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Easton Si-Core

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Easton Synergy Si-core, Rh Sakic.

User: 5'8, 145 pounds.

Blade: It is the best feel i have ever used. I have tried many Ops and blade\shaft combos. but this is the best feel i have used yet. i like it alot more than wood. i have used two different ones, and on both of them they had what looked like a seem where the two pieces of the blade were fused together. not a good thing! i have a heavier shot, and i torn the blade to hell. I had the blade broken on both of mine after two practices. 7\10

Flex: It said a 100 flex on both of them but my first one had a whip flex, like a 75. and my second one was more like an 85.

Stickhandling/receiving passes: The stickhandling was awesome! this stick really improved my moves. it had an awesome feel and i tried new things with it! it added alot to my puck movement. pass receiving was easy, but i was never one to have a trouble with recieving a pass with a one piece. 10\10

Shooting: Well like i said the blade was weak on it, so i didnt have a great shot. but before it went all to hell, it felt like a normal synergy to me. no troubles at all. But it didnt last. 5\10

Durability: The shaft was awesome! really whippy, and yet didnt show an signs of damage. i blew through two blades in four ice times, and i felt the blade needs alot more work! One the blade went it was kinda useless for me, because of my style of game. 5\10

I feel this stick is made for a certain type of player and that player isnt me. i would say it would be awesome for people who are play-makers and dont use a heavy shot alot. overall i say this stick would be a 7\10. i am a big easton fan, but this stick was a let down for me. I haven't tried any of the 04 models yet and im not sure if i want to. word of advice though, if you buy one, look for that seem on the bottom of the blade, its usually by the heel of the blade. I have seen it on at least 50 si-core. If it has no seem try it out.

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Product: Easton Synergy Si-core Left Handed Iginla 100 flex.

Background: 5'8 165 pounds. Ice hockey, Centre.

Blade- The blade felt perfect to me. To be honest I really couldn't tell the difference between the si-core blade and the synergy blade. Some people say that the blade on the Si-core deadens your shot and you can't shoot as hard, I thought I could actually shoot a little bit better with this blade. I don't have a problem with cathcing passes but just for the hell of it I would see if the silicon really worked, and I would say no. Theres no difference between the Si-core blade and the synergy from what I could tell anyways....9/10

Flex- I found the Si-core to be a little more flexy as stated at 100. I thought of it more as around a 90.

Stickhandling/feel- Stickhandling was very nice, maybe it has something with me switching curves as for its the first time for me using the iginla and I really like it. The stick had really nice feel to it. Especially the blade....9/10

Weight and Balance- No shock here it feels just like holding up a synergy. Its light but not super light as some of the new sticks comming out. I felt it had prettygood balance, but just a tad heavy blade. There definatly could be some work on the balance of this stick....8.5/10

Durabillity- Some people have been complaining that they were breaking lots of Si-cores, well I only broke 1. It took a lot of abuse though, it lasted about 5 months or playing hockey about 5 times per week. Durabillity really aint a issue when you looking for as good as performance as the Si-core has. I would rather have a stick that performs amazing that breaks than a stick that doesn't have the performance and is a tank.....8.5/10

Conclusion- Overall the stick is very nice and has to be one of the top sticks on the market. It is definatley worth the money. All in all, I don't think the stick is much different than a regular synergy. There really isn't any real drawbacks to this stick. I really like this stick and will probably end up hanging on to this stick to use it for a while.

Overall rating....8.5/10

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Product: Easton Synergy Si-Core Iginla 100flex LH

Backround: 6'1 210 pounds. 8th year playing hockey

Blade: The blade at first was amazing. some people said they couldnt feel the difference. It isnt much but it definetley gives a little, when you take a pass. 9/10

Flex It says 100, but feels more like at 85. I usually get whipper sticks like the 85, but decided to get a 100. 8/10 for being false.

Stickhandling/Feel: The blade was perfect, could do any moves with them. especially the michigan move, so easy with the iginla blade. Shaft very good aswell, no rubber shaft feeling. 9/10

Weight and balance: The weight of the stick is normal, like any other synergy. The balance isnt bad aswell, some say the blade is heavy, but personally i like it. 10/10

Durability: I've gone through 8 si-cores this season. playing 6 times a week. and i only used them after christmas. they last around 2-4 weeks. so durability gets a big 2 thumbs down. i love the feel, and performance, but cant stand the durability. 4/10

Conclusion: When you buy this stick, you get a performance stick, don't expect a durable stick. overall i like the stick very much, just not the durabilty.

Edited by all-star

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Product: Easton Synergy Si-core grip Right Handed Iginla 100 flex.

Background: 5'11 155 pounds.

Blade- the blade ont he si core was stiff as hell.. i read a loto f posts when the si core came out that it had issues with durability but the one i had was a beast! after 3 months of hockey the blade was just as stiff as it was new and no cracks or fractures!

Flex- i wanted a 85 flex but settled with a 100 cuz it was on sale for only 200 cdn at my LHS and i couldnt wait for a 85 to come in as the sale was going to end.

