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JR Boucicaut

NikeBauer One60

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Product: NikeBauer One60 stick. Proflex 102 P88 curve

Reviewer background: Beerleague player 6'1 225lbs. Play D 99% of the time.

Blade: I have slowly grown to dislike composite blades due to their lack of feel and the fact that I have been developing soreness in my top hand shoulder and elbow. The blade on this stick is smooth and cushions passes nicely. I can "feel" the puck so much better it's like night and day. The blade started out stiff but has started to flex a little after 5-6 ice times. It's not a noodle yet and I hope to get a couple more games out of it.


Flex: 102 pro stiff and all of it. It has broken in to maybe 95 flex in 5 games but it still has a great pop when shooting. I lke the 102 as it's not too much nor too little for me. 8/10

Passses: Much more forgiving than a composite. Receiving passes is nice as they tend to "stick" to the blade and don't deflect like a composite. Maybe it's my hands but I like the forgiving nature of wood to help my game. 9/10

Shooting: Clean and simple. You can feel it kick through and release. Puck goes nicely where you want it. I don't take that many slap shots mostly snappers and long wristers but this stick will put it on target and get it there quickly. 8/10

Durability: It's a wood stick and it will get chewed up. The toe is pretty rough but I tend to nurse a stick along if I can. The fit/finish factor is a plus. The glossy white paint and letering is clean and gives it a OPS look. The paint on the blade is the first to go. If you're all about looks give it an extra coat of black to keep it sharp. The white shaft will get discolored if you hack alot. 6/10

Weight/Balance: Both factors are exceptional. The weight is a non factor for me. My RbK 6K shaft and blade and this stick are close to equal in my mind. I really can't tell the difference. Balance is very nice also. Not blade heavy and not blade light either. 10/10

Intangibles: I love this stick and will continue to use it until I am forced to retire it. I used to get caught up in all the hype of OPS but at my level that's a luxury that I'll splurge on maybe once a year. I always seem to come back to the woodies though. Although a bit pricey for $35 I will definitely buy this stick again.


The stick bit it last night. 6 games and it snapped right at the "hosel" section on a pass.

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NBH ONE60 wood stick, 102 flex, P88 curve.

Background- prep school player, 5'7'' 180lbs


I hate composite blades, i always use woodies in my shafts because i feel composites have ZERO feel. That was a big plus with this stick, the feel was awesome. It didn't last very long, but it felt great while it lasted, the blade was the part that snapped on me though.



The shaft was a little too stiff for my liking (i usually use an 85) but i noticed i had a very nice slapshot with this. The shaft seemed to have a nice kick to it. It didn't feel like it broke in at all, so if you're a 100 flex guy feel free to try this stick out.



As I mentioned before, very nice feel on this stick, passing and stickhandling was great, it was like the puck just wanted to be on the blade.



My slapshot was good with this stick, but because it was too stiff for me, my wrister suffered. The puck didn't really seem to jump off the stick as much as previous sticks I've had.



The balance was very nice on this stick, it was pretty heavy but when you held it, because of the nice balance, it felt a lot lighter than it was. Actually, when i handed it to some kids on the team, some of them thought it was a price point composite, not a woody, because of the nice balance.



As with most wood sticks, durability was not great when compared to a composite. however, the shaft held up very nicely, i only had trouble with the blade's durability. For a woody, pretty durable.



This was the first full wood stick i've used in a long time, (i've been using OPS's until they broke then putting wood blades in them) but this was a nice break. As far as wood sticks go, this is probably one of the nicest on the market. very good bang for your buck if you like woodies.

Overall 7/10

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