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    Bauer Vapor x:60 Pro Stock
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    CCM RBZ Stage 2/Tacks
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    CCM HG98
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    Bauer 7500
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    Bauer Vapor X 7.0
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    Bauer Vapor x:60
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    Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG
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    Bauer Vapor x:30
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    JRZ Pro Vinyl

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  1. I noticed the strangest thing at my LHS yesterday with the Tuuk Edge holders. I was looking at the 1X and saw the Tuuk logo along with the arrow thing, and then I saw every other skate, x900 all the way down had the Tuuk logo but it was a smaller font size. No I wasn't just seeing things I compared and stared for about a straight 5 minutes haha. Could there be a method to this madness I'm witnessing???
  2. t6lock

    CCM RBZ Stage 2

    85 flex grip Hossa Cut 3 inches I sniped a deal for 2 of these sticks for $80 each brand new a year ago and it has definitely paid for itself. Normally in Bauer sticks and I probably average breaking one once every 5-6 months. My first Stage 2 lasted me a WHOLE year. My first one broke a few weeks ago and I'm on my 2nd one now. Playing at least twice a week, once being in competitive games and other in a pretty good pace drop in. I really did not like the RBZ1 graphics because I thought there was too much white at the top, I think the Stage 2 did a better job at contrasting the graphics.I know a lot of people aren't fans of primarily white sticks, myself included. What I think is worse is the new all red turn they have taken. I'm glad I took the plunge out of Bauer, my wallet thanks me. I've got some Tacks sticks on the way and will likely post a review on them in the future. 8/10 Blade - I'm coming from basically all Bauer foam core sticks, so the puck feel definitely isn't as good as I've experienced. Also coming from a P92 I could never get that wrap feel around the puck the same. It took a while to get the puck feel comfortable for me, longer than normal, but after I've got used to it it hasn't been an issue at all. I've been using Blade Armour (http://bladearmor.ca/)and I can't really tell it's on. The blade did a great job at staying solid and I have really had 0 complaints from day 1 to its last day. If I went back to the day before my first stick broke, I don't think I could tell which blade was used in a blind test. 8/10 

Shaft/Flex/Balance - The stick balance isn't the best, but the other intangibles make up for it. I absolutely love the variable flex points. I feel it gives me more consistency on whatever shot I'm taking whether it be a snap or slap. I used a RBZ80 before this too and the weight difference between the two is very noticeable. Definitely not the lightest stick on the market but it's definitely in the top end stick range of weight. Receiving passes can be tough, especially on really hard passes the puck just bounces off. Really have to work on getting a good cradle the puck. 10/10 Shooting- Loading the stick is effortless. The variable flex point is a really nice feature and where the blade lacks in puck feel, its stiffness has upsides in releasing the puck. Most of my Bauers just go real soft after a month of use, but this stick kept its pop great in its entire lifespan. 10/10 Durability- This is where my whole life changed. I was a Bauer guy for life, until I snagged this deal and I cannot believe how long this stick lasted me. It got to the point where only 25% of the stick graphics remained. Playing pretty competitively, and playing C taking a lot of face-offs this stick was a dream. The only reason it broke was the throat of the blade just wore down too much from all the stick lifts and slashes it took. I previously had a V10 stick when I was just starting ice, and this stick was VERY reminiscent of that. My V10 literally had a chunk the size of a nickel taken out of the backside of the heel and I still hammered slap shots in stick and puck like there was no tomorrow. The fibres were sticking out there and on the top of the blade and it held up somehow. That stick lasted me close to 2 years before I replaced it. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this stick as a very durable stick, which I have done to many fellow players, and would use this stick forever if I could (except in P92).
  3. Resurrecting thread for a question If I switch from a 6.5D retail skate (254) to a 263 holder, will the rivet holes need to be modified in any way? It will be LS edge to LS2
  4. I am 5'6" 160lbs. Been using these gloves for about 3 months playing twice a week on average. Fit - 7/10 These fit fairly small for its size. I wore 13" in Vapor and PPF and in these CCMs (as well as CL500s I tried on) I should have gone with 14" to get the 4-roll fit I was initially looking for. I should have played around with them more extensively at the store. It's probably just my preference, but I find the cuff to be very small as well. My wrists are exposed a lot more than with any other glove I have owned. Besides those points, they are VERY comfortable. I absolutely love the liner for the top of my hand. It's nice and thick yet very plush. Protection - 9/10 The back rolls are solid, and I have never experienced pain from any routine slashes that go on during a game for these 3 months. Like I stated earlier, the cuff feels very short and that's probably the only protection problem I can see. Weight - 10/10 The weight on these are great. Definitely lighter than my x:60s. Durability - 9/10 There is some frayed thread on the lower hand index finger at the end of the gusset stitching from the ending knot, but nothing has become unstitched yet. Would have liked to have the CCM logo stitched on, but the screen printed logo is already starting a fade a bit on the first C. The palm still looks and feels great. I gauze the butt end and have virtually no pilling so far. Intangibles The vents are a nice feature for sure. One of the holes in the liner wasn't done properly, but when taking the liner out I can clearly see through them. I only find myself taking my gloves off 4-5 times a game because of the heat between shifts so that's decent. Mobility on the glove is great, it's nice and wide if you like that type of cuff. These gloves were a pain to break in, having a lot of pinky pain and (too much) grip issues. Took about 7 skates to get them to a better consistent feel that I am now comfortable with. Overall Conclusion 8/10 I do like these gloves, but probably not enough to buy another pair unless they were cheap. They are nice and light and if you like the short open cuff then it's a great option for those features, just make sure you size up.
  5. http://www.totalhockey.com/searchresults.aspx?mfg_id=3&is_new=2 http://www.hockeymonkey.com/new-items-bauer.html Don't see any in Canada besides those socks I linked at Sport Chek. Was supposed to be released on Friday (20th). Maybe the delay was just a GVR thing then?
  6. Tried to buy these today http://www.sportchek.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=34780816 So according to the store stock, they are in my local store, but when I went, they said they have them but cannot sell them until the end of July. One of the employees said something like he thinks they got postponed because they didn't make enough supply for everyone. I'd order online but don't want to pay the $10 shipping. Anyways, anyone else able/unable to purchase anything from the new Bauer apparel line? Also, should I assume these are a 6 pack like what every other site says? Doesn't specify in this particular link.
  7. Is it possible to get the injected lacing from the MX3 with the teeth eyelets in an APX2 skate?
  8. Does anyone else find the APX2 shin to be really stiff in the knee/shin segment area, or does it possibly need breaking in time?
  9. I would call exposing what happened here helping other people make an "informed" decision on purchasing from them or not. I'd like this kind of information from any type of retailer I was planning to spend money at.
  10. I admit I think he went overboard the first time, but after a second time I'd be glad to help out his cause :)
  11. I had mine profiled to 9' before my first skate
  12. Has anyone had to knock down their hollow a notch because of the Step steel? I can't tell if it's the change from LS2 steel or inconsistent sharpening from the people at Hockey Experts, but I'm definitely getting a lot more bite than I'm comfortable with.
  13. I just got my first pair of step steel, is it ok that they are both labeled L ?
  14. My friend has 11k's size 7D and the holder says 271, but on the HM sizing chart it says 271 for that size, and there's a 272 on some descriptions. "Step Steel ST Pro Runners for EBlade Pro & Prolite Plastic Holder" has steel listed at 8(272). These should still fit 271's right? Also, since they are made in Canada, will I not get charged duty if I ship to Canada?
  15. totalhockey.com thehockeyshop.com
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