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X60 Pants

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Reviewed: Bauer X60 Senior Medium (32-34 waist)

Height: 5'11

Weight: 180

Hockey Experience: ACHA

My supreme series pants (one75s) were starting to breakdown a bit and I decided to give the vapor series a shot.


Coming from the looser supreme series of pants the fit was a little surprising to me initially. These pants fit very tight all around and feel similar to wearing a girdle (hugging tightly to your waist and legs). The pads themselves are shaped such that they wrap around your legs (anatomical fit) rather than in my previous pants where I felt like the pads where much more flat and didn't hug onto my body. The length was a bit shorter than I would have preferred but nothing that I couldn't live with. Even though these pads felt very foreign to me, after a couple of skates I couldn't tell the difference nearly as much and they felt more comfortable. 8.5/10


This is where these pants shine. They are built like a brick-house. While wearing these I was seriously tested to find a location on them that wasn't padded. The legs, waist, kidneys and lower spine/tailbone area all receive more than superior protection, as should be expected from a top of the line product. Mobility is a bit of an issue with these pants, mainly just because I am more familiar with low level pants that don't offer so much padding. Overall, the padding was a bit much for my needs but for those of you who like it, I would highly recommend these pants. 8.5/10


These weigh a bit more than most mid-level pants due to their extensive padding, but not to the point that it should affect your skating and game play at all. (8/10)


A very protective pair of pants that is well-suited for most people still playing full contact hockey, but in my opinion, they're a bit too extensive for those who are playing adult league. Overall, I liked the pants and thought they offered a very different experience than the supreme line, but I just felt like they weren't meant for me due to the mobility and overall fit. 8/10

Final Rating: 8.25/10

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