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    CCM V08, Bauer 7500 cage
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  1. Try gloves with fingers. Oven mitts are hard to play in...
  2. RIP Mike Pavelich https://www.yahoo.com/sports/mark-pavelich-who-assisted-on-game-winning-goal-in-miracle-on-ice-found-dead-004941754.html
  3. Another option is to canabilize a jr goalie chest/arm for the chest piece. They are segmented so should conform to his back better than a solid piece. We seem to have goalie C/A in the "free biin" at my local rink.
  4. I actually used these on a couple pairs of pads before I statred playing in our local over 40 leauge. The pads I had didn't have the straps so I just speedy stitched the black pad portion to the lower edge of my CCM V08 shoulder pads i used at the time. The white plastic "plate" has slots for the velcro loops on the black pad portion and they went right on. Took about ten minutes to do. Perfect size and plenty of protection. I think the pics I have are all on my old lap top, but I'll dig around.
  5. If you already have two sets of Graf footbeds try those. You can always throw money at the issue after if those don't work out.
  6. You could use CCM tongues and just drill two holes to accommodate the attachment clips. That would be the easiest and gives you multiple thickness options. You could also (or have it done) Speedy Stitch a set of Nash Super Sniper replacements or a set from a pair of donor skates of your choosing. Another option would be to remove the existing tongues, stitch or epoxy a tab of loop Velcro to the underside of the toe box and use True tongues.
  7. Hit it with a heat gun about 2-3" away. That will tighten it up. You can fill the gap in with a paint pen if it bothers you.
  8. I used Christians as well growing up, thought did cross my mind to do a slapsock Christian blade and Easton shaft , but I think I'm going to go with the 5030 scheme. Thanks for the input. I'll post some pics once it's done.
  9. Monty22

    JOFA Elbow Pads

    Elbow Pads: Jofa JDP 6055 . Size 5 (Medium). extended wrist protection , JDP elbow caps, and no stretch forearm straps. Bicep strap has been freshly replaced and is new. Some light discoloration of the liners and shell from wear, along with light scuffs etc. Pads have been washed and are ready to go. $110 + Actual Shipping Jofa 9044 Size 4 (Small). Hard to find size 4/Small. Features foam covered JDP elbow caps, Nylon webbing forearm strap that won't stretch out, floating bicep pad for mobility. Pads are used and will show signs of use. Elastic straps are stretched. $100 + Actual shipping Jofa 5035 Size 5 (Medium) . Made in Sweden. Features foam/ leather covered JDP elbow caps, Nylon webbing forearm strap that won't stretch out, floating bicep pad with plastic cover for maximum protection from cross checks. Pads are used and will show signs of wear. There are scuffs and abrasions to the leather cover. Velcro works as it should and elastic straps are not stretched out. Some discoloration on the interior looks like it would wash out. $100 + Actual Shipping.
  10. Prepped but not skated on True TF9 hockey skates. Size 10R. Listed as used as they have been lightly backed, sharpened and tried on, but not used. A few very light scuffs but otherwise could pass as new Comes with blade removal tool and arch pads. Size 288 SHIFT Onyx black steel runners. $400 shipped in the US, $420 CAN SOLD
  11. I have a buddy that enjoys woodworking. He's quite good and has done several projects for me in the past. He lives across the street , and several winters made a giant whalers logo snow deflector to protect my mailbox from the snow plow's wrath. He had talked in the past about doing a hockey themed post to hold my mailbox. Well, he was off this week and needless to say he's 90% done with a 8 foot high 4" x 4" giant hockey stick. Apparently he has a co -worker who does vinyl decals, so the last step is deciding on a paint scheme and graphics. Here is where MSH comes in. I'm trying to figure out what stick to emulate. It's pressure treated wood, and there is some putty at the heel, which shoots down my first idea of wood grained Northland Gordie Howe style. I'm considering a white with red graphics Titan 2020 with the black blade ala Kevin Dineen in keeping with a Whaler theme. It could be painted very light tan and go with a SherWood 5030 scheme. I'd be remiss if I didn't tap into the collective opinions of MSH so let's hear some suggestions.
  12. I would sell both pairs and get a current manufacture skate that fits and is suited for the level of skating you plan on doing. There is a good chance the boot that fit you in the 1990's won't feel so well now. Even a mid tier current skate will perform better and likely be more comfortable. You may be able to get some decent money for the CCM's if they are new condition. There always seems to be a market for nostalgia.
  13. Country singer Charlie Pride. My dad was a fan, I remember Charlie Pride was one of a few tapes he would listen to while driving me to practice back in the day.
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