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  1. I know this is an old post but the issue isn't your new blades but your old ones. They are worn to shit in the heel and toe by poor sharpening that turned whatever profile you had into a banana. You never felt the issue bc the steel was slowly taken off over time and not abruptly at once. With that little toe and heel left on your old steel, they should've been replaced a long time ago.
  2. On another note... The prices they are charging is absolutely insane imo. I don't see them really staying in business long. Good luck to them though
  3. Got this email from them today Dear BASE Hockey Customers, We are thrilled to announce that BASE Hockey is officially resuming business after a year and a half hiatus. Where were we? As the world was emerging from COVID, our founder, Ron Kunisaki, was jogging one evening and suffered a heart attack. After 3 months in the hospital, Ron was faced with a decision to either close the company or find a new partner to help manage the factory. Being in his mid-60s, working on the factory floor was no longer feasible. Ron also knew that the hockey industry had reached an inflection point. All of the major hockey brands had relocated their primary manufacturing to China/Asia due to lower manufacturing costs (an option that was never really on the table for BASE Hockey, as he wanted to maintain the technology protection and quality control gained with manufacturing in North America). How is a North American factory supposed to function in an environment where low cost overseas manufacturing dominates and you refuse to use inferior materials to arrive at preset retail price points? Ron reached out to a friend, Aleks Maslov, an ex-Amazon/Microsoft employee who invested in a number of brands and factories from Gary Loomis, a fishing industry icon, and over the last few years transformed them into US-manufactured, factory-direct-to-consumer success stories making antennas, golf shafts and fishing rods. After a number of months of negotiations, an agreement was reached for Aleks Maslov’s company, Composite Ventures (the parent company of the antenna, golf shaft and fishing rod companies), to buy the assets of Base Hockey, keep all of the Base Hockey factory employees (including all key employees) and re-launch BASE Hockey. WHY FACTORY DIRECT TO CONSUMER? Low prices drive sales at retail stores, resulting in retail buyers forcing manufacturers to make products with predetermined prices in mind, limiting them to cheaper raw materials and components. By removing retail margins – we can again unleash our talent, imaginations, and capabilities without boundaries. Our designs and products are created with the world’s finest materials, technologies and manufacturing; and, we deliver them to you directly with no retail markup. The payoff? Significantly better products at incredible prices. Instead of worrying about retail margins, we can put more effort into R&D and the customer experience. Here’s what you can expect from the new Base Hockey: EXCITING PRODUCT INNOVATIONS: We’ve been hard at work developing cutting-edge hockey gear that combines the latest technology with the feedback we’ve received from our dedicated customers. From new stick designs to manufacturing tech (and everything in between), our new lineup is designed to elevate your game – in fact, Ron is heading up design and R&D, as this aspect of the business continues to excite him. REVAMPED SERVICE AND LEADTIMES. Whether you have questions about products, orders or anything else, we’re here for you. Live chat is enabled, and we are happy to answer your questions. Most "custom" hockey stick companies take 4 plus months to fill orders, our goal is to get our orders out within 5 to 8 weeks. UPDATED ONLINE PLATFROM: Our website has undergoing a makeover to make your online shopping experience even more seamless. Your account history has been preserved - so if there is a stick you would like manufactured again, you can duplicate an order. If you forgot your password, you can reset it as well. SPECIAL WELCOME BACK OFFER: Use the coupon code: FREESHIPPING during checkout, and we will pick up the tab of getting a custom stick to your door. Many companies have raised their prices several times post COVID - we have not raised them a cent. Our Team is eager to serve you once again and be part of your hockey journey. Thank you for being an integral part of the BASE Hockey Community. We can’t wait to get back on the ice with you and continue our shared passion for the sport. Ron Kunisaki, Cliff Ronning, Aleks Maslov, Edgar Guzman and the entire Base Hockey Team
  4. Another speedplate guy here. Superfeet are ok. I liked them better when they just had the one yellow hockey model. The comfort is too soft and the carbon has too much heel lift. I actually prefer stock insoles than the current superfeet options.
  5. Just cancel the order/get a refund from ur credit card. Their stuff is so grossly overpriced now anyway
  6. Yes you're right. The og sakic isn't made anymore and the p92 was the "backstrom" that was slightly modified version of the sakic. I totally forgot about the evolutionary changes to the curve. I rmbr when I went to base hockey during that time and cliff ronning was telling me about the p92 they just got that was a newer sakic. After that visit I went out and got a p92 totalone lol. With that said, the p92 versions across all brands are slightly different as well. You can tell not only just by looking at it but also how the tape lays on the blade when taping. Back on the topic of the p28, I prefer Bauer and trues p28 over ccm, but I use ccm bc their sticks feel better for me. Well true feels good but they're as durable as toothpicks.
  7. P28 was never associated to Hall. As far as I can recall hall was p92 (at the time E3)
  8. Bauer, ccm, true, warrior, sher wood all have very subtle differences in their iteration of the p28. So you might be on to something with ones being based off certain pro curves.
  9. Didn't you just get the matrix
  10. Sounds about right about how they are roomier in the toecap and forefoot. I did mentioned this above but I stated the Mach not matrix. But the matrix is essentially a softer boot version of the Mach and is an SMU skate. It's interesting you found the matrix more comfortable than the machs. I'm guessing it's probably the stiffness as it's a very comfy skate to me and others but I like a stiff skate. Machs are the most comfy retail skate I've worn.
  11. I always thought online retailers in Canada could ship Bauer and ccm to the US now. But I'm obviously wrong. You sure these fit? The ultrasonics has a pretty narrow forefoot and toecap. They made the fit 1 and 2 2mm wider. I fit a fit 2 in the ultrasonics and the fit 1 crushed my feet. But I fit a fit 1 mach perfectly. Fit 3 stayed the same.
  12. As long as you don't use the tendon guard to remove and put on your skates you'll be fine. It's the same tendon guard as the machs m5 pro 3s pro. It feels solid to me. But like any tendon guard it'll wear and break eventually if you use it like I mentioned above.
  13. You definitely feel more blade on the ice so ya you do feel more stable but with that said I don't feel unstable with the ellipse. I feel more agile and feel like I can transition more smoothly which is exactly what it's advertised to be. With the quad I feel it kind of forces you to have longer strides where the ellipse with less blade contact my strides feel shorter. Def a benefit with "quick feet" for me on acceleration
  14. Just an update with my experience with the ellipse 0. I'm sticking to it and like it much more than the quad 0. I've honestly never felt as comfortable in my skates as with this profile. I really liked the quad 0, but my experience with the ellipse has be awesome. I know it's not for everyone but it's definitely for me!
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