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  1. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1880...mp;id=536093916 Mask: Itech Profile 2500, w/ Vaughn dangler Stick: Bauer Vapor XXX (the tape on the paddle is there to keep a hairline crack from getting bigger) Gloves + Pads: Mission Helium Pro Skates: Bauer Supreme 1000 C/A: I've forgotten, but it's a yellow + black and Reebok, but not the pro end model Pants: I've also forgotten, but it's the pro model, black on the outside blue on the inside. Cup: Simmons Matrix http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3021...mp;id=536093916 Same mask, C/A, cup, and pants Stick: TPS Response, I'm not sure what it is except it was <$75 and its wood Gloves: Vortek VK7 Logic Pads: RBK 8k Int, I think they're pretty much the same as Rosey's Skates: Graf Goaler Pro Please tell me if the links don't work, I'll upload them somewhere else.
  2. what model are the pads? I have the exact same pads, except Int. 8K 32"
  3. I dunno if it's just the picture, but those pads look as straight/flat as a board.
  4. what kind of break does that glove have?
  5. I love where the goalie stick ends up towards the end
  6. hah, I thought you were circling things on your pads, didn't notice it said "proof".
  7. oh, ok. Do the storm and the typhoon have the same jerseys?
  8. Hey Hoffer and Swiss17, which teams are you on? and Hoffer, is that a York Storm jersey? I guess it could be anything-its a stock jersey.
  9. I gotta say, jon93, the goalie looks pretty sick in that pic.
  10. I'm ok with just that one, average sized picture, but what really gets annoying is when people quote and requote and rerequote really, really BIG ones.
  11. Top of the line skates? I thought the XXX was the top. Anyways, glad to see they're working excellently for you. and thorpedo26, please don't quote all of those jumbo sized pictures just to say "crazy holders"
  12. do you usually do that to your sticks and are used to it?
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