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  1. I haven't used base in years. Since they first introduced the savoy special. At the time and still compared to now, one of the most durable sticks and blades I've ever used. I never broke any I had except when I used the two piece for roller and that was only the blade and our roller games were played on smooth concrete.
  2. To be fair, during covid, if a company stops responding or has huge delays in responding, we can all assume it be from covid. Base has been known to have very good customer service in the past so i would've given them the benefit of the doubt. Worst case, you can always get your credit card company to investigate and refund.
  3. Here. This is a better pic. Look at marners holders. He's using the quikblade system. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ6wzsiBFB0/?igshid=1gu9apqiyl6z5
  4. Sorry if repost. I saw some pictures of the quikblade holders on Marners skates a mth or two ago but didn't think he was going to actually wear em. Just like how he poses for pics with the shift holders. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ3_AaGn0Q2/?igshid=3tz3h93716jp
  5. I get all this. What I don't get is if the length of a tf9 6.5d skate is supposedly the same as a 7d Bauer, shouldn't both be using the same holder length, regardless of the number size printed on the skate.
  6. What I don't get is that if a 6.5 for tf9 is the same as 7 in Bauer/ccm, wouldn't the holder still remain the same (263), since both are the same physical length? Unless the shift holder doesn't max out on the length of the skate from heel to toe, and true has it so the holder always comes short of the toe a bit.
  7. It's not a secret the majority of people swap the true holders to tuuk or xs ones. At the end of the day whether people use the shift holder or not, they're paying for the shift holders so I don't think true cares lol
  8. They are just reposting someone else's pic. They do that a lot. JS is John Schiavo who owns true sponsored pro player.
  9. It sounds like you won't be satisfied until you get a new stick. So just warranty it for peace of mind. If it's the same continuous tick noise it's likely fine. If it's more of a crack or crunch noise like a branch of a tree cracking then it's likely going to snap. From my experience when a stick makes noise and ultimately breaks it would do it suddenly and the cracking wild sounds like it's spreading or just explode. If it's making the same sound each time and doesn't sound like it's spreading it's probably fine. But like I said. Seems like you're losing sleep over this so just warranty it.
  10. The crunching noise from a dead blade is diff than the crackling or ticking sound of the shaft.
  11. Ccm still makes fused sticks fyi. I have two trigger 4 pros. One had a crackle sound when I flexed it for the first couple times but it went away. One clicks every time in the exact same spot. I don't notice any cracks on the shaft at all and my shots are suffering. Stick did this from day one. It may just be epoxy on the inside. My ft3 pro didn't an doesn't make any sound tho.
  12. Your tongue will get compressed from the bake. At least with the felt ones. Not sure about the light weight ones. What I do is heat the skate with tongues. Tie them up. And when I finish the baking and moulding process, I rebake the tongues separately so the crease lines and the areas compressed will "puff" out again. Put them in the fridge to cool em quicky, and they're good to go.
  13. I hate negative space in the toe cap so much my tongues are pushed forward (not all the way) AND I made my own version of power foot inserts with pieces of eva foam from the dollar store. It doesn't pack like the soft foam the power foots are made of.
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