Stickhandling/feel- the si core blade was totally diff than the reg synergies.. not only was te stick a tad heavier overall(whcih i liked for stickhandlgin0 but receiving passes was great! (10/10)

Weight and Balance- the balance and weight was a little heavy compared to the yellow grip i used before but after using the si core i liked it being a bit heavier.. i noticed when i tried to use my yellow grip i tended to overstickhandle as the yellow was "too light" (9/10)

Durabillity- like i said alot of ppl i know had problems with the si core but the one i had at least was a beast and i give it 10/10 for durability (for the one i got lol)

shooting/performance- definitely noticed some lack of bounce off the blade when shooting.. kinda felt like a 2 peice in a way... when i shot with my yellow grip i noticed the puck def jumped off the blade more (8/10)

Conclusion- for a synergy , i was very pleased. blade lasted the longest of all the synergies ive owned.. the sticks perf did not decrease at all since day one! i think i was lucky and got a good batch!

overall 8.5/10 (does not reflect average pts out of 10, this is just my overall opinion)

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Product: Easton Synergy Si-Core Grip RH 'Modano' 85 flex.

Background: 5'8 195 lbs.

BLADE: I can't say there's a great feel for me to this blade, it feels like really stiff cardboard!! Not too impressed with the feel after all I heard. Great durabilty as after 6 mths no cracks or anything. 7/10

FLEX- 85 flex; this flex definately suits me and my ability and strength level; great. 10/10 (note - I have other sticks with this flex as well)

STICKHANDLING/FEEL- I'm so-so for stickhandling and the feel of the Si-Core kinda sucked so that's not too good 5/10

WEIGHT/BALANCE- the weight was slightly lighter than my UltraLite & Z-Bubble but the balance is about the best I've tried (props to the UltraLite there) . Sits nice in the hands. 8.5/10

DURABILITY- no probs with durability for other than some minor paint chipping (what do you expect a 70mph puck (or the boards!!) to do. I would get another on on that alone


SHOOTING/PERFORMANCE - while my slapper has improved I find it harder to adjust my wrist shot (typicallly my strength). I think I'm trying too hard to get a 'whip' effect by dragging the stick. 6/10

OVERALL - I was pleased as this was my first OPS. It gets points for not breaking in the first game! LMAO! While the blade feel wasn't quite what I expected and took some getting used to I'd give it a good score of ....


EDIT: JR informed me I had to add individual scores so I did. (along with some needed spelling corrections)

Edited by Rustyhole

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Product:Easton SyNergy Si-Core 50 Flex Righthanded Yzerman.

Background-5'3" 110 pounds.

Blade-This blade has slightly improved feel from the original SyNergy. The blade was stiff when I got it but softened up. I had two and the first one broke on the heel of the blade in about 2 weeks. On the next one, I've had it for about 3 months and its still going strong. 8/10

Flex-I've used 50 flex for a while so no problem here. No difference than the normal SyNergy. 10/10

Stickhandling/Feel-This stick had pretty good feel and I got used to it quickly. I could stickhandle alot quicker with the increased feel of this blade. 10/10

Weight/Balance-This stick was pretty well balanced and felt alot lighter than my previous silver SyNergy. It was a little blade heavy but overall it was good. 9/10

Durablility-The durability was an issue on my first one, but on the second it was fine. There was occasional paint chipping but that no problem for me. 8/10

Shooting/Performance-This was a good shooting stick, but the puck didn't "jump" off of the blade as well as a normal SyNergy. I had an OK slapper, but a great wristshot with this stick. 9/10

Overall-This is a great stick. Great feel and pretty good shooting. The only issue was durability, but besides that, this stick is very good.

Final score- 9/10

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Product:Easton SyNergy Si-Core Grip 85 flex right hand shanahan.

Background-5'9" 185 pounds.

Blade - The blade appears to be fairly sturdy and secure. I have mostly used two piece sticks in the past, and the feel of a ops may be a bit more defined. 9/10

Flex - I've tried 85, 100, and 110 flex shafts in the past, and the 85 flex feels perfect for me. Anything above 85 is too stiff. With the 85 flex, my slap shot gets a little extra snap and speed...which it needs. 10/10

Stickhandling/Feel - I like the feel of the blade. I get a good feel of the puck with this blade, but I did tend to have a few hard passes bounce off the blade, so a little tape on the blade helped reduce that. Also, I love the grip texture. 9/10

Weight/Balance - The stick over all has a very good balance to it. It does not feel to be heavy ended on the blade side. Nice weight balance overall. 9.5/10

Durablility - I've had no problems with the durability of this stick. My I depend much more on my wrist shot than I do my slap shot, so maybe it's my style of play that has been the factor for the durability. Also, I use this stick strictly on sport court, so there is a little give on the floor. 10/10

Shooting/Performance - This stick has improved my shot overall, both with a slap shot and my wrist shot. The puck seems to shoot off the blade faster than I can recall with any wood stick I've used in the past. 10/10

Overall - I really like the si-core grip stick. My stick has been very reliable. The stick has been beat up quite a bit, but I have been able to depend on it for about 4 seasons now and it shows no sign of giving up.

Final score- 9.5/10

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