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  1. Ya that's bunk. The holder thing could be a reason but that should've been communicated. I also doubt it's the first time they've run into this kind of size difference too. Hopefully u get an update
  2. I had the trigger 8 and used it for maybe 5 periods total. I ended up selling bc I didn't like the puck feel. But what I was concerned about was the dual core blade. I had a feeling a new blade tech could compromise what previously was tried and tested durability wise. Before I sold it I did notice when I checked the blade for stiffness, I heard an ever so soft creak which I've never experienced with ccm since the using ccm. That confirmed it for me to sell and not look back lol. Ida a shame. Ccm was doing so well with durability for the most part. Maybe it's time to stick up on whatever remains or the ft 4 and 5s
  3. This is odd. My right foot is about 1/4 to 1/2 a size smaller than my left and the two tf customs I had done you could see the boots were diff size. I could tell be the holders on the right reached further towards the end of the toe cap vs the left . If they made that adjustment with me you would assume 10000% you should be getting two different sizes skates. Did they come with the right foot with more toe plugs to accommodate for the diff length or did they not even do that? It's obvious they messed up. The scan should clearly show your size difference. Also. Did the store take pics of your foot on the true brannock? They're supposed to. That would be clear as day that ur feet are different sizes. Anyways, I don't see any other option but for true to remake. If they don't. Refund. For the most part, from what I've read True is usually pretty good with remakes. Totally disappointing. Which shop did you go to? I know some shops are way better in communicating with true regarding issues than others.
  4. It will work but unnecessary to have it double sided unless you want it for some reason. A fabric store will have a simple one sided hook and loop. Up to you though this will work but is just thicker bc it's double sided
  5. The thing is no retail skates are a perfect fit. And like you said bc of materials etc modern skates fit quite differently. Imo as long as ur heel is locked when you leave them the way you like them that's fine. I personally never had skates still lock my heel if completey unlaced. The graf skates you compare the jetspeeds to are so different. That era of skates you actually could break in. Modern skates you break ur feet in lol
  6. You skate with the top two eyelets undone? I've never had skates that locked in the heel completely with the top two eyelets undone.
  7. It's not just the foams that are thermoformable the shell is too especially with ccm and true skates. Bauer not as much but ccm and true for sure you can spot heat the area and literally take your thumb and deform the composite material. I find though, that true retails don't get as soft as the svh customs.
  8. So I'm childish because I used the word fuck and said you ruined your skates? Also, if you think I was being snarky and sarcastic with the using your thumb to push it out then you really don't know the options for "punching" out hot spots in modern day skates. You probably also thought I was making something up when I told you to try the "tissue" technique too eh?
  9. Waiting for the post where he got a heat gun and the boot is melted.
  10. Ya you fucked up man. Ccm skates are generally pretty pliable when warm and you should have been able to even use your thumb to press out the area. Or I would've tried the tissue technique first... What model are those, as the pliability on lower end models aren't as good as the higher end ccm skates. Nvm just read you used a blow dryer the first round? Buddy, stop before you damage the skates even more. You have no idea what you're doing.
  11. The loop Velcro on the tongues are trash. Just replace them with better ones.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if all this ends up being Dave developing a skate for Warrior.
  13. +1 for Bauer speedplates
  14. Same with me. I prefer the old red blue combo vs the genetix. Prob the worst insoles for me even compared to any stock footbed. Way too thick and squishy. Totally defeats the purpose of a one piece boot and feeling more connected to the ice.
  15. Honestly for rec and beer league that is no contact who cares about that's stupid ratings.
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