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Pro Level Goalie Gear Sale - Entire Setup

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Hi All,

Due to some injuries and my desire to focus on playing out vs playing in net, I have decided to sell my goalie gear. I have for sale the following (all gear is right hand and all prices include shipping to CON US, anywhere else contact me for price)

Album of pics:

1- Reebok Revoke Pro Zone 33+3 Goalie Pads Blocker & Glove - SOLD
- In good shape, shows some wear but very protective and plenty of life, white base with red & blue accents, single break, awesome set

2- Hackva Mask with Cat-Eye Cage Medium - SOLD
- In excellent shape, clear coat crack but does not affect the mask at all, very protective, cat-eye has a dent from puck on the eye but does not interfere with sight

3- Vaughn v3 7500 C/A Medium - $150
- In excellent shape, very mobile and protective this is a top of the line / pro level C/A

4- Reebok Pro Goal Pants w/ Suspenders - SOLD
- In very good shape, a button came off for one of the suspenders, its a pro level pant built like a tank

5- Bauer One100 Goal Skates Size 6EE - $150
- In great shape, top of the line goal skate with Bauer's vortex cowling

6- Vaughn Pro Double Cup - $30
- I don't know how much interest there is in a used cup but its top of the line and very protective, run it through the wash and its like a jock

I also have 3 goalie sticks, 2 used 1 new, but probably not cost effective to ship. I would throw them in as a package though. If you buy a bundle of the gear for sale, I'll make a deal and cut the price but this is all priced to move and it includes shipping so keep that in mind. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! To answer probably the most common question I will get: I am 5'7" 185lbs, ATK of 16.5" (for the leg pads) and everything fits perfect. Also, gear is all REGULAR (LH Catch, RH Block) If you are around my height or taller and thinner, this should all fit pretty well.


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