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JR Boucicaut

Bauer APX Pro Glove

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Bauer APX Pro
Size: 14"
Time used: Since Sept 2012


The APX Pro is Bauer's tapered glove in their lineup; while it is more form-fitting than most gloves, it's not a close-to-the-hand fit; there is room in the glove for your hands to move some. I actually prefer this fit foremost. I didn't have any finger tightness or anything of the sort.


Weight & Mobility:

It's a light glove; the internals of the glove is dual-density foam with poly inserts for additional protection, but on the basis alone that it's a tapered glove, there's simply less glove. As stated in the fit, there is still room in the glove for your hands to move. The cuff is a two piece construction with a notch in the middle, and the backhand pad is short and hinged, allowing it to flex freely. I'm pretty particular with my glove in the sense that my optimal preference would have a completely free top hand, however, I'd prefer the bottom hand cuff to be a bit closed. That is personal preference, and is noted.



This is where I think the glove has improved from the X:60; the glove does feel more protective in that aspect. It gets the job done compared to similar gloves on the market. However, if you want an absolute bulletproof glove, these aren't it. They are designated Pro for a reason; the regular APX is more robust in that department.



The outer of the glove is a combination of nylon and cable knit. Since September, no loose stitching and no rips.



Since September, no problems with the palm, which is a dual-layered palm. I used Tacki-Macs and Oggie grips with it, which do a better job than tape in that aspect. No loose stitching and no rips. I'd much prefer a single-layer palm, however, and feel it would be understood in the marketplace based on what kind of glove this is.



Not spectacular, but not horrible either. The ThermoMax liner helps keep the hands cool in that regard, however, it is not as if it is a "vented" glove. I never noticed that the glove was too hot or anything of the sort.



Graphics are tasteful - my glove is primarily black with yellow ring/pinky finger stripes and yellow binding. The embroidery is a nice touch.



Very good glove if you are seeking a light and nimble pair. Thanks goes out to John Davidson, protective product manager at Bauer Hockey for providing me with these.

65/70 - 9.2/10

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