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Warrior Dynasty

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Specs (from hockeymonkey)

  • Axy-Sym Technology - More stretch on the front side allows for increased load while the back side and bottom of the stick shaft have added compression fibers causing stick tension to build up during a slap/snap shot and release into the puck in an explosive recoil effect
  • Fits tapered shaft geometry
  • Multi-Bias fiber - Fiber placement reinforces internal structure and helps improve impact durability and overall feel
  • Carbon Elite - High-modulus, low aerial weight aerospace-grade laminate produces the ultimate combination of light weight and power for strength under extreme flex and the most efficient energy transfer
  • D-Lite Blade Core - Strong lightweight impact density core plus a durability cap around the blade for added impact strength result in a lightweight and stable blade package
  • X-Weave Fiber Matrix - 4-Dimension weave design using high-performance 12k square carbon elite weave plus two-way 35° X-Weave on top for increased strength and recoil snap-back on blade and shaft
  • Matte clear finish
  • 115 grams


22 years old, 140lbs and 5'9" on a good day, rec hockey 4 times a week. I play Center so I'm pretty hard on my blades with faceoffs.


- I use a right hand w88 zetterberg in both a 75 flex dynasty shaft and 85 flex 11k pro stock.

Stick-handling/receiving passes

The feel of this blade is superb. similar to the last batch of tps r8 blades, not so woody as a one95 and is much stiffer/more responsive than a one95. Miles, and i mean miles ahead of vapor blades as far as feel goes.



the axysym really just makes the blade feel stiffer on the forehand side, but softer on the backhand. the shots pop off the forehand as good as my vapor blades. backhand shots have a bit of a dead feed to it.


Weight and balance

I used a layer of tape on the blade tenons to give it a really snug fit in the shafts, and use a bit less glue. the balance is pretty good for a two piece, on the blade heavy side. I haven't had to use wood plugs to balance it out. not the lightest combination; i give that to the vapor blades still.



I was a bit disappointed with the durability given how stiff they felt. I've alternated between two different sticks with a dynasty blade in each over the last 3 and a half months and both blades broke within a week of each other. This equates to roughly 25 skates with each blade. both blades broke in the exact same spot, the hosel back hand side. the forehand side of the hosel is still intact but the backhand side split open so its hanging on by the fibers on the forehand side. it wasn't a clean snap but its definitely broken. the first one broke while receiving a pass on the backhand, the second one broke taking a slap shot. I have an active stick and i like to stick check and battle in the corners quite a bite, I like to take face-offs with a hard backhand pull. I attribute my playing style to how the blade weakened so quickly. I typically get 3 months out of a vapor blade.



the blades are $60 each in Canada. much cheaper than the average blade.


I really like the feel of these blades. A good mix of responsiveness and absorption. I haven't had the chance to try any totalone blades (prefer tapered over standard) but I would imagine they'd be along those lines. They pop shots off the forehand very well. I've been looking for a solid replacement for the vapor blades I've been using as bauer had a monopoly over the p88/lindros pattern in replacement blades, and the vapors had the worst feel.

given that these blades are $60 each, I will likely continue using them so long as I get a BOGO half off deal each time. I have yet to try reebok's 11k blade so I might have to try that one next.

Overall: 7/10

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