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Reebok 11K Pants

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Product: Reebok 11K Pants - Size: Large - Color: Black

Background: 6' 2", 180# - Forward

Fit (9.5/10): The Reebok 11K is a very nice fitting ice pant. With its design (almost built like a girdle with a shell over top) the inner leg/thigh pad fit is customizable with an elastic Velcro strap system. This allows the pads to stay where they are needed, but yet not restrict movement. The pants tend to be streamlined - not too tight, but definitely not loose. There is plenty of stretch material throughout the crotch, seat, and inner-thighs to keep you mobile. The inner-leg zippers and gussets are also a nice touch for those (like myself) who use shinnies with larger knee caps. About the only negative to the fit is the interior belt. I know some folks may like the belt being closer to the body as opposed to on the outside of the pants. But, for me, the inner belt pad just creates a bump inside the pants that always pushes up my Under Armor shirt when I pull the pants on. (Slightly annoying.) These pants also feature a hidden zipper and gusset around the waist that allows taller folks (like me) to add one inch to the overall leg length without having to buy (a.k.a. hunt for) a size tall.

Protection (9/10): As mentioned, the fit of the inner leg/thigh pads on these pants is customizable. Personally, I wear the inner leg padding somewhat snug. Due to the elastic closure and open inner-thigh, it doesn't restrict mobility and yet holds the pads solidly in place to keep the protection where it needs to be while playing. The only downside to the protection level of these pants that I have found is in the backside (literally). The extended spine protection is a little narrower than some other high level pants on the market (Tackla and Easton, to name two) which created a gap in coverage between it and the thigh pads in the back of the pants. While falling backwards on the ice seems to be about as common as the Cleveland Browns making it to the Super Bowl ( ;) ) it only takes once for you to realize that your butt cheeks and pelvis could use just a little more protection there. Every other aspect of the pants concerning protection is pretty much bullet proof and on par with the best pants on the market.

Weight (6/10): Well, there is usually a downside and this happens to be it. No matter how you slice it, these pants are not light. I'm not just talking about compared to something like an Easton Stealth S19... No, the 11K pants are noticeably heavier than even "bulky fitting" pants such as Tackla in the same size. I recently visited my local shop and made a point of picking up every pair of top level ice pants on the rack. (Bauer Supreme TotalOne, Warrior Franchise, CCM U+ Pro, Tackla 9000 Air, Easton Stealth S19, etc.) The 11K pants were easily the heaviest of the bunch. Now, with that said, it's not like we're talking about wearing a suit of iron here. All current model pants are lighter than what we used to have "back in the day". For the amount of protection (and the double construction) involved with these pants, the weight could be worse.

Durability (10/10): I have had these pants since summer '11 and you can barely tell they have even been used. Seriously, I don't think they even have a scratch on them yet. The nylon they are using along the outside legs is definitely heavy grade. It also has a bit of a different texture to it that I think may mask board marks/burns somewhat.

Intangibles: Well, they're Reebok. It seems as though most folks I am around wear RBK jerseys for both play and practice. For those who like their gear to match, these pants are a no-brainer and definitely seem to "flow" well with the Edge jersey cut. (Personally, I couldn't care less about such things. But, for some, it's darn near as important as anything else.) One thing that is missing is a little "lace swag" around the waist (like on the 7Ks). I had to snake an old 120 through the belt channel to correct this gross oversight. (LOL)

Conclusion (8/10): Overall I do recommend these pants to anyone looking for high level protection and a good fit. If Reebok were to make the tailbone pad a bit wider and shave some overall weight off, these would be close to perfect pants.

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Product: Reebok11k pants, Senior small, black

Previous pants: Bauer One75:

Use: Six weeks of camp with 3 days on ice a week, weekly pickup and clinics, one full midget 16u aa travel season, one full varsity highschool season.

Fit (10/10):These pants are like a mix between a girdle and traditional pants. The upper half fit like pants but the thighs, while larger than the thighs on a standard girdle, give you the option to adjust how they fit. I really like the idea of this feature it allows you to try several different fits without chaning your pants. They fit me fine in a small, at the time I got them I was around 5 foot 10 inches now im closer to six feet which has allowed me to utilize another one of the features on these pants. Below the belt on these pants is a zipper that when opened adds on an inche to the length of pants. Again this makes these much more versatile, where normally plus 1 pants aren't all that easy to find so you can try it withouth having to order it or get it custom.

