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  1. Honestly if you've done the saran wrap technique like this, and it still feels like too much volume, you need a. Remake
  2. Lower the tongue it'll keep your toes down and closer to the end of the toe cap. When they were baked/rebaked did they do the saran wrap technique? If not, that's what you need to do.
  3. What's the m03? Or is that just the max height w03
  4. Standard is 60 or at least used to be. But honestly all companies are different now, ccm is much longer than Bauer. And yes they are also measured differently.
  5. I've used both the SP 1.0 and 2.0 but only on my custom trues and just got the same size as I would wear on a retail Bauer, so 7, for me
  6. It's esthetics only. The top edge of the boot is still soft. Can we get over this now.
  7. If u want them to fit like Bauer ccm. Why not get Bauer or ccm.
  8. I think the opposite. Ccms she'll is very thin. They've increased padding over the years but their she'll is very thin. Bauer's curv seems much more structurally durable. I've seen a lot of Bauer skates that have taken a beating esthetically but not structurally
  9. I wouldn't expect any skate to last more than a year/season if I was on the ice 3+ days a week. If they do great. But the reality is at that level, it's not reasonable.
  10. I know you were a fan of speed plates like I am. How do these compare. I hated the stock true insoles of the last. Too squishy for me. But these look interesting
  11. The pics I see for the cat pro doesn't look like anything special or different in terms of the cuff area
  12. True never had the comfort edge for their full customs. And you don't need it. The top edge of their customs are soft and have no hard plastic in them so they are essentially comfort edges without the stupid print of comfort edge on them. Up until the most recent skate releases from ccm and Bauer, the comfort edge did very little anyways. Look at the vapor and as1s comfort edge. They were pathetic.
  13. I stopped using true after the ax9 the feel was just off for me. The a6.0 ht was great but like all true sticks durability was hit or miss. I've stuck to ccm for now. So far my ft3 pro and trigger 4 pros haven't let me down. No chips on the blades or anything.
  14. So I completely stopped using this. I couldn't get used to the tackiness while stick handling. Gonna remove it from my stick and still have an unused set i dont know what to do with.
  15. I don't see anything wrong with the holders on the as-v pro you returned. You can't look at them compare them the way you do to see if they are centred. If it's centered between tow cap and at the heel you're good. Not at the forefoot area you highlighted. Secondly are your as3s step steel or ccm steel. I ask bc step has never fit into tuuk or ccm holders as easily as stock steel made by respective companies. Step always required a bit more effort.
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