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    VH Footwear customs
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    Warrior QRL
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    Eagle PPF customs
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    CCM V08, Bauer 7500 cage
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    CCM SuperTacks Girdle, CCM 9K shell
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    SherWood 5030
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Jofa 5070
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  1. Sell the old tongues to recoup some money.
  2. I second going to a shop and with a few hours to kill and just try everything on. Your feet have likely changed as well over the years. Don't get wrapped up in brands, just see what feels best and go from there.
  3. Anybody have any experience with these? What few reviews there are are either 5 stars or 1..
  4. Backyard rink set up. Includes plywood boards and Nice Rink brand support brackets, as well as an ice resurfacing attachment for your hose. All you need is a liner and you're ready to go. Includes: 56 NiceRink Support brackets (retail $12 per)25 Cabinet grade 3/4" plywood boards, 8' x 14". My rink was 45' x 55' with brackets and boards left over. When not in use boards and brackets were stored in a shed. $500 Rink.jfif Rink2.jfif
  5. Bauer LS5 Edge steel, Size 280. New, taken out of package and sharpened (FBV 95/75) and put back in. Unmounted and unused. $65 shipped. Pay Pal F/F or Venmo. SOLD
  6. Lightly worn True hockey skates. Size 10. Insoles measure approx 10 3/4" and are stickered "10". Skates have size 288 Bauer Tuuk Edge holders and LS4 stainless steel runners. White felt True tongues with "2" embroidered. Black Clarino Liner. Skates light show use with scuffs, light skate cuts, puck marks and cosmetic wear. $335 + Shipping Pay Pal F/F or Venmo.
  7. Sounds like you may want to invest in a home sharpener...
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