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  1. I've heard about the NHA league running in NJ. Interested in starting to play again after taking a year+ off, but not really interested in the usual men's league nonsense. I've heard that this HNA is run much better. If anyone has any info that they wouldn't mind providing me, I'd appreciate it. FYI: Fwd who can also play D if needed. More of a set-up guy.
  2. Wow, seems like an AWFULLY touchy subject. ....what if it wasn't a mistake to begin with?
  3. BRAND NEW Pacific Rink Pond Pack bag. Never out of the shipping plastic. Navy, with red trim. Originally ordered to potentially use as referee bag, but no longer reffing Info: https://www.pacificrink.com/collections/bags/products/pond-pack?variant=12279090310 Selling for $130, looking for $85 shipped to lower 48, add $10 for Canada, AK, and HI.
  4. Have you brought the subject up, and there was refusal to pay you equally? If so, I'd offer to take my services elsewhere.
  5. Some of these jokes are quite tacky indeed.
  6. I've read this entire thread, and not one mention of her fart box?? Apparently I had a different kind of tongue punching in mind.
  7. I was playing a while back, and there is a particular D-Bag who refs only men's league, so he doesn't see me and doesn't know I'm also an official. So this guys is of course doing the usual lazy skate, no offsides, icings, etc. Waved off a goal because he didn't see it go in, which he probably didn't from the blue line. This is the guy who is supposed to be the low man. So I says to him "It certainly would have been easier to see from the goal line. You know, the proper position." He responds: "You weren't in (defensive) position, you're one to talk?" Wow.
  8. Don't worry, Americans seem to have no problem finding a way to F up a voting process.
  9. An opposing player has to have possession and/or control of, not just touch the puck in order to reset any potential assists and the like.
  10. I think the guy who does the Gatorade delivery to the 7-11 around the corner from my office kicked the bucket. I think his name was Wally.
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