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  1. People with good hands 😁 Chippa - any reason you went with Shift instead of Gepetto/prostockhockeysticks?
  2. Brian Leetch too. Couldn't find the article, but remember reading bout him scoffing at the idea that stiffer skates could make him skate better. To each his own.
  3. You're right, it was in the middle. And I think they did claim energy transfer from a "rebound" effect. I can kind of see how having this near the toes might be better for toe flick, but I'm no engineer. Skeptic, yes. Engineer, no. I just feel it's fishy when a gimmick from the past is brought back w/ a "twist". Again, I could probably be wrong b/c I have no education or experience with physics, but we'll see. Who knows, maybe there really is a place on the pizza where no one's thought to put extra cheese....in all seriousness I suspect playing with holder/steel stiffness will come down to personal preference; for example, some pro's preferred Tuuk + b/c they were soft, some pro's preferred ICM's b/c they're stiff, etc. I guess where companies put the flex is gonna be like how they shape the bottom third of the stick shaft; tapered, eliptical, saber taber, reebok "o" holes, etc.
  4. Don't be sorry. I respect that you took the time to research and respond.
  5. How is this different from Easton's Parabolic steel from like 15 years ago.
  6. As a member, what do I get out this positive relationship with manufacturers? Not trying to be disrepectful. Ive been a long time member as well and have found myself coming here less and less. I think ive been compelled to post or reply maybe 3 or 4 times in the last few years.
  7. Totally forgot, the tech goes back even further In all honesty though, those new prototypes are pretty sexy.
  8. Glad to see Bauer bringing back that CCM DST and Nike Quest Speedwrap tech.
  9. I might be dreaming but I vaguely remember Christian having a heat mold-able composite blade in the early to mid 90's. It was black and fairly expensive at the time, around $30-$40-ish. I don't even know what it was made out of. It was black, not much, if any branding. Might not have even had any carbon in it. Maybe it was some kind of thermo plastic? Any other older guys out remember something similar or did I totally make that up?
  10. The size and placement of the "CCM" is so gaudy, I hate it and love it at the same time.
  11. A combination of factors for me: 1. Decided to give mid to low tier gear a try and realized I played just as well/poorly; maybe even better honestly since I wasn't worried about breaking a $250 stick. 2. As I got older material things in general started to mean less; I'd rather spend money on experiences than things. 3. Running out of storage space. 4. Back to point #1, which made me see the "this goes to 11" marketing mentality and kind of making me realize bauer/ccm doesn't care if I play better, they care whether or not they get my money. 5. When I was finally able to buy (almost) anything I wanted, the thrill of acquiring new stuff lessened. 6. I never have or will play at a high level (I'm in my late 30's) and my (unpopular) opinion is yes, people who just learned to skate or are not very good using top of line gear do look silly. I'm sorry if I offend people with this one, I used to be one of those guys. I know I shouldn't be judgmental and I am working on being a better person.
  12. Hockeystickman has a surprisingly decent selection of non-refurbished pro stocks.
  13. I honestly think we're at the point of diminishing returns in regards to rec players and top of the line sticks. Joe Schmoe doesn't need a Lambo for his daily commute.
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