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    CCM Jetspeed ST1
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    Reebok AI9 pro stock H16 curve
  • Gloves
    Franklin THT 9505
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    Bauer 7500 w/ CCM 580 cage
  • Pants
    CCM pro stock
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    CCM Jetspeed FT1
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    Warrior Alpha AXQ

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    hockey and racing
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  1. Goalfordun, thank you that was the information I was hoping to get here.
  2. I had to take some time off after an injury and it's about time to replace my old Reebok ai9s pro stocks that were all SC (Spear Constant) construction. Is there a retail equivalent in any brand, buying custom sticks is also something I'm considering if I have to go down that road. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. there are probably at least 3 skaters on each team that roll their sleeves up like that. They did it with the old sweaters and they're doing it with the new ones. It's all personal preference of course, but I could think of a few possible reasons such as: ventilation, movement, fashion statement, copy-cat
  4. David played well and has earned time on the power play. The time will come when Murray plays him in even more situations, but David's only 8 games into his career that time isn't going to be now or even next week. David knows that and seems like he'll eagerly wait for Murray to show more confidence in him just like he waited to start playing in actual games.
  5. My lhs has the same supplier as hockeygiant and it seems hockeygiant tends to list products on their site that may not be in stock, but I'm sure most internet shops do that.
  6. The former being reasonable for a consumer to do and the latter being completely moronic and wrong. Flexing a stick to the point where it can break like a twig is obviously a great testament to how strong Joe Hockeyplayer is.
  7. I think I've gone a tad bit overboard. (not pictued is my black CCM HT400, which I couldn't find).
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