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    CCM Jetspeed ST1
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    Reebok AI9 pro stock H16 curve
  • Gloves
    Franklin THT 9505
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    Bauer 7500 w/ CCM 580 cage
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    CCM pro stock
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    CCM Jetspeed FT1
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    Warrior Alpha AXQ

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    hockey and racing
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  1. Goalfordun, thank you that was the information I was hoping to get here.
  2. I had to take some time off after an injury and it's about time to replace my old Reebok ai9s pro stocks that were all SC (Spear Constant) construction. Is there a retail equivalent in any brand, buying custom sticks is also something I'm considering if I have to go down that road. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. there are probably at least 3 skaters on each team that roll their sleeves up like that. They did it with the old sweaters and they're doing it with the new ones. It's all personal preference of course, but I could think of a few possible reasons such as: ventilation, movement, fashion statement, copy-cat
  4. David played well and has earned time on the power play. The time will come when Murray plays him in even more situations, but David's only 8 games into his career that time isn't going to be now or even next week. David knows that and seems like he'll eagerly wait for Murray to show more confidence in him just like he waited to start playing in actual games.
  5. when starting out I suggest buying used gear. It'll be easiest on your wallet if you decide you don't want to play goal after all. I got my leg pads and gloves used from a kid who graduated high school a few years before me for like $200 he even threw in 2 sticks, helmet (not safe to play in), and a dangler. Bought my goal skates off our team's other goalie for $50. The only new gear I bought was helmet ($200?), jock ($35?), pants ($80), chest pad ($100) and 2 sticks ($45-50 ea) that were my height. I've upgraded my gear since then finding deals here and there. New leg pads to protect my knees when I butterfly, used pro level $450 shipped via ebay. New catcher that fit my hand (small hands) better with matching blocker under $300 combined via ebay. Then I finally just upgraded to new skates by buying the Pro Tacks that goaliemonkey is clearing out ($200) as well as my helmet which I'm going to get painted (also $200). Now I just need to figure out what I definitely want on my helmet and how much it's going to cost me financially and time-wise. That's in about 4 years of playing. I started playing my senior year of high school. Now I'm playing regularly in beer league (D level). I switched from a forward and went into net as our backup goalie. I had only been goalie when my 2 brothers and I were playing deck/street hockey with our roller blades on for a couple of summers. Best of luck on the switch. Just make sure you enjoy yourself. Oh and one important thing, makes sure any gear that you do buy is made for ice hockey. It scares me seeing goalies wearing CCM roller/street hockey gear on ice.
  6. paint lmao, on the 6000 it's a sticker. Mine has it's chips in it, but it beats the hell outta a players mask. Yeah, I ended up removing the chin strap after it got knocked off once or twice by a shot. I wear my helmet tight enough it has never been a problem even in collisions. I actually wanted that graphic because me and a couple friends always wanted to start a team called the Franklin Fireballs as we all live in Franklin County, but not all in Columbus). I figured the helmet would look nice with the Calgary-style black and white jerseys. If I'm going to suck might as look good while doing it. Trust me LC, I'd never be crazy enough to wear roller/street gear on ice. Although I also have the roller version of the helmet (GFM 1000); the padding is completely different even a different color. The roller helmet hardly can take the beating of a roller puck, I wouldn't trust it with an ice puck.
  7. yes, sir. it is North rink 1 to be exact. Our goalie kinda went MIA so instead of skating out like I normaly did for that team I got thrown in net at the end of last session and again for all of this session. Are you and Rodriguez related? ...what? nice stuff, don't know HOW you paid for that. hey ctaz, I got the same mask as you. and I hate it. Yeah, our JV goalie hated it too, always complained about it. I got it because I have always liked Franklin's gear (forward) and because it was cheap but protective. Like I said I'm looking towards getting at GF570, even though I'm not sure if it'll fit or be comfortable. I had tired on a GF6 and hated it back when I started playing goal; however, I tried it on a few months ago and it didn't bother me at all. I wish I would have already tried one on before, but alas I haven't and I can only get it online. Too bad I can't find any plain white or black GF6 helmets to buy, if I could I probably would since I know how they fit exactly. Although I wonder how my bandana would fit under it. LHS recently sold the last GF6 they had, so I won't get to check it out. Oh well.
  8. I guess I'll post mine as well. Mask: Franklin GFM6000 with the inferno design on it (looking to upgrade to a Koho GF570 and custom paint) Chest: Frnaklin 6150 Pants: Vaughn 660 Catcher: Vaughn T5550 Blocker: Heaton Helite III Skates: CCM Tacks 452 Pads: Heaton Helite 6 Sticks: CCM H6 Ints (Broduer Curve) an older pic as I have since painted my stick to match my gear b/c if I'm going to play bad I might as well look good while doing it.
  9. My lhs has the same supplier as hockeygiant and it seems hockeygiant tends to list products on their site that may not be in stock, but I'm sure most internet shops do that.
  10. The former being reasonable for a consumer to do and the latter being completely moronic and wrong. Flexing a stick to the point where it can break like a twig is obviously a great testament to how strong Joe Hockeyplayer is.
  11. I think I've gone a tad bit overboard. (not pictued is my black CCM HT400, which I couldn't find).
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