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  1. Thanks for the replies. I ended up ordering both a medium and small, and will return one of them. Good ol PayPal with return shipping reimbursement
  2. I'm looking a true new jetspeed girdle and I'm having issues with deciding on a size. I'm 5'10 and 165 lbs 32" waist 31 pant size. I currently Warrior qredge pants in a Small and they fit perfect. The issue is CCMs size chart shows a small as 5'4-5'7 and 28-32" waist. I know the height won't be too big of a deal since the CCM girdled length is adjustable. But not sure how the waist will be. CCM seems to have a smaller range between sizes. The Medium is 5'8-5'10 and waist size of 32-36. Most other brands, small is a waist size of 30-34 and and height up to 5'10. I'm leaning to the small, but I'd be right on the very end of the sizing in terms of waist size. My waist is actually the largest my waist has been in a while bc of covid as my pants size was 29-30 for the longest time. Medium I'm afraid if I lose a bit of weight around the waist that it will be too big. Basically just want some insight as to whether people who have used ccm pants or girdle systems can confirm whether they stayed with the same size as other brand pants or went up a size.
  3. I think the only reason jr goes up to 6.5 is bc Bauer now offers intermediate size pricing, which 6.5 falls under. They prob realize for the most part those sizes cater to youths that are still growing and they lose quite a large age group if they charge parents 1000+ for skates their kids are only going to wear a year max. This way it's easier to stomach spending 7-800 vs 1000. Just my guess.
  4. Never heard of the black label, but their standard black with the green core is garbage. The glue on the tape sticks onto the fabric that it's roller on and it's a complete mess. Their white I like a lot though, even moreso than Howie's.
  5. Maybe it was more the foam padding they use that actually mould to your foot which really isn't a tonne of customization. I've heated moulded all three. And the Bauer def was the least heat mouldable, and it was quite noticeable.
  6. From my experience Bauer skates aren't even that mouldable. The boots for the CCMs get super soft and so does the trues but never got that impression with Bauer's.
  7. The prices on the true site is for the old version. When they launch the new version the prices will all be updated to 1149 cad from 1099
  8. The new look is available in Aug in NA. But if u order mid July you'll get the new pro custom version. So not surprisingly this is still the old version.
  9. Probably not hard to blackout the blue yourself since it's on the raised lines.
  10. Much better without the blue imo
  11. You could prob try them on heat moulded in store before u purchase.
  12. I agree it should have always been a bolt system from the get go. Easier to replace and also a rivet just looks cheap.
  13. Same. Never had issues with the tendon on either of my trues. Ppl need to just stop using it as leverage to take their skates off. There's no reason why a copper rivet isn't more than enough to secure that part. Rivets on the holder is another story though.
  14. Nice to know they added forefoot foam. As1 were literally the wick liner over the shell. Do u know if the foam goes over where the boot meets the toe cap? I had issues with the as1 where the ridge where the toe cap and quarter package attached dug into my pinky.
  15. Helmet: warrior alpha pro Shoulders: CCM jetspeed ft1 Elbows: Bauer one95 Gloves: warrior qrl Pants: warrior qredge Shins: CCM jetspeed ft1 Skates: True custom pro Sticks: CCM ribcor trigger 4 pro, true ax9, true a6.0 HT
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