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  1. Have you brought the subject up, and there was refusal to pay you equally? If so, I'd offer to take my services elsewhere.
  2. I think the guy who does the Gatorade delivery to the 7-11 around the corner from my office kicked the bucket. I think his name was Wally.
  3. Few years ago broke tibia and fibula. Totally sucked, have metal rod in leg from knee down. Just follow the PT instructions to a T, no matter how bad it sucks.
  4. Just booked flights/hotel in London. First trip outside the US.
  5. Flop: we seem to have the same leg dimensions. I was comfortable in a Warrior Ritual 32+1.5"
  6. Finally sold my KZ1100, for almost what I wanted for it. Now, on to find the Concours I want.
  7. Beautiful weather this weekend, took the bike out for a nice little ride. Went to motorcycle show in NYC and scored a sweet deal on a Sena Bluetooth. Thing works great!
  8. It's not due to flexibility issues or soreness, it's because I am have degeneration in the hip joints, and the doc said not to push the issue. Luckily I don't have to give up skating out or refereeing, but the motions and flexibility needed to play goal would just accelerate the degeneration too much to make it worth it to keep playing. I enjoyed it while it lasted. If anyone needs anything, let me know. I'd like to be able to recoup SOME of my money.
  9. So I can't play goal anymore due to hip issues, so I have all my stuff listed in the sale thread
  10. I believe it is. Go check out the Hockey fights MS website, they have a bunch of tournaments in a few places.
  11. Some photos from the Hockey Fights MS tournament in Burlington, VT over the weekend:
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