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Eagle x89 Gloves

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Eagle x89, Tufftek and MSH3 Palm
Size: 14"

Black with grey lettering
Time used: 1.5 years


The Eagle x89 is very similar to the top of the line PPF, however it features a straight four roll design. The PPF's four rolls are angled. The glove offers room for your palm to move around, and, although the fingers are tapered, there is still plenty of room. I really enjoy this fit.


Weight & Mobility:

I found this glove to be very light weight. Similar to top of the line Bauer four rolls. I would contribute this to the internal materials used, and the Tufftek outer material. The cuff is a loose fit, and is made of three pieces. This allows substantial mobility. The four fingers are made with two piece padding, which allows great dexterity. The thumb has two piece protection, which is very stiff, and a 1/2" tether that allows thumb movement. The four horizontal rolls move easily when stressed, providing unhinged movement. Mobility was great out of the box and has only improved over time.



I would consider the protection top notch. In almost a year and a half I haven't experienced any pain. This includes almost 200 games/pick up skates, numerous shot deflections, a large amount of slashes, etc. Each pad has a base of foam, and some kind of stiffer material over the top. This allows mobility without sacrificing protection.



The outer material of the glove is Tufftek. The palm material is MSH3. After 200 games/pick up skates there are no loose stitches, and minimal wear to the palm. I am not particularly hard on my palms, but I have been very impressed with how well they've held up. The Eagle logo is still completely visible on my bottom palm, and mostly visible on the top hand palm.



I love the MSH3 palm. It's been durable, comfortable, provides great feel, and grip is phenomenal when matched up with grip sticks.



I would say it's adequate. MSH3 is used on the finger gussets. This material is very durable; however it doesn't breath as well as some other gusset materials. The traditional fit of the gloves helps air circulation.



These are very well made gloves with simple graphics. The material finishes, and level of craftsmanship are superb. Certainly the nicest made gloves I've owned. All of the logos are embroidered with high quality. It is a traditional look that I really like.



Fantastic gloves. If you like traditional four rolls, and the MSH3 palm, you're going to love these mitts.


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