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  1. The part that holds the piece of velcro that attaches to the tongue. It isn't extremely common but when you look at the design it's bound to happen, and when it does it's annoying af. iN my case though, I will say it was bc whoever stitched it did a brutal job and it wasn't due to wear and tear. But I do know this happens on occasion from wear and tear.
  2. The issue isn't so much the actual toe cap breaking but that stupid plastic velcro tab.
  3. Have you not seen the velcro tab breaking off? The only way to fix that properly is to replace the toe cap. It happened to me the same day I brought my skates home from the shop bc whoever stitched the velcro onto the tab went over it like three times causing so many needle holes in the plastic tab that it just tore off like cheque from a chequebook. I sent it back and they fixed it by putting a glob of epoxy on it..... Even after saying they would most likely replace the whole toe cap to fix it properly. I ended up just using epoxy to adhere the velcro directly on the underside of the toecap but the overall design of the velcro tab is flawed.
  4. The one thing I don't like about the boot design is that the toecap is integrated into the whole boot. For example, to replace the toe cap for any reason, you have to rip the stitching off and pry facing off the actual quarter package.
  5. Looks normal to me. Imo I think the mounting of the r1 chassis is what caused it.
  6. They offer different thicknesses of red insoles. Some double etc instead of having to stack two if you required a thicker red insoles.
  7. I personally remove the red footbeds. I don't have a high volume foot but the red insoles added too much bulk and distance between my feet and the bottom. Of the skate. Felt more dialed in and connected to my skates with the reds out.
  8. This. That's why I like the speedplates. The stock foam insoles were too spongey for me.
  9. Does Bauer or ccm shop skates with no holders or holders from other companies? Or drilled for other holders other then their own? I don't think so.... So why do ppl bitch about true not doing it either.
  10. Definitely rebake and use the saran wrap technique. Also might be a good idea to get fresh tongues. Or rebake your tongue but don't mold them so they don't form creases while warm, and it'll help rejuvenate them to some degree.
  11. My first pair of Trues I didn't skip. My current ones I skip. I think it's mainly to do with the fact that for my second pair I used the saran wrap technique and it created way more wrap than my first. If I tie all the eyelets I felt I had no ankle flexion. If I tied the top two loosely it didn't feel locked in enough. So I dropped the top eyelet and kept the tension tight and I found the perfect balance.
  12. Ya both are good. The SP2.0 is prob the only mother insole I'd use if the 1.0 are no longer available to me. I have three pairs of the 1.0. Good thing I've had no issues with breakage with them so far and it's been a couple years. I have a pair of 2.0s as well.
  13. SP 1.0 for me with no red insole in my custom trues. Love how firm they are. Hate the spongey feeling of the stick insoles.
  14. I haven't used base in years. Since they first introduced the savoy special. At the time and still compared to now, one of the most durable sticks and blades I've ever used. I never broke any I had except when I used the two piece for roller and that was only the blade and our roller games were played on smooth concrete.
  15. To be fair, during covid, if a company stops responding or has huge delays in responding, we can all assume it be from covid. Base has been known to have very good customer service in the past so i would've given them the benefit of the doubt. Worst case, you can always get your credit card company to investigate and refund.
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