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  1. My region doesn't require masks. In fact, outside of 'cohorting' our league, there isn't any changes. But I play center, so taking faceoffs with some dude in my face just seems like a bad idea.
  2. I personally didn't like the quad 0 because it made going heel to heel awkward. backwards skating was fine, if anything easier for backwards cross overs where you can cut C's with your toe edge, but I agree with the earlier statement if you turn on your heel edges the quad 0 is awkward. If you cut turns by leaning into your toe edges, think crossovers, then I see the advantages of quad 0.
  3. I bought both, as well as the shock doctor mask. I got the bauer splash in the wrong size so couldn't actually try it, but I wasn't impressed when I got it up to my face shield. the ccm mask is vastly superior to the shock doctor; it's the one i'll be sticking with. The shock doctor is viable if you were just using a visor. I didn't mind it too much.
  4. How's the pitch on these skates? I'm strongly considering them coming from jetspeeds profiled neutral and wondering if swapping out holders will be necessary.
  5. I paid $450 for my $900 CCM jetspeeds and some of my friends got them for $400. Even at $400 I'm sure the local big box store was making a profit. No one would consider the jetspeeds a $400 skate when they came out, so I don't think comparing a full price product to a sale product makes sense.
  6. if you're looking at custom curves, the kucherov is just the p28 but not as open.
  7. I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure that's from the laces on eyelets 1/2 digging into your leg when you flex forward. It looks very similar to what I had. It takes a couple months to heal, a week or two won't do it, doesn't matter what you do to your skate it'll flare up. What you need to do is relieve the pressure from that location. lace extenders is one way, skipping the 1st eyelet is another, idea is the same. What doesn't work is more material in that area, as it'll just add pressure.
  8. Can you be more specific on what kind of lace bite you are getting? if it's in the 3rd/4th/5th eyelet area, that can be caused by skates with not enough volume. If that is the case, the jump from vapors to supremes should of fixed it. if it's in the 1st/2nd eyelet, the issue is likely forward bend. adding more material in the form of bunga pads, lace bite pads, double tongues, wont' fix that because your are further restricting movement. I had this issue, the only permanent solution i found was lace extenders. These are the ones I got. https://greatsavessports.com/skate-lace-bite-eliminators/ haven't had lace bite in years.
  9. similarly, this is what i used and this essentially solved my lace bite problem. recommended from here a ways back. http://www.greatsaves.org/skate_lace_extenders.html i only actually use the 2 of the 3 eyelets.
  10. https://www.wilson.com/en-us/tennis/grips/overgrips/pro-overgrip-3-pack i've used this stuff on my hockey sticks in the past. they're 0.55mm so essentially the same thickness as lizard skin. they do shift a bit because there's no adhesive but they're so cheap i just overlap them a bit more.
  11. from what i remember using the p46 it was more of a deep mid curve. it was also quite a long blade. those two things combined made it play a lot like a toe curve. also a very rockered blade. also depends what part of the p28 you like (or dislike). alot of the open toe comes from the heel twist in the p28, whereas the p30 has no heel twist at all and kinks in at the toe. if you like your p88s the p30 was supposed to be a p88 with a toe.
  12. there are some other variables. higher-end CCM/Reebok sticks I've used in the past, the toe would disintegrate if there was no tape on the toes. Sherwood and warrior sticks I've never had that problem (except for that time when they were made in vietnam), so i hardly tape the toe at all.
  13. ya i've been using mine a little bit now. i came from a bauer re-akt, so ya I noticed the change in weight. It doesn't fog like the concept 3 I gave a go. vision is good. you get what you expect. if they ever one day upgrade to titanium bars, i'd be happy to drop down whatever money they'd want. I would think its the ideal combination.
  14. they're quite neutral. pitch 0 basically. not back on your heels like bauers (thats why i needed shims), but not on your toes like grafs either.
  15. adding shims and profiling both achieve the same thing: adjusting pitch. only difference is profiling can do more than just pitch. when it comes to shims vs profiling, one is more permanent than the other. as your sharpen a blade, the profiling can be worn away, and consequently alter the pitch. if you're only shimming 1/16 you probably won't notice it wearing down. 1/8, maybe. 1/4 yea you'll notice it. especially if you're taking Tuuks to +1 pitch. personally i had 1/8 shims on my tuuks, switched to CCMs with no shims.
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