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JR Boucicaut

2012 Reebok Hockey Goal Catalogue

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Reebok continues to make solid, appreciable improvements on their unique and time-tested designs, refusing to fix what ain't broke while taking the opportunity to refine a few areas of improvement in extremely useful ways.


Pads -- One thing the Premier pad design has always been cited for, ever since Michel Lefebvre rebuilt his Koho 580 design with new foams, is a stiff ankle. The new FlexCore changes that, tweaking the internal foams to allow for a pad that will flex naturally at the ankle-break without collapsing over time. The MaxCoverage knee-block and calf-wing is a small but significant adjustment to squeeze every possible inch out of the NHL regulations. Lefebvre is releasing to the public a tweak he's put on pro pads for some time now, capitalising on the fact that the NHL rules specify different lengths (measuring from the back of the pad) for the outer knee-wing (6") and the 'knee-raisers' or knee-block above it (7"), but only a total thickness of 2.5". The P4 knee-block has a 1" bump (for lack of a better word) covered in PU leather, filling that 1" gap all the way down to the ice -- effectively creating a longer, more stable platform in the butterfly. You'll see this on a few other pads this year, including the Warrior Ritual, but Lefebvre got there first and his implementation is the cleanest. Lefebvre also changed the way the knee-block is sewn, keeping the seams between the Jenpro and nylon off the corners and greatly improving durability. The Larceny line remains unchanged, and a great option for those wanting a pad of old-style design and function with modern materials and features.

Gloves -- No major changes this year, though the one-piece cuff on the P4 glove is now rock solid.

Skates -- The new ProArmour IV quarters add a little more forward flex, allowing a deeper stance and more aggressive butterfly movements without compromising support; no changes to the cowling.

Chest -- This is where some of the biggest moves are happening. The P4 Pro introduces some major improvements to the tried-and-true Premier design, including (at last!) an overhaul of the shoulder joints, adding protection to an acknowledged weak-spot without hindering mobility. The new Velcro harness also solves one of the perennial Premier C/A issues: the notorious low neckline, which can now be adjusted to make the C/A sit higher at the neck and across the shoulders. Speaking of the shoulders, the shoulder-wings are a major change, pushing the width at the shoulder to the NHL maximum 7" before tapering dramatically under the arm to keep mobility intact. The vertical blocks added on the side of the chest, between the main body and the rib-wraps, add some flexibility but will act like the old ridge on blocker sidewalls in coverage, allowing you to squeeze 6- and 7-hole shots against your body -- a really neat addition. I also like the increased use of Air-Knit fabrics throughout, which should make for a more light and airy Premier chest.

Pants -- Unchanged, and still the current gold standard... though I'll cling to my old G8Pro pants (aka the CCM 620) until they're tattered rags. I would love to see this design make a reappearance...

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