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Warrior Luxe

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Model Specification

  • Size: 13”


Warrior’s Luxe gloves provide a more form-fitting feel than a traditional glove. I personally like a really snug fit in my mitts and the Luxe glove is pretty close to that; the Projekt gloves being the more contoured fit. They glove is extremely comfortable and allows for great mobility right out of the box.



The Luxe glove provides pretty decent protection although I must say that I have been bruised/cut on my thumb a couple of times due to hard stick contact (which I don’t understand how that’s possible). Nothing too bad, but definitely have noticed a bit more pain when hit in the thumb as opposed to any other area on the glove. Having said that, the overall protection is decent, I just wanted to point out some areas of interest.



The Luxe gloves are very lightweight and are quite conducive to stickhandling and maneuverability. They are easily up there with the lightest top of the line glove currently.



I have 2 pair of Warrior Luxe gloves that I have been using for about 8 months and they are in excellent condition. The palms are still in great shape and no exterior rips or tears. A couple of threads have come loose in non-impacting areas, but that’s about it.



The gloves are quite slick looking and provide for excellent maneuverability.



Warrior continues to excel in the area of gloves and the Luxe is no different. If you are in the market for a durable, nice looking, form-fitting glove with excellent range of motion and soft palms, I would definitely check out the Luxe gloves!


player reference: 6'0 / 165lbs / A League (3x/week)

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Player Reference: 25 / 5'10" / 175-180 lbs. / 2-3 skates per week


The fit was a bit tighter than I was used to coming from using Bauer 4-Rolls, however they grew on me and I feel that this is the best fitting glove I have worn playing hockey. They did not take long for me to break in and they have great mobility. The retail palms have an extra layer on them that seems o be for added grip as well as durability and they feel great. My pro-stock pair has standard nash palms as far as I know and I like those a little better than the retail ones.


The gloves offer great protection in all areas in my opinion. The fingers and back roll employ the bone padding system which is a contoured plastic insert on top of the padding. I have taken multiple slashes on my hands and I have never had any injuries from them.


The gloves are extremely light. I'd probably say that they are the lightest pair that I own.


I have been using these gloves for at least a year now. I have multiple pairs of gloves, however these get used at least once if not twice a week. The palms look great still (I use a layer of pre-wrap on my knob), slight pilling but holding up great overall. The exterior has not had any rips or threads come loose at all.


The gloves look great. I am someone who has OCD when it comes to matching and the colorways look great. The silvershield liner seems to do a great job killing/preventing bacteria because the gloves have no smell and I have owned some gloves that no matter what I did eventually carried that distinct hockey odor.


These are my favorite gloves of all time now and even though I try other gloves from time to time, I always come back to these. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great high-performance and high-quality glove.


9.5/10: I'd give it a 10 because it is hands down my favorite glove, however nothing's perfect so I don't see anything getting a 10/10.

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