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  1. Adopted a dog in Sept from a rescue place. Had vet visit for vaccinations and he tested positive for heartworm. Apparently this is common for dogs that were brought up from down south. Began treatment Tuesday. Keeping a 1.5 year old pup from running, chasing squirrels/deer/fox/bear etc until October is going to break his soul.
  2. Charlie Daniels https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/charlie-daniels-country-music-singer-165530649.html
  3. Star of one of the most 80's movies ever, Gymkata - Kurt Thomas . Apparently he was in the Olympics or something too.
  4. Been lifting and using the eliptical with my son, as well as shooting pucks in the driveway. We got a dog in September (named him Gordie) and he keeps us active. Doesn't like fetch, but wants us to chase him when he has a toy in his mouth. He also really likes hide and seek. So we are getting some sprints in too.
  5. Poison ivy/oak/sumac - why do you exist? Using the time at home to do some work in the yard. Cut down several trees and cleared some saplings that were growing in a bed of pachysandra and other unknown plant life. That was the weekend before last. Whatever the hell I got into is finally going away. At least it was confined to patches on my legs below the knee, but it got old quick.
  6. 1.Number side up 2. Yes, I use spray on car wax- it's quick and easy . .
  7. Easton E400 is pretty streamlined. I have a smaller, narrow head and it fits well.
  8. There typically isn't much padding located over the actual glutes as that area is "naturally padded" (some of us more or less than others). There are several areas of most pants that have minimal to no padding. This is due to trying to keep the protection mobil, and not stiff with excessive padding that will inhibit movement. I've added padding to the actual tailbone area, as falling unexpedly on the tailbone can be painful. Honestly, that should absorb most of the impact falling backwards. Landing off to the sides I would think the hip pads will take the hit there. I would usually do what you propose- cutting a seam and inserting more/new padding and resewing shut. You can get sheets of various foams like Poron on amazon. As a rule I always gut any worn out gear for padding that could be used down the road.
  9. Does it have the black plastic "chassis" piece that mounts to the helmet, and in turn the visor mounts to that?
  10. https://www.hockeyworld.com/CCM-HP520-Supra-Hockey-Pants-Senior
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