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Reebok 9K pant (2011)

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Reebok 9K pant (2011) Sz Med.

Background 5'10 175 C-Level Forward (occasional Defensemen).

Recent Pants - Mission Fuel-110’s, Vic 750’s (not sure about the model, but great pant).

Fit –The fit was definitely different than anything I have used in the past, but not in a bad way. They were more fitted, like a slim fit pair of jeans. First time out, it felt like the kidney pads didn’t extend up high enough to cover the key areas. Next time out I decided to try unzipping the length extender under the belt. That pretty much did the trick. There is a slight issue with the belly pad. Once you cinch up the belt it just bends and flops over. Not so much a big deal, but I’d prefer it stay in place. Overall, the fit is snug, but not restrictive or bulky. They are comfortable first time out, no need for any sort of break-in. 8.5/10

Protection – Protection was the main draw to this pant. I like a well-protected pant, but I don’t want to lose any mobility in the process. The 9k is a very good mix. The tailbone, hip and kidney areas are well protected. No large gaps between sections or overlaps making them bulky. The thigh area are two-piece and rock solid, plenty of protection here. Foam pads on the back of the legs is always a plus. The floating spine protector is a nice feature, but may take a little getting used to. You can feel it against your back when you stand upright. I’ve taken a few hits and a couple of spills, didn’t feel a thing. 10/10

Weight – I think the weight is fairly reasonable given the level of protection you get. They aren’t super light, but not heavy enough to where you notice them. Also, no noticeable increase in weight after playing. 8.5/10

Durability – After four months of use, so far so good. No noticeable signs of wear and all stitching is intact. Reebok uses a 420D nylon shell with abrasion resistant areas to increase the durability of this pant. You’ll notice the heavy wear areas are covered with much more robust material. Overall the 9K looks like a quality made piece of equipment. 8/10

Intangibles – Comfort and mobility with a high level of protection. A simple no fuss single belt system keeps them in place, however and second belt would solve the belly pad issue. Heavy duty leg zippers with Velcro flaps at the bottom allows you to open things up a bit but also keeps the zippers out of the when zipped. Lots of stretch fabricate for mobility and no silly laces to mess with.

Conclusion – I was never really a Reebok guy. I’ve overlooked their gear many times because I didn’t like the look/styling or it simply didn’t fit right. That said, these pants have definitely changed my view on Reebok gear. I like the sample styling and clean lines. The fit is exactly what I want in from a pant and the protection is top notch. Overall, solid pant at a decent price. I would buy again and would recommend to a friend.

Overall 8.75/10

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