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  1. I've had good luck with this on a pair of VH skates that had Vegas Gold accents. Just do a good job masking off what you want black, overspray won't come off.
  2. Can you post a couple of pics of what the toe cap looks like now?
  3. Ask what the overall length is and see if it's close to what you have. The Graf tongues tend to be on the thicker side, so ensure you will have enough room in the boot to accommodate. The felt would go under the toecap, the leather over and the stitching about where the holes are now.
  4. Another option that won't damage the finish is Custom Skate Works TT-100 https://kkskate.com/shop/p/csw-skate-tool
  5. It's not an overly complicated process to swap them- I've done about 8 over the years. This is an older thread but the info is still good. Switching to CCM tongues would be the least labor intensive- remove the old tongues, and drill holes to accommodate the CCM mounting hardware, snap in new tongues. Done.
  6. I wouldn't put your 12 year old tongues in the new skates. CCM has a ton of different sizes, thickness etc, and would be an easy DIY solution. You could also easily switch them out if they weren't what you're looking for. Nash Sniper tongues are an option, and Graf replacement tongues are easy to source as well. True tongues are also readily available in multiple styles as well.
  7. And now you have supplemental pads you can add to shoulder pads, girdles , pants etc as needed.
  8. It's an overlay added to a completed glove. Seam rip away, it's attached with it's own stitching.
  9. What about using something like double sided weatherstripping tape or something similar to give you some separation between the boot wall and the kydex to absorb some of the impact energy?
  10. Thanks boys, appreciate the input. Sent a couple emails.
  11. My men's league team is refreshing our uniforms over the summer. I've finally convinced them to switch to green Whalers unis. I've been tasked with obtaining some options and quotes. Who's the go to vendor these days for custom jerseys?
  12. Super easy with an x-acto knife or similar. Just go slow and they come right off.
  13. Nice to have you back Chadd. Sorry to hear it's been such a rough go of it, and glad to hear you're in a good place now.
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