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Nike Flexlite 12

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Nike Flexlite 12 (87 Regular Flex/P92 Naslund)

Blade- At first when I got the stick I thought it was way too thick and I also thought all of that extra wrapping on the blade was a little unnecessary because I thought it would just add weight and kill the feel. I turned out to be wrong, the feel was great and the blade was plenty stiff when shooting. 9/10

Flex- Since I'm not a great slapper and all the store had was 87 Flex I picked this up and because I had to cut it down quite a bit it only got stiffer but I felt that my wristers were quite nice. 8/10

Stickhandling/Recieving passes- This is where the stick stands out for me. When stickhandling the feel is amazing and receiving passes is just so much easier than with my Apollo blade. 10/10

Shooting- As mentioned earlier the flex on this stick was probably just right for me because it wasn't too stiff or too flexy. I eventually tried doing slappers and am still trying to improve in this area and I did manage to get a few decent shots off. I still think wristers with this stick are the best.


Weight Balance- At first when I bought it I thought it was going to be a huge disappointment. When I brought it home it just seemed too heavy for me but after I cut it down it felt just right. The weight was perfect but the only thing I would say is that it is a little blade heavy. 8.5/10

Durability- Unfortunately this is where the stick loses marks. After 1 game there were gashes all over the backside of my stick and on the blade. I used this stick for about 4 games and 3 stick and puck sessions and the wrap on the bottom of the blade is gone, now making its way up to the face of the blade. The bottom part is chewed up and my blade is turning into a noodle. RIP Flexlite 12. 5/10

Shaft Shape/Cosmetics/Materials - Ergo feel, I wasn't too big a fan of the shape but after I got used to it, it felt perfect. The looks on this stick aren't bad, the green to silver gradient is pretty good but I think they should've kept the graphics consistent instead of showing the 2 carbon strips running down the other face of the shaft. This stick is the same as the Quest 1 (Aspen Core, Fibreglass and Graphite). 8/10

Conclusion- I thought the $34 I paid for this was well worth it. Scored me lots of goals and lived up to almost every one of my expectations for this stick. I've personally never performed better with a wood stick and after the blade is completely dead. Call me crazy but I have to say I like this better than my Zero G. I am most likely going to get another one of these to keep me waiting for the One60.


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