kneecap), I'm finding I can't get deep into my stride like I used to, and I think I might benefit from a "less stiff" boot.
  9. So after having my nexus 8000 for a little over 1 1/2 seasons it has finally broke (actually was the first stick where the shaft broke on me instead of the blade, good job Bauer!) I really wanna try something else and I'm not paying 260 for a stick and I never have. I found a totalone college prostock with bauers p89 77flex for 110 or a mako 2 75flex with the p9 curve. I've used a 1000 (loved it but can't find anymore :() the first mako which I've liked and the 8000 which of these would be a better choice as they're both excellent prices. Thanks guys!
  10. So I'm currently in a pair of bauer supreme 180's nice skate but I was originally in ccm crazylights. Both skates fit my foot just fine except I had to send the cl's back on their warranty because the laces of the skate literally cut the tongue in half. So my question is do you think it'd be worth it to give the ccm's another try with a different tongue not made of the u foam or should I just stick them up on ebay? Help is very much appreciated!
  11. I was recently in the market for new shoulder pads. I was bought at the Bauer Supreme NXGs and Supreme 190s. The NXG's seemed like they had a lot of exposed body in the chest/arm/shoulder area and the new 190s had a smaller collar opening, to the point where my neck was being chaffed. I was thinking about getting the Warrior Dynasty HD Pro or HD1. But before I go and order another pair to ship back I wanted to get some feedback and see what you all thought! Cheers!
  12. Hey guys! So I recently tried on the Bauer Supreme 190 in a 8 EE, and it fit quite well. The only issue was the huuuuuge price tag. I've been looking high and low for a One.9 or One.8, but no luck. But I discovered Pure Hockey has an exclusive skate called the Bauer Supreme HP Pro. So, two questions... *Anything positive/negative you guys have seen/heard/read on the skate? *They apparently only do D width...is it possible to get an 8 D and stretch it into an EE? Or would it be better to go with an 8.5 D? Thanks in advance!
  13. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/177-2014-bauer-goal-catalogue/ We'll work on the review in the coming days.
  14. Decided that I'm switching back to the P88 Kane curve and so, preferably, I'd like to trade these... or sell them if someone is interested. I'm preferably looking to trade one stick for a same condition 77/87 flex Nexus 8000 P88 (plus $$ on top, depending on condition), but I may be open to other Bauer models as well. Righties only! 1.) Pro Stock Bauer Supreme Total One SE (thicker walled for durability), P92-R, 95 Flex, O44, RH (cut down to ~63 ¾ inches) Condition: 9/10 -- some cosmetic blemishes, used about 10 times -- $110 shipped within US $95 SHIPPED WITHIN US $70 Shipped within US 2.) Retail Bauer Supreme Total One, P92, 87 flex, RH (cut down to ~63 3/8 inches) Condition: 10/10 -- like-new condition, lightly used 2-3 times -- $120 shipped shipped within US $105 SHIPPED WITHIN US SOLD 3.) Pro Stock Bauer Supreme Total One, P92-R, 87 Flex, O33, RH (cut down to ~63 ½ inches) Condition 9.75/10 -- minor cosmetic blemishes, bought at the Sharks sale, but never used -- $110 shipped within US SOLD PM me if you're interested.
  15. Bought a nxg on kijiji from a guy, I already suspected it could be fake because he was selling it for 150 but decided to check it out anyway. I bought it and i feel like there are some imperfections that give it away. Anyway ill go to a store tomorrow and compare with a real retail one and ill know for sure. The spiral grip is what makes it look the most fake to me, I also scanned the UPC code with android app and it didnt find anything. Could you guys post same pics as me to compare? Its a p92 102 RH griptac NXG. I also took off the top plug and i saw APX written inside for some reason. Weird stuff. Am I just paranoid or are my suspicions founded? Here are some pics(dunno how to upload directly here..doesnt allow me) http://imageshack.us/g/202/img20130506034325.jpg/ What do you guys think?
