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Show off your gear

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hey ctaz, is that at the chiller north

yes, sir. it is North rink 1 to be exact. Our goalie kinda went MIA so instead of skating out like I normaly did for that team I got thrown in net at the end of last session and again for all of this session. Are you and Rodriguez related?

for the kid that was from england so i am i wish our teams picked up spme pf the costs


nice stuff, don't know HOW you paid for that.

hey ctaz, I got the same mask as you. and I hate it.

Yeah, our JV goalie hated it too, always complained about it. I got it because I have always liked Franklin's gear (forward) and because it was cheap but protective. Like I said I'm looking towards getting at GF570, even though I'm not sure if it'll fit or be comfortable. I had tired on a GF6 and hated it back when I started playing goal; however, I tried it on a few months ago and it didn't bother me at all. I wish I would have already tried one on before, but alas I haven't and I can only get it online. Too bad I can't find any plain white or black GF6 helmets to buy, if I could I probably would since I know how they fit exactly. Although I wonder how my bandana would fit under it. LHS recently sold the last GF6 they had, so I won't get to check it out. Oh well.

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I guess I'll post mine as well.

Mask: Franklin GFM6000 with the inferno design on it (looking to upgrade to a Koho GF570 and custom paint)

Chest: Frnaklin 6150

Pants: Vaughn 660

Catcher: Vaughn T5550

Blocker: Heaton Helite III

Skates: CCM Tacks 452

Pads: Heaton Helite 6

Sticks: CCM H6 Ints (Broduer Curve)


an older pic as I have since painted my stick to match my gear b/c if I'm going to play bad I might as well look good while doing it.

that is my mask :o its done its job for 2 years now but i need a change too many pucks to the head lol i love the graphics on it but found they are chipping off when i get hit :S its a good comfertable mask though and like i say i get hit all the time and i never feel a thing... up until yesterday it turns out it doesnt offer much protection for the back of your head against a players stick

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those masks look like the franklin outdoor roller helmets.


if that was what you were using for ice, i understand the hearing loss...lol

but im sure you just use the same helmet design

yea same design but roller mask not ice ive got the ice one and other then the cage and paint its a good mask

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Mask: Stacey Olympic (Protech sport on order)

C/A: Miller CM9

Pants: Miller CM9

Pads: Smith SP1000

Catcher: Smith SP1000

Blocker: Smith SP1000

Skates: Graf Goaler Pro

Sticks: TPS Omega in picture - now using Sherwood C-10's

Neck Protection: Maltese Combo


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the paint peels off (like you said), both the chin strap screws (or whatever they are) came off, and whenever I get hit in the head with a good shot my hearing kinda goes out for a split second.

paint lmao, on the 6000 it's a sticker. Mine has it's chips in it, but it beats the hell outta a players mask. Yeah, I ended up removing the chin strap after it got knocked off once or twice by a shot. I wear my helmet tight enough it has never been a problem even in collisions.

I actually wanted that graphic because me and a couple friends always wanted to start a team called the Franklin Fireballs as we all live in Franklin County, but not all in Columbus). I figured the helmet would look nice with the Calgary-style black and white jerseys.

If I'm going to suck might as look good while doing it.

Trust me LC, I'd never be crazy enough to wear roller/street gear on ice. Although I also have the roller version of the helmet (GFM 1000); the padding is completely different even a different color. The roller helmet hardly can take the beating of a roller puck, I wouldn't trust it with an ice puck.

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Leg Pads:

Itech 9.8 Prodigy


RBk 9k Pump


TPS Summit


Itech 11.8 X-Factor


SPortsMask Razor

Youve been tango'd!!! you remind of sheffield steelers goalie jody lehman ( my teams rivals so we take the mick lol)

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here is my gear

Pads- rbk premier pro

Gloves- rbk premier pros

C&A- rbk premier pro

Pants- Itech 4.8( rbk premier pro on order)

skates- Bauer vapor XIX

Sticks - rbk 6k ( currently 2007 premier II 6ks)

Helmet- Itech 2500

recently I got to practice with the Lewiston Maineics of the Qmjhl. I dont have any pics though, they wouldn't allow any cameras


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