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    CCM V08, Bauer 7500 cage
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  1. there are at least a couple NHLers still (or up until recently) wearing that model. If you need them in adult sizes check places like Prostockhockey.com for them. I 'm pretty sure they had some in a few months ago. Also, have you tried on the SuperTacks or Jetspeed gridles? The V10's fit pretty snug and had an internal belt, correct? You may find the fit somewhat similar once adjusted.
  2. Great pads. My son has worn various sizes of these since they came out. Go ahead and buy them. If they are mediums you can double you money selling them if they don't work out.
  3. Just to update, both my son and I have abandoned the CCM masks. It was like trying to breathe through a wetsuit. Using a thin gaiter with earloops.
  4. How long were they baked for?
  5. I use that same style gaiter coaching. It gets wet but doesn't seem to effect use. My son is using the CCM mask with a REACT cage- no issues.
  6. So I do really like the Gonzales flag detail on the Stars jersey neck, they should still look more like this:
  7. I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  8. Or just add a calf flap via velcro tape. I did that with my 5090's.
  9. Lightly used and well maintained Blackstone X01 portable skate sharpener. Comes with X12 Tri Lie skate holder. This sharpener features the ability to sharpen with traditional ROH or FBV (Flat Bottom V) hollows. Motor: 120V, 60 Hz, 2.5 A , Single Speed: 5500 RPM (No Load), Arbor Size: ½” – 20 UNF – Left Hand Thread, Grinding Wheel: 4” Diameter, 7/32” Thick, 5500 RPM Minimum Rating. Weight: 22 LBS . Comes with a 5/8" ROH spinner. Additional spinners available direct from Blackstone. Comes mounted with a brand new wheel and package includes a 1/2 bottle of Fine Shine, instruction manual, wheel change wrench and new honing stone. Nice clean machine. $750 plus actual shipping. Please see Ebay listing for pictures, details and shipping calculator. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BLACKSTONE-X01-FBV-SKATE-SHARPENER-PORTABLE-EUC-MADE-IN-CANADA/193712573969?hash=item2d1a2b4e11:g:duYAAOSwxxFfiiqT
  10. Assuming the pads you have fit correctly, I would just attach an additional piece of protection to extend the top flap. Eagle and I believe Nash make/made segmented pads for mods like this.
  11. My PeeWee son tried the CCM in practice last night. He gave it a thumbs up. No breathing issues or anything. Has a game Sunday we'll see how it goes.
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