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  1. Buzz and Skatedoktor stole my thunder . The Softec skates and shot blockers may be the most comfortable out of the box for you. Something like a Graf 707 is a size too big for you, with the liner peeled from the top and with additional thin foam installed may make for a decent option. I'm sure one of the companies that relines skates would tackle the job if you explained your situation.
  2. Whatever he's in now, they are gun boats. I had a pair of pro return Nike Quests of his, they were IIRC size 12.5 and must have been EEE. They had extended side quarters to accommodate what looked to be a very high instep. Not my pic but the same pair:
  3. So the 5030 mailbox is complete! It's a bit over the top, but we are in a very rural area , and it's located in area where it's surrounded by trees. It kind of sneaks up on you when driving. There is about 2 feet in the ground set in concrete to prevent kids like me when I was 18 or so from walking off with it.
  4. The JRZ bags also offer a level of customization - interior skate pockets, accessory pockets etc.
  5. Time marches on- no idea she was 60.. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/tawny-kitaen-80s-music-video-135858892.html
  6. Took my son to play Paintball last summer and we both had a blast. We've gone have a dozen times since and have gotten some his hockey teammates into it as well. Will probably do a group team bonding outing in the fall prior to the upcoming season. I hadn't played since the early mid 1990's when Initially picked up a couple of used Tippman A-5's to mess around with at home in our woods and I was a teen. Crazy to see how much it's evolved. I've since upgraded an Empire Axe, trying to figure out which hopper will be best next. I find it's great exercise- lot's of squatting and sprints. The local field has longer duration games every couple of months. I greatly prefer these as they use more acreage and more strategy is involved. Anyone else playing?
  7. Damn, RIP Shock G. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/digital-underground-rapper-shock-g-aka-humpty-hump-dead-at-57-024818759.html Annnnd now I have that song stuck in my head.....
  8. In the over 40 Leaugue I play in there are a ton of cat eye player cages from various manufactures both vintage and more recent production models. Bunch of CCM HT-2 helmets, and the guy that wore a Cooper 600 finaly hung them up. Probably 3-4 guys still rocking 1990's vintage Bauer 4000 Comp skates.
  9. Been listining to a lot of Sturgill Simpson over the last few years since randomly hearing him on the radio while traveling in TN. Here he is backing Tyler Childers on a great rendition of Whitehouse Road. Don't click the link if you think Florida Georgia Line is good country music.
  10. Try gloves with fingers. Oven mitts are hard to play in...
  11. RIP Mike Pavelich https://www.yahoo.com/sports/mark-pavelich-who-assisted-on-game-winning-goal-in-miracle-on-ice-found-dead-004941754.html
  12. Another option is to canabilize a jr goalie chest/arm for the chest piece. They are segmented so should conform to his back better than a solid piece. We seem to have goalie C/A in the "free biin" at my local rink.
  13. I actually used these on a couple pairs of pads before I statred playing in our local over 40 leauge. The pads I had didn't have the straps so I just speedy stitched the black pad portion to the lower edge of my CCM V08 shoulder pads i used at the time. The white plastic "plate" has slots for the velcro loops on the black pad portion and they went right on. Took about ten minutes to do. Perfect size and plenty of protection. I think the pics I have are all on my old lap top, but I'll dig around.
  14. If you already have two sets of Graf footbeds try those. You can always throw money at the issue after if those don't work out.
  15. You could use CCM tongues and just drill two holes to accommodate the attachment clips. That would be the easiest and gives you multiple thickness options. You could also (or have it done) Speedy Stitch a set of Nash Super Sniper replacements or a set from a pair of donor skates of your choosing. Another option would be to remove the existing tongues, stitch or epoxy a tab of loop Velcro to the underside of the toe box and use True tongues.
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