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  1. Did they charge your card already? If so I'd do a charge back at this point if you haven't heard anything from them
  2. Good luck Steve, hope it's a boring and uncomplicated procedure.
  3. Thank for the input. I'm curious to see what he ends up in.
  4. My son is looking to replace his Reebok 20K Pro shin guards with something lighter and lower profile. He plays high school hockey, both forward and D. When we were looking for options last season there weren't a lot that fit the criteria and fit him. He's 6',195lbs. His legs aren't necessarily huge, but the depth of Bauer Vapor and to a lesser extent the CCM FT series was lacking. Looking for recommendations for upper end protective that runs deep in the leg channel but isn't overly bulky/heavy. Not sure if such a thing exists. Doesn't have to be current production, I can track stuff down usually. Haven't seen them in person, but any thoughts on the Sherwood Rekker or Code TMP offerings? Thanks
  5. Thanks, I actually noticed that a couple weeks ago and grabbed one. The outside pouch fits a drying towel and jeweler's pliers perfectly.
  6. He actually already had the 1/2" Fire ring- said it was similar enough but still wants FBV for games.
  7. Reviving an old thread- I've been sharpening for one of my son's high school teammates. His father has a Sparx , but wanted to try FBV. I put him on 95/75 which he now loves. He's coming from 1/2" on the Sprax. What Fire ring would feel closest to 95/75? He knows it won't be the same, but Dad is hoping to get close-ish.
  8. It's funny, I'm sharpening for a couple of my son's high school teammates that aren't satisfied with the Sparx sharpening quality. "This is going to sound weird , but could you do my son's skates?" Keep an eye out for Blackstone X02 or even an X01 if it's just for you. I've had both, they are great machines and I was able to get great deals on both used. They aren't available new from Blackstone anymore, but per the rep I spoke with they don't have any plans to stop supporting that line. Don't be intimidated to learn how to sharpen manually. It's tremendously satisfying and not that hard. It helps tremendously to have an experienced sharpener give you some guidance if possible. But it's also not the end of the world if you can't.
  9. My son and I both have these. The we found the Jetspeed girdles to run very tight. He's using a CCM PP90 shell (available in longer inseam lengths) and I'm using a Tackla TGS60 . Both are XL. You would want a + 1 or 2" with the CCMs.
  10. In my day hotdogs cost a nickel.
  11. Take a look at the CCM Jetspeed/Tacks girdles. I'm similarly sized and have been using these for a few years now and cansee going back to regular pants. The legs are height adjustable so you can dial in your preferred length. Not bulky or heavy at all.
  12. Used Universal Wheel Dresser . Allows traditional quill dressed skate sharpeners to utilize Blackstone's Spinner system. Cost effective way to add the option of Flat Bottom V sharpening to your existing machine. Comes with two magnetic bases, Blackstone 92/75 FBV spinner. $200 + Actual shipping
  13. I'll take my chances with the concussion.
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