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  1. Or you can look at it in a way that CCM and Bauer is grossly overpriced. They are the big names in hockey and can drive prices up at will. It's not a coincidence their top end skates sticks etc are pretty much identical in price. Even when on clearance, there is still a profit being made with their gear.
  2. Use a tensor and wrap it through the hole in the holder. I've seen people do this though, and wrap it around the actual holder as well.
  3. Reminds me of when I had edge holders and step steel. And how the steel would never fit properly causing up and down movement in the holders near the front. Felt like I was toe picking all the time lol. Still kind of interested though.
  4. I don't see why it wouldn't be beneficial for the retails. The reason for the shrink wrap method is to negate all possible negative space as the boot cools and prevent it from taking its original shape and or misshapen as you move while the boot is still warm. It also allows you not to tighten the laces very much during the baking process, especially the top few eyelets. Shrink wrapping the retail skates will be totally beneficial. I'm quite opposite than most ppl. I could get my feet in my Trues even before baking. I would say they even felt loose and too big. But after baking , and especially after shrink wrapping they are locked in.
  5. Did they offer to let u try them baked? Kind of pointless if not baked. Even the customs fit bad when you try to wear them unbaked.
  6. My hollow was always 1/2 or 9/16 depending on whether it was summer ice or winter ice. When I got my trues I started with the 16 in the winter and then tried 5/8. I couldn't skate for the life of me with 5/8. Right now I'm back to pretty much 1/2 year round. So although some do switch to a more hollow shallow with trues, it's not an exact rule. For me, I stayed the same after experimenting. Mind you, my profile was quad zero for both my trues and my previous skates so the radius was constant. I'd suggest you have your steel profiled to what you had it before with the same hollow and then go from there.
  7. Never had durability issues so far. The second generation a series had blade chipping issues. My ax9 I've only used a few stick and pucks so can't really comment. The most recent a series ht seems solid. Can't really beat it's price point, especially if you are in Canada. www.hockeysupremacy.com has had them on clearance for 129 for a while now.
  8. The older a series did feel a bit more whippy. But the new ax9 feels more on par with other lines. Can't really compare with Bauer since they are the odd child with a 77 flex rating and not 75... Never tried the xc series sticks. I had one at one point but sold it before I used it. Didn't feel good in my hands.
  9. Hope they source tydan for their custom pros. Custom pros shouldn't have their stock steel imo
  10. Fair enough lol. And most ppl buying retails prob could care less about steel. Heck even some pros still like the ls3 stainless.
  11. If you're used to having your toes brush up against the toe box you'll notice for sure if it's 1mm too big or too small. If your toes never touch the toe box, then it'll obviously be harder to notice a 1mm difference if bigger. For me I'd totally notice it because my toes brush. 1mm smaller and it would feel pressed. And 1mm larger there won't be any contact.
  12. Am I the only one that's kind of disappointed that the retails don't come with step steel. I guess for the cost, it makes sense. Even CCM doesn't offer step at the retail level (aside from their current promo). Was it ever mentioned what type of steel they are using?
  13. Interesting. 5-6 mins seems short esp for trues. Is this for customs too or the retails. You sure it wasn't for the tf7 only which isnt carbon
  14. Yup 180-200 5 mins a side for a total of ten in a convection is what I did. One skate at a time
  15. How much do custom eagles... Or even warriors go for
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