  16. So my LHS doesn't stock all the widths in the skates I'm looking at so I thought I would post this to all of you and get your take and knowledge. I was trying on a Supreme One.7 and Vapor X70 in a size 5.5 and they only had the D widths in both skates. The One.7 seemed to fit snug right out of the box, maybe a bit too snug and the X70 definitely were pinching my forefoot area even without them laced up. There was another Vapor (I forget which model) in a EE width but it seemed to be a bit loose and I'm wondering how a Supreme EE width would fit me. Is the Vapor D width the narrowest of the two skates and the Supreme EE width the widest with Supreme D width being the second narrowest and the Vapor EE width the second widest? Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  17. I was wondering how accurate the Bauer Plastic Skate Fit Gauge is? A little back story. I am currently in Bauer Supreme one 70s and with the current supremes dropping in price I was thinking about getting a new pair of skates (one.8 or one.9). My current skates are 8.5D however I feel I could possibly drop down a half size. When I have used this gauge at my LHS my biggest toe is just over the 8 not quite the 8.5 and the width of my foot measures an E based on the guide on the under side. In other threads on the forum I have read people have said that the Supreme D is really a E width. However when I try on an 8D my toes feel scrunched and there is a lot of pressure on the sides of my feet. When I try on an 8EE they feel better. I know I am gaining a fraction in the length area because of the wider heel. Mainly I am just wondering if after the skate is baked will the 8D open up more or should I go with an 8EE.
  18. Skate: Bauer Supreme one.8 Size: 8.5D Foot Type: Normal arch. Narrow heel with wider forefoot. Ht./Wt.: 6'0 175 lbs. Play Level: A level adult league. Play both Defense and Forward Previous skates worn: Nike Bauer Supreme one90; size 8.5D Purchased: December 2013 For my 18th birthday, my parents bought me the NBH Supreme one90. Had the skates baked and they fit perfectly from the start. Since this was my first experience using a skate with the hard shell, the top of the skates would dig into my upper ankle area since there wasn't much padding there. Once I got used to the skates though, my ankles did a better job of holding steady. Aside from that, I had no problems with the one90's for about 6 years. Up until recently, started developing lace bite on one foot likely due to the deterioration of the tongue. The tongue on the one90's is very thin, and I'm honestly surprised it hasn't given me problems until now. With the skates being relatively beat up from high school and rec hockey early on while playing non-checking adult league since then, it was time for new skates. Decided to go with a skate that would last long without going over the top in terms of price. I especially appreciate the tongue on this skate. Going back to the traditional style of tongue has allowed for my lace bite to recede. Blade/Holder (10/10) With the TUUK Lightspeed 2 holders and TUUK LS 2.1 steel, I'm glad I took a step down for these. I'm not a huge fan of the fusion steel. I never had to experience this, but I've seen too many times, where friends have had the fusion steel break catching passes in their skates. Also, I had to have my previous holders in the one90's shimmed to prevent the clicking noise that commonly occurred with the holders. Couldn't be happier with my current holders and steel. Weight (10/10) These are to date the lightest skate I've ever worn. A tad lighter that NBH Supreme one90's, but not by much, at least, it's not noticeable when skating. Protection (9/10) I have blocked multiple shots with these on and I've had no problem (granted I play in a adult league with no slap shots). I will say that with the hard shell skates, it still remains that if someone whacks me in the skate with their stick, the force seems to carry through the skate, but not a major issue. Durability (9.5/10) Have a few nicks and scuffs on the boot. Also, have a few chips in the holder. But, since I'm playing on three teams at the moment, the amount of wear and tear seems to be per usual. I'm just hoping the boot stays as stiff as my Supreme one90's did. Performance (10/10) Due to the increase in lateral stiffness of the boot (upgrading from my old skates), I am able to push through turns and accelerate with more control and force than before. I am not the greatest skater, but I like to move quick. So, upgrading to newer skates definitely improves things by a slight margin. These skates have the same feel as any other Bauer Supreme skate I've worn. Overall Assessment (97%) Overall, I'm happy with the purchase I made on these skates. Unfortunately, the local shops in my area were out of stock, so had to order them in my size, but I couldn't be happier. They are working out great. BOTTOM LINE - Solid skate. For the price range, you get a top notch skate without missing out on too many bells and whistles.
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