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A few items - not expensive. RH sticks, pants, gloves, shoulders.

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These are all items that I never got around to using much - except the pants. Not looking for trades at the moment. The Bonafides and Jofa shoulders are pretty new, the other stuff more used. But there is no smell or holes or defects on anything here. Just ask if you need more pics.

All "shipped" prices are for US shipping. Shipping to Canada is an extra $12. Will ship internationally elsewhere if you pay any additional costs.

eBayed June 10 - 14" Bonafides in beautiful Red/White/Blue. Bought these brand new on Ebay and previously listed them here. Used in 4 skate and shoots. You can see the palms in the pictures, there's always a little piling quickly (according to the Bonafide reviews on MSH). Black mesh gussets. White is carbon, the blue and red are not, correct?

SOLD - RH P88 Vapor XXXX. 87 flex. See below pic for length of sticks. Obtained from the friendly fatwabbit here. Didn't end up being my curve. Used, by completely intact. There are paint flecks, of couse. $50 shipped.


SOLD - RH BP-10 Miken MV-5. Sakic-type curve (BP-10). 90 flex. Used 4 or 5 times in skate and shoots. See below pic for length of sticks. Great used condition, paint flecks off of course. $55 shipped.


Height of sticks: I'm just over 5' 10" and have cut these accordingly. I'm showing the height of the sticks when the shaft is basically straight vertical. As you can see, the Miken is a bit longer.

SOLD - Jofa 7500 shoulders, size 5. More protection that I need. Bought used here for cheap from DoublinUp, tried three times. Now selling for cheap. $35 shipped.


Off to PIAS - Supreme One55 pants, size M. Unlike the above items, these I have worn plenty. A season and a half with all the skate-and-shoot in between. No holes or rips or loose parts, but there is fuzzy fraying around many edges. $20 shipped.

img-0288-1.jpg img-0290.jpg

Additional item added.

- Red Tackla Pants EX-PP-44 SR, size 50. Excellent pants, used less than 10 times, great shape. A few small board marks, no holes, rips, smell, stitching problems, or alterations. Red just doesn't fit with my team's uniforms. $40 shipped.


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Price drop on red Tacklas.

I'm going to take the One55 pants to Play it again - I can probably trade them for a couple rolls of tape and a used mouthguard.

The custom Bonafides are still available. They have not been used at all since the pictures were taken - superb condition.

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