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  1. Starting at the top: 1. Derek Morris Winter Classic Franchises (sturm clones with extended gussets and fingers) 2. Frans Nielson Islanders Franchises (all tufftek) 3. David Perron AK27s 4. Hossa Redwings Franchises 5. DJ King Winter Classic AK27s 6. Tomas Vanek Buffalo 3rds Creepers (Savard Cuff +1/2) 7. Martin Havlat Hawks Creepers (Cuff -1/2) 8. Radek Bonk Canadiens Creepers (amazing gloves, great feel) 9. Montreal Canadiens Vintage Franchises 10. Jason Chimera Leather Franchises 11. Wiznewski CBJ Franchises (interesting custom padding along pinky, kangaroo gussets and palms) 12. Tomas Plekanec EQ Canadiens Gloves (stretch thumb attachment and nylon gusset along thumb) 13. Oduya Thrasher Franchises (cool carbon thumb logo) 14. Custom Franchises (my first pair, Navy & Black with nash palms) 15. Vinny TBL CCM CLs with digital palms 16. Byfuglien Thrasher CCM 4 rolls 17. Byfuglien Hawks CCM 4 rolls 18. Custom Navy Creepers 19. Sturm Kings Franchises 20. Mayers Sharks Franchises 21. Skille Hawks Franchises (hossa clones) 22. Wiz Canadiens Franchises 23. Ehrhoff Canucks Franchises (cuff -1/2)
  2. Hahaha, thanks guys!! They are 14-14.5" , which I was surprised by, figuring that vinny is a big dude.
  3. Got in touch with CCM through PSHG and they had an extra pair of Vinny's gloves in the factory! So they threw some black vented nash gussets and digital palms on them for me and turned them around in a couple weeks! Got vinny's 2010-2011 ccms coming too, with +1/8 gussets, +1/4 finger length.
  4. James Wiz specs for the CBJs, he obviously decided to go a different direction with the typical pinky stripes, and kinda glad he did, love these! Big thanks to my buddy for hooking me up.
  5. I completely agree, they are the best fitting glove for my hands by far.
  6. Even though I've been clearing out stuff, I do have a few new or recently returned pairs. Vaneks, Morris WC, Bergenheim, Sturm and Kostitsyn Centennial
  7. I use every pair I buy, I hate the idea of gear sitting in my garage unused. But yeah, it gets a bit ridiculous when the collection gets really large and I do end up using particular pairs more than other because of fit. With me, I like the pairs with tons of volume in them. Definitely a big aspect of buying them is collecting, but the most fun part is wearing everything.
  8. Most of you have probably already seen a pair like this, but I figured I'd post em anyways. Derek Morris WC Boston Gloves (identical to Sturms pro stocks, narrow with huge nash gussets, so they're actually pretty comfortable, probably one of my favorites)
  9. Family Photo before a couple pairs take off! (Luxes on loan from the Stephen Wong collection haha, missing my Sturms, Stamkos, and Morris WC Franchises)
  10. Nice pickup bud, and yeah, those gloves have sole volume to them, but very cool and for $70 you cant beat that.
  11. Exactly! The cuff area sort of blooms open a bit more and allows for great mobility.
  12. No, they fit more similar to franchises. They just look anatomical.
  13. Ah man, hope you find em! You'll definitely like them.
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