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    Graf 705s
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    Easton A/C 7100; Easton Grip Lite 120
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    NBH 4-Rolls
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    Nike 0004
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    Bauer MBP 8
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    Cooper Techniflex EP 1000
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    That's kind of personal, yeah?

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  1. Man, I usually get my word jumble puzzles in the Sunday paper.
  2. Let's not forget his role as the voice of Shredder in the TMNT cartoon. RIP, big guy.
  3. I hope you didn't go to Tootsie's.
  4. Judging by the style of it, I hope it's from 1991.
  5. All right then. Wolverine sleeping. Jesus Christ this cat is always sleeping. Jean Grey's dream ghost bullshit is a bigger presence in this thing than any real villain, because we literally don't find out who the villain is until the last 5 minutes and then the villain gets beat by someone else. Just think about that for a second. If someone was to ask you to make a Wolverine movie, what part of the above would be a priority, if any of it? Where the hell would you ever put that down on paper as a bullet point when deciding how to spend like $100,000,000+ making a blockbuster movie? "I want Wolverine to have tons of nightmares, sleep a lot, then fight on a train, and then get shot with a bunch of arrows, and then finally fight the bad guy, and be worthless, and then the bad guy will get killed by someone else who is not the goddamn title character of the movie." I liked when he got his powers back. I thought maybe he'll jack people up for real now instead of slicing one guy and getting shot and slowing down and then going to sleep while women pull bullets out of his massive pecs for the majority of the movie. But then he effs up some guys and it's that shaky cam bullcrap. Not cool like when he goes berzerker in the mansion in X2. Jesus, someone just give me that for 90 minutes. Then it's like final showdown and it seems all Kurosawa and man, the potential is there. Dudes with bows and arrows and chains; the potential for rain. Then I realize, this director doesn't like Wolverine doing things--he likes Wolverine in pain. The whole purpose of this movie is just showing him never getting a good night's rest and getting shot and being in pain. Seconds later, we are treated to Wolverine getting shot with 50 arrows and not fighting anyone but just crawling and once again taking a nap. The bad guys literally take him to the big boss where he then he gets stabbed a lot and someone else (a chick) saves his neck. And to hell with his nifty catchphrase of just dropping an f-bomb in a PG-13 movie. Now they want him to make four more movies, going into his 50s playing a character that doesn't age? Awesome.
  6. Yes, awful. Is this the thread where spoilers are a green-light? I don't want to rant in case it's not, but it's a terrible movie so me spoiling anything and getting someone to not watch it would be a service to them.
  7. The Wolverine was awful. I'm going to assume I'll never see anything resembling the character from the comics in a film.
  8. I won't be surprised when he gets to direct any JLA movie that mess of a studio tries to make.
  9. It's not like Buzz is a horrible guy who jacks up the price to insane levels like you find on eBay. I'm also guessing there wasn't a large disappointed crowd at the Ads sale.
  10. That looks like steamed crap, but the only thing I can think of that was reinforcement done to a OPS was MacInnis getting aluminum or something put into his sticks.
  11. For me it was the clear coat Easton had on their shafts. When they stopped putting it on their shafts around the Synthesis and gold ULs they never felt the same.
  12. Two Hull MMs as well mwahaha.
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