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Graf 703

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Product- Graf 703.

Background- 5'8 165 pounds. Centre. WIde feet.

Fit- I could tell right when I put them on in the store that these skates were going to be nice. I had tried on just about every skate and these just felt really comfortable. Ankle support is great, and the skate doesn't give me any pain at all. The tongue is a bit thick, but with that thicknes comes protection and comfort....9.5/10

Blade/Holder- This is in my opinion is Grafs weakness. I did not like the holders at all. I only used them for a couple practices. In that time I found out that the plastic just touches the ice when your doing crossovers. The steel did not stay sharp as long as other steel, and I felt the steel and holders were weak. I broke 2 things of steel in them couple practices. After that I couldn't take it so I switched to the Tuuk Lightspeeds which I really like and I think are the best holders/steel on the market.....5/10

Weight- These skates are pretty light. Light enough for me anyways. There not as light as some of the new skates on the market but steel light. I really aint looking for a super light skate anyways...8/10

Protection- These skates have a lot of protection I have been blasted in the foot before and I could barley even feel it. With other skates I have had bad bruises when I would get hit, but with these I don't...9.5/10

Durability- I feel these skates have great durabillity. I think this is one of grafs many strong points. I am still using these and it has been a year. They still look like new and are still in great condition, and I skate about 5-6 times a week...9.5/10

Intangibles- These skates are a nice quick break in boot and bery comfortable. These skates are made nice too....10/10

Conclusion- I highly reccomend these skates to anyone looking for a top end skate. Overall there just super nice skates, and I don't think you will see me switching.

Overall Rating....9/10

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User Info: Neo5370

Ht. 5'7"

Wt. approx. 150 lbs

Foot Size: approx. mens 8 Nike (basketball/running shoe);

mens 7.5 - 8 dress shoe, Graf 703 mens 6 Regular Width

Foot Type: super narrow heel, very flat arches, thin/moderate instep,

very wide forefoot.

Notes: barefoot skater, snug skates (think Paul Coffey), deep hollow, 7ft. radius

Level and Use: rec/drop in about 1-2 a week, owned this pair since Aug. '03


These seem to be a low cut boot, with very narrow heels, and what seem to be forgiving/malleable arches. The toe cap was too narrow for my paddle like feet. After three bakings, and almost a year of frustration, I finally got the forefoot area punched out on both skates (right under the green graf logo). After punching, they feel fantastic, like they were made for my feet.

This is probably meaningless to those who have never tried 703's or seen my feet, so for more points of reference, I fit VERY nicely into a 5.5 D Vector, 5 D 5090 (same last as the 8090 I assume), 5.5D V12's, and 5.5 D 652's.

For roller I've got 7D Wicked Lites, but 6.5 would be better.

Before stretching, 6/10 (good heel and midfoot, TERRIBLE forefoot). After stretching, 10/10

AVG 8/10


I don't play too often. I just get my cobra's sharpened every 2-4 skates ('bout 2hrs per skate). I use a relatively deep hollow for riskier edge work and cuz I'm cheap (takes longer to wear down a deeper hollow, no?).

I grew up on ProLite 3's, used Tuuk Custom +'s for about two years,

tried Lightspeeds once (on a pair of V12's), and am now on the Cobra's. I've always been able to adapt to all of them. I don't like the foward pitch, and can barely tell which holder is how stiff if at all.

Also, I noticed a smidgen of rust right under where the holder meets the blade. Could be a bit of carelessness on my part though.

As soon as I get the money, Lightspeeds will be in my future because

I fell in love with them.

Too much forward pitch, easily chipped steel 7/10


These aren't heavy skates, but I compared one of my 703's to a size 7D 8090 in the store and the 8090 is a lot lighter than my 6R 703.

I've taken a shot or two in the side of the foot w/ the 703's on and it hurt. A lot. Maybe I'm just a man-b*tch* or maybe it's cuz my skates are so snug.

Very light for traditional style skate, not too much protection IMO 9/10


Consider the amount of time and the type of play I listed and that I've had them for a little over a year. They still look GREAT. Resale quality, except for the white felt backing on the tongue which ain't so white anymore.



When I first got them, something really dug into my right outside ankle. I don't know if it was the stitching or some piece of hard padding or what but it nearly maimed me. I had a nasty scab and couldn't skate for a few weeks. But after baking, this went away. I notice a bit of discomfort in the same area once in a great while, but it's very minor now.

Also, the medium stiffness is nice and even tied snugly all the way up to the top eyelet, I can achieve technically sound/deep ankle and knee bend with no wobble or discomfort. I do not tape the tendon guard to my leg and I wear my tongues folded out.

Big fan of not having to skip eyelets to gain proper ankle motion, but not big fan of scabs 7/10


I LOVE them now. Though due to the need for a stretching and new holders, these are some high class fixer-uppers. But other than that, the slogan "bedroom slippers of hockey" are pretty accurate. They are a clean, classic, sexy looking pair of traditional skates and very light for having no composite materials. More importantly though, I can maneuver very well in these. Very agile skates. But I may be looking into a pair of the new generation of "super light skates". My 703's would be like a luxury car and something like a Vapor XXX would be my sports car.


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Product- Graf 703.

Background- 5'9 180 lbs, winger/defense, narrow heel-moderate mid foot and arch, and wide forefoot.

Fit- I have tried Bauer, CCM, RBK, and even eastons (which i used to love)...one of my friends got me to try on a graf boot and i havent looked back since about 4 years go. the 703 was made for my feet as i love to say. no heel slippage what so ever. very very very comfortable...even when i am on the ice for like 2.5 hours at shinny. they are heat moldable too which alot of skates are so it makes it even better. over 10/10

Blade/Holder- i like the holders alot...although when i am covering on defense its too much of a forward lean...great for a forward though. i usually get a bit of a D grind on them when they are profiled so i am on my toes but not too much. the steel is strong and i can really dig in to turns. i havent had the infamous clicking noise problem. i hear the LS2 holders are better...i might give them a try. but overall the graf nt-3000 holders get an 8/10 from me.

Weight- they arent as light as alot of the other skates but i dont notice it that much when i skate...they could be lighter i suppose but decent skate weight. 9/10

Protection- These skates have a lot of protection I have taken slap shots, wristers, slasher...other ppl diving into me skate first (i dont know why lol)...very protective. 9/10

Durability- I feel these skates have great durabillity. I think this is one of grafs many strong points. I am still using these and it has been 4 years. they still look great and the cobra holders are still kicking too...i am on the ice 3 times a week in the winter minimum and twice a week in the summer minimum. 10/10

Intangibles- awesome skate. i have alot of sentimental value with grafs. i refuse to wear other makes because i like these bad boys so much. every now and then i might try on another boot but...nahh...grafs it is. also i find for some reason, waxed laces work the best with grafs. btw i have superfeet insoles in them

Conclusion- great skate and would highly recommend it. any graf skate as i just recently put my gf into a pair of 705's and she loves them (she had bauer vapors before)...isnt that cute lol. :P just make sure you get super feet insoles with them.

Overall Rating....9.5/10

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