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  1. Your feet just aren't used to them anymore. Your arches changed and all your feet and leg muscles aren't used to those movements. They're going to bed to be retrained. You also probably naturally lost some callouses and thickened skin from giving your feet w break from wearing skates too... Not sure what suggestions I have but to either tough it out until your feet get used to it again or get new skates lol. You can also wear the skates around the house an hr or so a day. Helped me in the past when I didn't have trues.
  2. it's been discussed, especially on the vh/true thread that people generally go down a hollow with the skates. I guess it stands true for the retail skates too.
  3. The only issues I had was with my first pair of True skates when true took over vh. That was bc I swapped holders and the holes got widened. My current and second pair of trues ive owned for 2 years playing on avg only once a week. I had ccm sb4.0 holders put on them since day 1 as I had the boots predrilled and the stock holders weren't put on. The key is to flatten the prongs of the steel rivets so there's no way for them to get loose. The place I got them done have dealt with true skates since the vh days and always do this when installing holders on true skates. There are a couple that have minimal play but not by any means "loose". At some point I'll probably have to get them re done but I'm not concerned as it's lasted this long without having to change any
  4. My true sticks never lasted long enough for the grip to go sticky . Mind you the grip on the true a series were one of my favorites in terms of perfect amount of tack and didn't slip when wet.
  5. Arch collapsing isn't necessarily the issue. Most arches do collapse a bit when bearing weight. My point was moreso to be aware of pronation of your ankle and knees bucking inward when bearing weight. Do lunges in front of a mirror. Do your knees naturally stay aligned with your hip and ankle or not? It they do, you don't really have anything to worry about. If they don't, it may affect the scan like I mentioned above. At the end of the day you should try to treat the pronation by strengthening your arches and leg muscles. YouTube fixing flat feet and there's tonnes of helpful tips out there regarding exercises and foam rolling etc.
  6. Make sure when you're in the lunge position you knees are lined up with your ankle and not inverted in or out. This will cause your arches to flatten or increase. My mistake when I got my first trues scanned was I never realized I over pronated with my right side which caused my knees to invert (or vice versa). The result was when I was scanned the arch for my right foot was completely flat and my right skate had no arch support. This caused my right skate to feel sloppy. My left was perfect bc I don't pronate with my left. I ended up heat gunning my right skate alot and was able to form an arch on the skate and it fit a lot better. I ultimately ended up selling that pair. Fast forward to my second pair of trues. I spent a year of fixing my pronation on my right foot and when getting scanned made sure my knees were all lined up with my ankle. Result, a boy that had the right arch height. I bring this up bc I see a lot of pictures of ppl scanning for their trues and they are in a horrible lunge position. Either way too deep or not deep enough amongst other things.
  7. Why don't u just lower the tongue so that it goes into the toe cap reducing the negative space. I made my own powerfoot inserts from Eva foam foam from the dollar store. Stacked 2 or three 1mm pieces. Cut them to shape. Added Velcro on them and they stick right onto the Velcro tab that extends into the tow box. It's also supported by the tongue which is lowered into the toe box. I like absolutely no wiggle room for my toes. I also noticed that lowering the tongue deeper into the toe box flattens out your feet and actually makes your feet "longer" since your feet has no option but to be splayed. When I wore my custom trues where the tongues were in the stock position, my toes feathered the toecap. When I lowered them, my toes actually felt a bit crammed, so I removed the foam liner on the tips of tht toecap. I've had my second pair of True customs for about two years now. I've baked them a total of three times (mostly when they were new). First time was in store and they didn't use Saran wrap. Second time I used my convection oven and used saran wrap method. Third and final time I wanted to fine tune it even more and went apeshit with the saran wrap. I love my trues. After fine tuning with the third bake, and the foam inside packing in a bit they fit like a dream and locked in. I will say that when new the foam is very thick and may seem like ur foot may not be completely locked in esp in the heel area bc the padding for the heel is pretty thick too. Once it's packed in it'll suck ur heel even more when u put them on. Just rmbr u got to really kick the heel into when lacing up.
  8. I'm basically 7 left and 6.5/.75 right. I use 84" laces with top eyelet undone. Perfect amount of excess lace for me. Not too short where it looks weird but just enough ovi swag lol
  9. Actually looks like the step holder to me
  10. Only yellow here. Looks better than white imo. At least for certain skates.
  11. T6 pro is just a later release date. Maybe it's CCMs strategy to get more sales for the second price point, and also hype up and get ppl to upgrade" to the pro. The reality is the second from the top probably is a great stick but people always tend to go to the "best" one off the bat. For me I prob will start trying tht second price point sticks before the top end mainly due to price. Also, nowadays the weight and performance of the second price point and even "team" versions are pretty damn good. For me the trigger 4 pro is a 400+ gram stick and about two years old now but is still one of my favorites. Im sure the "tech" and performance would be pretty similar to the second price point of the t6 or even the t5.
  12. Are they actually advertised as thin or is that just how they are.
  13. Ya elite is good. Howie's will eventually flakes and become pretty mich like unwaxed, but then again Howie's waxed laces aren't as drenched in wax like elite laces are lol. Honestly, I like waxed laces mainly bc I like the flatter crisp look vs poofy unwaxed. I have to say it's a pita unlacing fresh waxed laces on trues.
  14. Bake with traditional. Then swap with waxed laces. Baking the waxed lace will cause the flaking. Never had issues with flaking for me unless it's been baked with the skates.
  15. Was able to try a bunch of gloves today in store and man was I surprised to see how much bigger Bauer and warrior gloves fit now. I've always wore 14" and they always got me consistently across the brands. Now it seems the only brand that is still consistent with sizing is CCM. Bauer and Warrior all fit larger. I had warrior qredge gloves and the 14" were perfect and very snug width wise. Today the new LX pro line, the 13" fit like their old 14" length wise but width wise felt looser. Bauer is the same. Just swimming in their 14s, even the vapor line. My advice is to go in store to try em on if you plan on purchasing online because it seems sizing is all over the place now.
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