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  1. To me it kind of does. With your experience in the previous pics I would expect the true 7r and Bauer 8ee to be the same in length. Maybe it's a quality control thing more than anything with mislabeled sizes? Did u match the size inside the boot with the tongue.
  2. Wonder why that is... Esp since the tries actually look smaller
  3. Looks like I'll be sticking with customs. Lol.
  4. That's looks about right doesnt it? The bauer being a size larger, and the bauer looks like it is larger.
  5. Esp now days with foams being thicker which in term result in more packing and more of a size discrepancy once that happens. I know the Trues have noticeably more foam in the heel area vs ccm and Bauer. That might contribute as to why the external length of the skate is longer than ccm or Bauer but internally are closer to the true size? Either way it sucks for ppp who can't try the skates on in store bc this obviously is an issue for people when trying to find the right size in these skates and can only purchase online.
  6. Try bringing it elsewhere... It is possible that they are ignoring your request lol. Look at the hollow and see if they burned the steel. Is the sharpener new? Lots of factors but at 7/16 you shouldn't be sliding around like that at all lol
  7. When I switched to trues I noticed a big difference in how I could feel the ice so much better on the bottom of my feet. I felt every bump on the ice. Made me way more aware of my edges
  8. Skates are one thing where if it don't break why fix it. Skates are the biggest pita to break in even with customs. Now try introducing a completely diff boot construction to nhl players who notice the smallest things in terms of difference. Even pro gloves are no where near retail ones and are very very basic in terms of materials and design.
  9. I'm not sure if it's sewn on separately or whether if you remove the stitching of the overlay, it'll dismantle part of the palm. I'm sure others would know. I'm not a fan of some overlays as well. Esp ones they aren't clarino or the same material as the rest of the palm.
  10. That's pretty unfortunate... Takes away how s skate is custom ..
  11. For starters , he should wear his orthotics in his shoes.... But the end goal would be to fix his supination and ultimately not have to use the orthotics.
  12. Ya it's probably like this at all levels in different sports too. The mentality of If it isn't broken don't fix it. But like you said w pro level, maybe mention the idea and let him decide whether he wants to play with the idea during off season training etc. If you think about it, the pronation or supination could be caused by years of hockey in I'll fitting boots or their skating form vs the player having this outside of hockey and then adapting to it when skating. At some point, biomechanic testing etc will be so common every player will be accustomed to a full analysis etc. I'm sure it happens now but just not as mainstream... and not at such a early age for players in their teens.
  13. Oh well. Just change the holders. If I were to get stock Trues I'd swap em out for xs holders anyways. Even with customs id just have them predrilled for xs holders and the shift holder unmounted
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