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Product: TPS HGT Gloves

Backround: High School Ice Hockey Player 6'0" 200 lbs.


These are relatively tight-fitting, which is something I prefer. The tapered fingers at the end are also a plus if you are looking for a tight-fitting glove.



So far, protection has been flawless and I've had these for well over a year. I have not suffered any injuries to the fingers or hands.



Even with their excellent protection, these gloves are surprisingly light. They are not as light as an Eagle glove may be, and can feel a little bulky at first.



Durability on the exterior has been great. Just a few good scratches and minor cuts that come with regular usage. The palms have worn down a little, and I have noticed one small hole on one palm. Besides that, they have been very durable.



The look is one thing I really like about these gloves. The classic look on the HGT's is something I like more than the crazy designs on TPS' other gloves. I had to order mine in navy through my LHS, and they took about a week to get it, which I was also pleased with. The price these are sold for is also a positive.



These gloves are a very good product made by TPS. The durability and tight-fitting are the major advantages I have noticed and enjoyed while using them. Once mine are no longer usable, I will probably buy another pair.

Overall: 10/10

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