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  1. I've seen ultra high on Amazon but I'm using amazon.ca. But not sure if you want like 200+ kg/m3 or if this 85 kg/3 is sufficient. I haven't actually purchased this but I've favorited in the event I need it in the future. EVA Foam Cosplay - 1mm (1mm to 10mm) - Black or White - 14" x 39" Sheet - Ultra High Density 85 kg/m3 - by The Foamory https://a.co/d/5suEHSx
  2. You try speedplates. The first generation (if you can find them). They are thin and mold to your feet. Alternatively if you don't require any arch or heel support you can just cut out a thin 1-2mm high density Eva foam. Stock footbeds essentially are just foam with no orthopedic support anyways.
  3. Ccm def have their own takes on the retail curves. You can tell especially when taping the blade. Doesn't lay the same. Tc4 may be different as well but for my personal preference I prefer true and Bauers version better. It's obviously not a big enough difference for me to force myself to use Bauer or true as I'm pretty happy with ccm right now. I'd give true another shot if they got their act together with blade durability
  4. Makes sense. First bake gives it a general initial wrap. After skating in them a few hrs, subsequent bakes really dials it in.
  5. Ccm sticks def ahead of most in terms of durability and performance. I just wish their curves were real Bauer clones. Their p28 is good but I really like true and Bauer's p28 versions
  6. From my experience owning all three brands. I've said it before. True and ccm are more pliable after being in the skate oven as per their respective baking instructions. Would Bauer skates get as pliable as true skates if they were in there for 8-10 mins at 180-200? Maybe. But we're going here by their recommended bake times and temp settings.
  7. Curv is actually an outsourced patented material that isn't owned by Bauer. Just like d30 and sigmatex used by ccm
  8. The machs have more foams inside as well vs the ones you listed. The foams are also heat moldable so that could be it as well. The machs also use 12k carbon curv which I'll admit is a better tech. The hyperlites and even the upcoming hyperlite 2 will still only be using carbon curv. Even the m5 pro is using carbon curv at a second price point and I believe the 3x is only their regular curv.
  9. I actually like Bauer quite a bit. Imo they have the best looking skates out there and the mach is one of the most comfy retail skates available. I'm simply stating their boots lack overall moldability vs other brands out there and their quarter packsge technology has been more or less the same besides small gimmicky things like tendon guards, tongues, amplex etc.
  10. It's been a trend as of late with his posts.
  11. The texture on the blade itself is the same. It has the gritty retail texture. The only difference is that the backhand of the newer stick has the checkered carbon. Regarding the square corners, it's only squared off at the lower hosel where the blade meets the shaft. Both shafts itself are rounded and identical. The name bar is the same as well, just stamped p28 x flex. Graphics are all the same too. It's def not a team stick as it's sub 400 grams. As mentioned in my original post I'm assuming this was a slightly beefed up version since there were reports of breakage when this stick was first released. Hopefully someone can confirm and chime in.
  12. Were there two versions of the ft3 pro sticks made? I ask because I have two that have slight differences. Both are retail versions and we're purchased from reputable hockey stores so I know they aren't fake and not prostock. Both also weigh and feel the same. I know both are authentic as they shoot and feel identical. And other than the pictures shown below, the graphics are identical and located in the exact same location on the sticks. The one on the right was purchased around 2020 and the one on the left was purchased recently. I'm assuming maybe ccm changed it up to increase durability from the first version that seemed to break frequently? 1) Sigmatex logo with and without a black outline. 2) back of the blade with and without checkered carbon. You can also see that there's no distinct ridge where the shaft meets the blade for the one on the left vs the one on the right. Every ccm stick I've seen since the trigger 4 pro has this ridge. 3) squared off vs rounded corners on the hosel. Also color of Canada logo is different. 4) colour of the jetspeed plate is different
  13. Orthotics? Personally I'd consider orthotics or shimming the holders. And if you're serious about fixing the problem, doing the foot exercises to improve/reduce or even eliminate the pronation.
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