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  1. Pretty much continuing the trend of manufactures trying to cut out the middleman and transition to direct sales.
  2. League starts up tonight. Wish this was three months ago when I was still working out. I was in probably the best cardio shape I've ever been in and then once summer hit I got derailed. It's going to hurt tomorrow but looking forward to playing again.
  3. Looks really interesting. Sounds expensive to manufacture. Curios what the MSRP will be.
  4. Micron Mega 10-90 graphics package would be light-years better than the current gold monstrosity on the supreme line.
  5. Gotta agree with Stick9 on the glove colorways. Do a run of throwback graphics/schemes (think Warrior Remix from a few years ago) Whalers, Yotes, North Stars, Canucks , Devils , White cuff Bruins, Blues etc.
  6. They were made for players with ankle injuries to continue playing. Due to the unique ankle padding set up they could accommodate things like a brace or hardware, but certainly not needed to wear them. Worth trying on if your shop has them.
  7. About 2 years ago I bought the same model shins also from PSH. Ended up returning them . I've since seen a few pairs with the same issue, or going vericily from the hole yours is cracking from. Seems to be a fairly common issue. Sticking with my 30+ year old 5090's, just replaced the liners.
  8. Adopted a dog in Sept from a rescue place. Had vet visit for vaccinations and he tested positive for heartworm. Apparently this is common for dogs that were brought up from down south. Began treatment Tuesday. Keeping a 1.5 year old pup from running, chasing squirrels/deer/fox/bear etc until October is going to break his soul.
  9. Charlie Daniels https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/charlie-daniels-country-music-singer-165530649.html
  10. Star of one of the most 80's movies ever, Gymkata - Kurt Thomas . Apparently he was in the Olympics or something too.
  11. Been lifting and using the eliptical with my son, as well as shooting pucks in the driveway. We got a dog in September (named him Gordie) and he keeps us active. Doesn't like fetch, but wants us to chase him when he has a toy in his mouth. He also really likes hide and seek. So we are getting some sprints in too.
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