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  1. Try soaking it in mineral spirits and then hit it with a tooth brush if needed. Put a couple drops of oil in the seams of the bearing and give it a go.
  2. Monty22

    True Skates Size 4

    Used pair of True hockey skates. Size 4. Insoles measure approx 9". Skates have size 238 Bauer Edge holders and STEP stainless steel runners. White felt True tongues with "20" embroidered. Gray Clarino liners. Skates show use with scuffs, light skate cuts, puck marks and cosmetic wear consistent with game play. $100 + Shipping via PayPal F/F
  3. Louisville TPS HG1 Winnipeg Jets gloves 14" . Made in Canada Senior size 14". Blue, Red and white colorway. Glove shell, palms and gussets are real leather. There are signs of use, with some discoloration and pilling on the palms, scuffs, puck marks etc to be expected with game use. No rips or tears. Back hand liners are absent. $175 + actual ship . Pay Pal F/F. SOLD 1990's Chicago Blackhawks Brent Sutter Bauer ArmourFoam gloves. 14". Really nice condition with very minor scuffs and mild discoloration on the palms from light use. $125 + Actual Ship Pay Pal F/F Brand new in bag Easton Air 4 bar (4 roll) pro stock hockey gloves. Made for HK Dukla Trencin, in Slovakia. Size 14.5". yellow with red wrist roll, finger wart, upper thumb and upper fingers. Made in Canada. Ergo thumb, ZeroShock padding package, Clarino palms and white knit gussets. $140 + Actual Shipping cost via Pay Pal F/F
  4. You could drill two small holes in the top of the toe box to make it compatible with CCM tongues.
  5. I ended up moving on from my TF9's. I have very low volume feet and the R width was still a bit too deep even with the thicker felt tongues. I also didn't feel comfortable dropping down to a 280 holder from 288. Always felt like I was working harder and not going as fast. Found some new last gen True pro stocks that fit me like a glove.
  6. I picked up a pair of True pro stock skates, generation prior to current. They are new, but several eyelets are missing their backing. LHS indicated the Blademaster XL black eyelets appear to be too short- what is everyone using for replacement eyelets?
  7. South Windsor Arena in CT has one, probably hasn't been used in years. The same thought has crossed my mind in the past.
  8. I had a pair done at https://www.skatetechsharpening.com/ with great results. Chad's turnaround was fast and pricing was very reasonable.
  9. You could move the tongues down further into the toe box or use something like Powerfoot to take up some of the toe box space.
  10. That's really cool, I'll check that out.
  11. Thanks boys - very helpful! Great sketch Flip12- mine looked like a serial killer tried to draw.
  12. My Monday night team is likely switching to Hartford Whalers colorway unis. In doing so I think it's time for a logo refresh to go with the new colors. Tim's Auto Repair is our sponsor. I'd love to be able to incorporate the letters T and A into a Whalers style format. Maybe have the top of the T look like a wrench or something to keep the whalers tie in. Problem is I have no artistic ability. Anybody know of any sites that can help with this? I think if I can get a rough sketch of a usable format my LHS can polish it up from there. Any ideas on how to make those letters work?
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