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CCM 4-Roll Pro II

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CCM 4-Roll Pro II - Purchased from Hockey Monkey
13" Green/White

I have been wearing TPS R8s (the regular and then R8 Lite) for many years. I love them but I wanted a pair in green to match a new team jersey. I am kind of hard to fit for gloves - I have decently thick hands but shorter fingers. That puts me in a 13 in most gloves but they are often smallish. I took a flyer on the CCMs based on price and some solid reviews that compared them to then R8s. I will also refer to other gloves in my collection as a reference point (Warrior AK27 and Bauer 4 Roll Pro)

Fit - For a 4 roll glove they aren't a wide fit but they are not tapered either. The finger length is right on the money for a 13" but the hand width is a tad snug for me. Guys with generally smaller hands will be in good shape here but if you are like me and have some meat on your bones they might start off a tad snug - especially towards the pinky side of the hand. The other thing is that the hand length, from knuckle to cuff, is shorter. The overall effect is that this is a smaller glove than the R8s. Also smaller than the Bauer 4 Roll. Not uncomfortable mind you but smaller. Slash guards might be a thing to think about with these. 7/10

Weight - Nice and light!!!! Even lighter than the R8s and about the same as my Warrior AK27s. 9/10

Mobility - Once then loosen up this is a nice mobile glove. The size of the glove makes it a pretty low cuff glove and that's nice. The front of the wrist/cuff area is attached with some elastic on each side which provides additional flexibility. Nice job on this front. - 9/10

Break-in - I've had them about 3 weeks now and the palm and fingers are breaking in very easily. Its got nice feel as a result and I really had no problem handling the puck from day 1. Its a fairly soft glove. I am still looking for some stretching to occur on the oinky side of the hand but its coming around. - 8/10

Protection - Nice solid protection on the hand and fingers with plastic inserts over the foams. For a $79 dollar glove this is a real bonus. The shorter glove/cuff length though has left me open to a some hacks at the wrist. Really more of a fit thing there. Did take a hack to the thumb and felt it a bit - could have more protection on the thumb. 8/10

Durability - Hard to say after a few weeks but I will update later on. The palm looks and feels solid and it appears to be a well constructed glove overall. -9/10

Intangibles - For the money this is a heck of a glove and if it fits you well I wouldn't hesitate. It also comes in lots of colors so its a nice glove to pick up to match a jersey like I did. I have to give a shout out to CCM for doing a nice job on ventilation. There are top hand vents with a top mesh cover that allow air to flow nicely. I think over time this glove should hold up better and maybe avoid that stinky smell.

Overall - I won't be replacing my beloved R8s but I will be happy to wear them with this team when I need to. I couldn't put them up there with some top level gloves but I didn't spend top of the line money either. If you are looking for a second pair, a specific color, or if you are just looking for a good value glove give this a try.

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I am 5'6" 160lbs. Been using these gloves for about 3 months playing twice a week on average.

Fit - 7/10

These fit fairly small for its size. I wore 13" in Vapor and PPF and in these CCMs (as well as CL500s I tried on) I should have gone with 14" to get the 4-roll fit I was initially looking for. I should have played around with them more extensively at the store. It's probably just my preference, but I find the cuff to be very small as well. My wrists are exposed a lot more than with any other glove I have owned. Besides those points, they are VERY comfortable. I absolutely love the liner for the top of my hand. It's nice and thick yet very plush.

Protection - 9/10

The back rolls are solid, and I have never experienced pain from any routine slashes that go on during a game for these 3 months. Like I stated earlier, the cuff feels very short and that's probably the only protection problem I can see.

Weight - 10/10

The weight on these are great. Definitely lighter than my x:60s.

Durability - 9/10

There is some frayed thread on the lower hand index finger at the end of the gusset stitching from the ending knot, but nothing has become unstitched yet. Would have liked to have the CCM logo stitched on, but the screen printed logo is already starting a fade a bit on the first C. The palm still looks and feels great. I gauze the butt end and have virtually no pilling so far.


The vents are a nice feature for sure. One of the holes in the liner wasn't done properly, but when taking the liner out I can clearly see through them. I only find myself taking my gloves off 4-5 times a game because of the heat between shifts so that's decent. Mobility on the glove is great, it's nice and wide if you like that type of cuff. These gloves were a pain to break in, having a lot of pinky pain and (too much) grip issues. Took about 7 skates to get them to a better consistent feel that I am now comfortable with.

Overall Conclusion 8/10
I do like these gloves, but probably not enough to buy another pair unless they were cheap. They are nice and light and if you like the short open cuff then it's a great option for those features, just make sure you size up.

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