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Eagle X50i

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Product- Eagle X50i 13†gloves

Background- 5'6 150 pounds, centre/rightwing

Use of product- 1 ½ months 4 ice times/week

Fit- Not as loose as the X70 model which I had previously. Took a while to break in because of the split fingers but now they have lots of mobility and feel great. 9/10

Protection- Decent protection, doesn’t have plastic inserts or a lock thumb like the newer high-end gloves but it’s been enough so far playing midget rep. The cuff is a little short but I have big elbow pads so it’s alright. I did bruise my wrist once after taking 2 consecutive hits to the boards but I doubt any other glove would have prevented that. 7.5/10

Weight- One of the lightest gloves I’ve had, only glove that would be much lighter would have to be made of nylon. 9/10

Durability- Eagle gloves have awesome durability. They’ve been used for about a month of 4 ice times/week and the glove is mint. The palms are a little crispy but that’s not a big deal. I air them out every ice time and I expect the palms will last for a while. 10/10

Intangibles- I love the look of these gloves. They’re an older model X50i with a hologram on the cuff that just looks awesome. 9/10

Conclusion- I got these gloves at a consignment store new for 55$ CAD so I decided to try them out. I’m glad I did because in stores they’re about $150, and I wouldn’t pay that much for a glove without split fingers and plastic inserts. This has been my 2nd pair of Eagle gloves (first was x70) and they have been outstanding in durability. Overall Rating: 8.9 (average)

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