Protection (7/10): The protection on these pants is a bit of mix. The thighs are absolute tanks. I play wing and love to kill penalties so I tend to block alot of shots. These pants have allowed me to block shots laying down with more confidence because any time I"ve taken a shot to the thigh in these pants it was barley felt. The hips on the other hand leave a little bit to be desired. They feature Reebok's JDP technology so I thought they would be very sturdy. Maybe they don't fit perfectly on my hips but the one time I've fallen on my hip it hurt. I ended up with a huge bruise on my side, so just something to consider. There isn't a raised spine guard like there was on my previous pants (Bauer One75) but the spine guard does feature a hard plastic JDP plastic cap on it. It felt solid and anytime I was cross checked there it hurt a little but the pants defiantly helped out. I did end up removing the plastic piece though after trying on my friend's who had done the same, I decided I like how it felt.

Weight/Mobility (5/10): These pants are pretty heavy, but at the same time they are top of the line pants so it is to be expected. My main gripe with the mobility though is how thick the thigh guards are. While I do enjoy they're protection they are very thick and its something to adjust to. They are much thicker than the TotalOne pants which I recently had the opportunity to try on. Also, this comes down to preference but it seemed no matter how loose i went on the velcro straps I never got it as loose feeling as traditional pants which is what I would of prefered. I feel this might be attributed to the thickness of the thgh guards. Just something to keep in mind if coming from pants as opposed to a girdle.

Durability (4/10): While I haven't had any sort of catastrophic failure with these pants I have had some concerns with these pants. The velcro straps on both legs completely ripped. I have no idea why and I put on my pants before skates so it couldn't of been that. For me though, this wasn't really that bad as I liked them looser but I'd imagine these things should stay on better. In addition the velcro pieces on the waster ripped too. Overall that didn't impacts the fit since the waist belt is what really tightens the pants, but yet again when I pay for top end pants I think its fair of me to expect better.

Conclusion: With everything considered these aren't awful pants. But for the money, I'd go in a different direction. They were pretty hot and mobility wasn't as good as I thought it would be. For top of the line pants I feel there are better options out there. (6.5/10)

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Product: Reebok 11K Pants - Size: Large - Color: Navy

Background: 5' 10", 155 Pounds - Forward/Defense - Playing Midget AA

Previous Pants: Bauer One95, Warrior Franchise

Fit: The fit on these pants is great. I have used numerous other pairs of high end pants and nothing compares to these in my opinion. From what I can tell the way these pants are made seem to be similar to a shell and girdle except they are a one piece pant. The inner portion of the pants can be adjusted for tightness with an elastic and velcro strap. I have it set to the tightest possible and I feel a snug fit as well as great mobility. These pants really move like they are part of my body and they feel great. Because of the great fit these are my favorite pants to date. (10/10)

Protection: The protection on these pants is also like nothing I have ever worn before. I love to block shots and wearing these pants makes it easy. I can go down and get hit with a slapshot and most of the time I leave the scene without even a bruise. Im also a very physical player and I have no complaints wearing these in the high traffic areas such as the corners and during high speed collisions at center ice or in the slot. I feel like these pants fit like a much less padded pant but they have the protection of the bulkiest pants. Overall I am extremely impressed with the 11K pant. (10/10)

Weight: The 11K may not be the lightest pants on the market, but that is to be expected with most well padded pants. While on the ice they really do not feel heavy because of the great fit. A good simile for this would be like in sticks such as the Mako, they aren't the lightest but the great balance makes it feel great regardless of what the scale actually measures. Because of the actual weight I have deducted a few points but overall they do not feel heavy on your body. (8.5/10)

Durability: For the most part these pants are durable. I do have a few problems with some threads coming loose. The reason I deducted points for this category is because after not even half a season of use one of the elastic velcro strips that's on the inside of the pants completely came off. I need to get it fixed by a shoe repair shop or something similar. (8.5/10)

Intangibles: Pretty much everything I wear on the ice is Reebok. I wear 11K Shins, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads and these pants of course. I also wear the 8K helmet. That being said the pants seem to fit great along with their other equipment. My gear seems to fit well together and it "flows" nothing looks weird or out of place. The pants have a great look to them and performance to back it up. (9.5/10)

Conclusion: During my time wearing these pants I am genuinely impressed. I have recommended these pants to everyone I know in the market for new pants and about a fourth of my team has started wearing them. These are an overall great piece of high performance equipment and they are sure to please from peewee to pro. (9.75/10)

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